About Brad and Brad Bare

Hello and welcome to Brad Bare! My name is Brad Berrigan and I’m a barebacker from Australia. I tried using condoms when I first started having sex, after being bombarded with safer sex messages, but I felt something was missing every time I had anal sex. I didn’t really know at this point what was missing until I made the decision to fuck another guy without using a condom. From this very moment, I knew this is the way sex was meant to be and I immediately stopped using condoms.

Even though I am a barebacker, I am still responsible when it comes to barebacking with other guys. While some might consider the previous sentence hypocritical, it’s important to note that I am educated in this area, I am familiar with the broad spectrum of sexually transmitted infections, plus I use sero-sorting and PrEP to help decrease my chances of HIV transmission. I have even developed an entire health section at this blog discussing sexual health and promoting awareness with others.

In 2004 I started my first bareback site called Bareback Resources, which was designed as an online resource for barebackers and guys who have unprotected sex with other guys. Since then I have worked on other bareback projects including Bareback Models, Bareback Reviews, Bareback Survey and My Bareback Blog. Brad Bare is a little of each of these sites rolled into one and Brad Bare is now my only bareback portal. Brad Bare is a place for those who are interesting in barebacking and/or bareback porn and is a place where there is no judgement. Here you can be yourself where you can spend time and interact with other like-minded individuals.

I have made myself as accessible as possible online and that’s why you can contact me easily by visiting my contact page. I always welcome interaction and encourage everyone to comment on posts, participate in the polls and let me know what you think to help me make this a better place for everyone. I hope you enjoy your visit to Brad Bare and please come back again soon, because there’s always something new and interesting happening around here.


Brad’s Stats

Age: 41       Location: Australia       Relationship Status: Single
Gender: Cis Male       Prounouns: He / Him / His       Sexuality: Gay
Height: 5′ 8″ (178 cm)       Weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)
Ethnicity: Caucasian       Hair Color: Brown       Eye Color: Hazel
Facial Hair: Clean Shaven       Pubic Hair: Natural Bush, Smooth Ass, Smooth Balls
Penis: 6½ inches (16½ cm) Cut       Sexual Position: Versatile Top
HIV Status: Negative and on PrEP (last tested in July 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions and I have prepared answers to some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s not answered here, you are welcome to contact me and I will be happy to reply with an answer to any of your questions.

Can I see any naked photos or videos of you?

While I have naked photos of myself and even photos of me having bareback sex with my boyfriend, I keep these photos private. I also think that it makes Brad Bare even hotter by not seeing any photos of me, because it adds an element of mystery and gives more heat to the blog because it keeps you curious. I may share some photos here in the future, but at the moment I am comfortable with my current level of exposure. I have included some details about me on the about page, but that’s all I will be revealing at this time.

Do you have a boyfriend or partner?

Not any more. I did have a boyfriend up until 2018, but that’s no longer the case, so now I’m free to meet other people and make new friends. My former boyfriend and I previously had an open-relationship and it was working well for us, but in 2018 we decided to call it quits. I still like the idea of a long-term relationship at some point in the future, but for the time being, I’m enjoying the sexual freedom and meeting new people.

What is your HIV status?

As of this post I am HIV-negative and I take precautions including taking PrEP regularly. As a barebacker, I am aware of the risks with having bareback sex and I do what I can to reduce the risk, but I accept that it’s possible that my HIV status may change in the future through barebacking. While I want to remain HIV-negative for the rest of my life, I know this cannot be guaranteed because of my love for unprotected sex and ultimately my passion for raw sex may change a part of who I am. If it does, I won’ regret it because barebacking is part of my life and I am proud of who I am.

Have you ever had sex with a straight guy?

This might seem a little weird, but the short answer is no but I would love to. Straight guys are hot in my opinion, yet they tend to be shy when it comes to letting a gay or bisexual guy touch their dick. So I have wondered whether after a straight guy touches his dick to take a piss (providing he doesn’t wash his hands) and he then shakes your hand, does it mean you’ve had your hand on his dick? I don’t know, but it’s probably the closest thing I have ever come to a straight guys dick!

What is your preferred sexual role?

I love bareback sex any way that it happens, but I consider myself to be a versatile top. While I don’t mind having a bare cock in my ass, I tend to find that being a top and dropping my load of seed in the ass of another guy feels more comfortable for me. I think the problem is that my ass is so tight that it doesn’t gently hug the dick that’s inside me, so I find that inserting my bare boner inside the ass of another dude is what does it for me.

Why did you create a pornographic bareback blog?

Bareback sex is a large part of my identity and having a bareback blog allows me to express my views, creativity and passion with others who also share the same love for bareback sex. I enjoy sharing bareback porn photos with others because it enables me to visually express what I experience physically and it’s also something that many others are interested in. There are many bareback porn studios who know how to capture bareback porn, so I really enjoy showcasing their work too.

Why don’t you use condoms when you have sex?

The first couple of times when I had sex I did try using condoms, but I found them to be very uncomfortable and unnatural. I couldn’t feel anything when I was fucking another guy, which resulted in me losing my erection (and there is nothing wrong with my dick or ability to keep an erection providing that I am receiving enough stimulation). I tried using condoms based on all the safer sex messages that were out there, but I found that I was not getting enough satisfaction from fucking with condoms, so I decided to fuck without condoms and I haven’t put a condom over my dick or had another guy fuck me with a condom-covered dick ever since and I don’t intend to in the future. Bareback sex to me is a natural part of sex, so if I am worried about a guy fucking me for whatever reason, I would prefer not to fuck than to fuck with a condom.

Do you produce bareback porn yourself?

I would love to produce bareback porn and I have some excellent ideas I think would turn into great bareback porn creations, but right now the costs involved with producing porn outweigh my available resources, both in terms of financial and time. I consider myself to be a creative person with an eye for making memorable bareback porn for the world to enjoy, although my standards are very high, so perhaps what I see in my mind cannot be translated into reality, but one day I would like to give it a shot. While many people may think that shooting porn is easy where you just put a couple of guys in front of a video camera to fuck and then turn the camera on, it’s far more involved than this, but one day I hope to be in a position where I can share my bareback porn creations with you.

What do you like the most about bareback porn?

To me bareback porn is all about breeding and it’s the same for me in my personal life. It’s all about the cum and what’s done with it. When I see guys barebacking and then pulling out before they shoot their load, I want to see the cum get pushed back inside. That’s even if the guy has to pull out; cum being ejaculated inside an ass is hot, but I understand that pulling out helps the viewer see the extent of the load and then imagine it inside the guys hole. I don’t really mind whether a guy blows his load deep inside the ass of the guy he is fucking or if he pulls out to cum before pushing his creamy bodily fluids back inside. I prefer cum in the ass over cum in the mouth, but cum eating can be hot, providing the receiver enjoys eating cum. If a guy squirts his jizz inside the mouth of another guy, I don’t like watching guys who are not passionate about eating the cum – it’s a turn off when the guy pretends who enjoy eating the cum – just enjoy it and swallow! What I really don’t like is when a load doesn’t end up in either hole – that’s just a waste of the whole bareback experience if you ask me.

Do you think promoting bareback porn is irresponsible?

Not at all. If I felt that what I was doing was putting guys at risk, then I wouldn’t do it. Bareback porn is a platform that many guys use to fulfill their fantasies or add balance to their lives. The majority of bareback porn viewers also understand the risks involved with barebacking and I regularly discuss these issues here. In fact, I have devoted a whole page to bareback health, so I believe that I am blogging responsibly by providing information and entertainment. I believe that watching bareback porn is similar to watching programs on television, where the majority of people will not replicate what they see on television in their personal lives. Of course some people may be influenced by what they see, but you cannot control every aspect of life. I am proud of Brad Bare and I think that bareback porn plays an important role in society. I also believe that bareback porn has the ability to actually lower the risk of sexually transmitted infections, because guys can watch bareback porn rather than engaging in it if they are concerned about their health. This is a very complex issue and I could write much more to answer this question, but I feel that this answer summarizes my standing on this matter.

Do you think porn studios are responsible by making bareback videos?

Each bareback porn studio operates to its own standards and while I think that most bareback porn companies are professional, I would like to see each one demonstrate responsibility and accountability. You might think that ethics are irrelevant when it comes to porn and bareback porn specifically and this is exactly why it’s so important. Often I see reports from people inside the industry sharing their views and experiences and while these instances may not always be factual, it’s still worth exploring. I would like to see bareback porn companies operate to a specific standard, where each studio requires regular HIV and STI testing, implement sero-sorting to match performers with other performers of the same HIV and STI status, treat performers with respect by caring for their health and well-being (both physical and mental) as well as ensuring that education messages are in place for viewers of bareback porn.