Monday, August 8, 2022
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A Brief Exploration of the Evolution From FraternityX to FratX to BreederBros

If you have been wondering what has been going on with FraternityX over the past few months, I might be able to enlighten you a little (but not entirely), because since I was on my extended vacation, a lot has been happening. FraternityX was launched in 2011 with “Who’s The Bitch?” being the first episode released on February 2, 2011 under episode number FX009. This was not the first episode filmed; that honor goes to “Six Load Gangbang”, which was filmed on April 23, 2010 (Who’s The Bitch was filmed a few days later on April 27, 2010). A handful of the first episodes involved condoms, then the website went completely bareback after this.

FraternityX was created by Michael (Mike) Gilbert, who later formed the company ARN Ventures Inc., which is based in Las Vegas, Nevada, where the scenes are filmed, although the site refers to their fraternity being based in Phoenix, Arizona. Some will know Mike as Jeremy Hall from his former website Club Jeremy Hall and he also created Sketchy Sex, Face Down Ass Up, Drill Him and Parole Him. Revealing Mike’s real name is not me revealing any secret details, as Mike often included his real name in the video compliance statements that accompanied his videos. FraternityX has been operated by OLB Media since 2011, and some changes were made to the membership site at the end of 2021 as a result of (from what I understand) were new Visa and MasterCard content rules that made some of the content that was previously perfectly fine, non-compliant.

To resolve this issue, OLB Media created a new website called FratX and worked hard to move ten years worth of content to the new website and they also revised any questionable episodes to make them compliant. During this time, the main credit card billing company was SegPay, but it appears the website content must have still been considered a little risky, especially with content rules continuing to evolve, so Mike rebadged FratX as BreederBros and moved his other bareback sites Face Down Ass Up and Sketchy Sex to the credit card billing company Vendo. When these issues first took place, the websites involved were FraternityX and Slam Rush, with both websites later rebadged (FraternityX to BreederBros and Slam Rush to Face Down Ass Up.) I think this was done to help protect the other websites being managed by OLB Media, as credit card processing is an essential element when it comes to gay porn membership sites.

This transition should have been seamless for members by not affecting them directly, but as a paying member, I know that this change did not happen as smoothly as I’m sure they would have liked and based on my experiences, I can only imagine there was some challenging issues behind the scenes as this was all sorted out. As an example, when I signed into the website, I was asked to subscribe again, even though I had only recently been billed for another month, which was due to issues with the billing companies not acknowledging each other as this was being worked out. When you become a new subscriber now, these changes with billing companies should not affect you, so this is only an issue for existing members, which will hopefully be resolved soon.

Your credit card will now by billed as “VendoStore*Fenrir” if you sign up under the new billing company, based on the European arm of the business being Fenrir Entertainment Ltd. You can still expect professional and reliable billing experience from Vendo if you sign up fas a new member, but it seems they are still trying to smooth out some of the bumps with members who subscribed via SegPay. A big change you might want to consider if you are a current subscriber, is you can now purchase an annual subscription with the new billing company for $119.88, which makes the monthly subscription only $9.99, which is a lot less than the regular monthly price of $24.95.

I believe some of these issues relate to changes in laws, with credit card billing companies taking a cautious approach and all adult websites are being impacted by these changes. You may remember one of the most contentious scenes at FraternityX involving drugs, which was “Pretty Boy Part 1 aka FX072” released in 2013, where one of the frat guys (Matthew Keading) was given a roofie, then when he was pretending to be asleep, the guys fucked him raw. This scene was obviously fictitious, but it could be seen as being rape, where consent was not given and this is most likely one of the issues credit card companies had with the content. I also noticed that the watersports scene “Pee Bitch aka FX037” released in 2012 was removed from the website and returned ten years later on May 18, 2022 as “Toilet Bitch”, with the piss removed from the scene.

The real world continues to change and as a result of this, the porn world needs to evolve and these are some of the things that need to happen for gay porn sites to survive. It does seem as though some of the changes made to the latest BreederBros episodes has resulted in guys who don’t look like genuine frat guys, but perhaps this will change as things start to settle down with these changes and events that have been taking place lately, such as COVID-19 and Monkeypox affecting model recruitment. You will find a selection of some of the most recent BreederBros episodes below and I look forward to showcasing the scenes more regularly now that I have returned to updating again. One of the positives of this change is the annual membership option, which can save you a stack of cash and this brand new annual option is available at BreederBros, Sketchy Sex and Face Down Ass Up.

College House Dump - Breeder Bros
Butt Fuck Bitch - Breeder Bros
Toilet Bitch - Breeder Bros
Click Click Dick - Breeder Bros
Circle Suck Off - Breeder Bros
Load Packing Party - Breeder Bros
Dick Em - Breeder Bros

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    thanks for a thorough explanation of what was going on with Fraternity X. the comment you made about models reminds me of something. maybe 2? years ago there were a few FX videos where the ,models simply did not have the frat boy look nor the vocal or physical demeanor of one. as a result the videos didn’t have the heat they usually do.

    • You’re welcome for the explanation Joseph. I do remember us having this conversation a couple of years ago (which I agreed with you about) and I do think the studio has probably had some challenges with recruiting the frat type guys since COVID-19 began. I’m hoping things will start returning to normal again soon so we can enjoy looking at guys who have the frat guy feel. I know of a representative for a different studio who has acknowledged it’s more challenging getting models at the moment and they are hoping things will start returning to normal too, so let’s hope so.


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