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Riley Finch and Seth Peterson feature in ‘Ride: Drive’ at Helix Studios

Riley Finch and Seth Peterson - Helix Studios

Riley Finch and Seth Peterson feature in the Helix Studios gay porn series ‘Ride’, with this episode called ‘Drive!’ being showcased here today for your viewing pleasure. This series explores a combination of outdoor and indoor moments, filmed in true Helix Studios style, where each scene pretty much has a plot to keep things interesting. If you’re looking for American twinks barebacking and having a lot of fun along the way, make sure you check out Helix Studios, because it’s a great site with high quality condom-free videos. In this update, we get to see Riley Finch tricking Seth Peterson into thinking there’s someone chasing them after they leave the restaurant drive thru. Riley seems panicked that someone is following them and he makes Seth believe he’s telling the truth, until the truth soon comes out. Instead of punishing Riley, Seth decides to take him home and fuck him without a condom. Sit back and watch as the story unfolds right before your eyes and ends with some hot barebacking between these two cute guys.


Want to See More? Watch the Full-Length Video at Helix Studios!

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  1. Hello-

    MOP mentioned yesterday about a scandal for lack of a better term that erupted over the weekend pertaining to Helix. the post has a link to a twitter post Keith Miller made which you can click on and read the entire statement he released pertaining to said scandal.

    • Hello Joseph, I did read this post and the statement from Keith. I made it my policy from day one of creating this blog not to comment on these sorts of things, because facts can be difficult to establish unless you get all versions of the story together. I did want to acknowledge your comment though by confirming that I have read the post and statement.

  2. Hello-

    i just read an orbit for Alex Riley today that said that though he was currently an exclusive
    model for Helix he had previously worked at FX. if true how to find out what FX videos did he appear in?

    • Hello Joseph, I’m still saddened by Alex’s passing. It is correct that Alex appeared in a few scenes at FraternityX and he was known as ‘Alex Rim’ at the site (his name was changed to ‘Alex Riley’ when he started working for Helix Studios). If my records are correct, Alex appeared in Party Foul Plow (FX158A) released on December 5 2018, Paddle Virgin Hole (FX159A) released on December 20 2018, Zqch’s Takin’ It (FX158B) released on January 16 2019 and Paddle Party (FX159B) released on January 30 2019.


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