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Reece McKenzie gets Barebacked and Creampied by JoshyBoy at Hung Young Brit

JoshyBoy and Reece McKenzie - Hung Young Brit

In our crazy sex house, anything can happen! Josh is doing his mate Reece bareback over the new breakfast bar area that Mikey built for us. Squawking Reece is such a loud screamer, I can hear them from the other room and I was secretly wanking off! The thought of Josh fucking his own brother’s cum up our mate Reece gets me twistedly hard, so I thought, fuck it and I ran in just as I was cumming and I rubbed it over Josh’s cock and around Reece’s butt. Josh loved it – he’s like me, he likes anything twisted – he gets well turned on by feeling my cum and really makes our noisemaker Reece moan even more! Josh spunks the biggest load ever out of his dick – it’s proper everywhere. In an amazing hot move, he pushes his cum up Reece’s arse! This is really well shot and is fucking horny as fuck. Seriously hot cum! These two have got some weird twisted love hate relationship, (although it’s not a relationship apparently) going on. So when Josh fucks Reece – he really fucking gives it to him! Please remember these two kinda like each other – if you didn’t know that then you might think badly of Josh just because he really throws him about and Reece is almost crying when Josh rams right up his arse. It’s very horny watching it though, because he loved it really! – Hung Young Brit.


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