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Helix Studios: Return to Helix Academy: Chapter 3 (featuring Alex Riley and Damien Ellis)

Alex Riley and Damien Ellis - Helix Studios

Alex Riley gets to the hotel, still pretty bummed about missing the ‘Get Fucked’ party. He’s pleasantly surprised when his family friend and classmate Damien Ellis shows up with the room key – his mom has also dragged him to this apparently “important” dinner. With Damien around, there’s never a dull moment. This is proven especially true when he gives everyone in the restaurant an unsolicited lesson on a very sensual subject; who is Betsy Blumpkin? And more importantly, what the hell is a blumpkin? After the disaster at dinner, Alex and Damien are both in need of a distraction. Damien of course has a great idea, and he’s not taking no for an answer. – Helix Studios.


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  1. Hello-

    Helix would be the perfect studio/website to use a theme I thought up – finding models who are dead ringers for hottie young male celebs. I’ve never seen such a video in all the websites I’ve been a member of since I got my computer. the models could have names that are similar to a number hottie young male celebs. might there be a reason why I haven’t seen such a video? parody is covered by the 1st Amendment so it would legal. what’s your thoughts on the subject.

    • Hello Joseph, I think your idea is an excellent one and Helix Studios would definitely be the perfect studio to find the right models to make this work. It’s important for studios to create something that’s different for their audience and this would capture plenty of interest and could become a series that continues to run and become even better over time. It would be great to see if this excellent idea could one day become a reality.


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