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Helix Studios – Hotel Helix: All Business (featuring Josh Brady and Dallas Preston)

Josh Brady and Dallas Preston - Helix Studios

On the road after closing a big deal, business man Josh Brady stops at his hotel, only to hear a knock at the door a few minutes later. It’s cute twink, Dallas Preston who stayed in the room the night before and left his phone. Josh checks out Dallas’ backside as he digs for his phone. After finding it and leaving, Josh starts to get undressed, but hears another knock at the door. He answers it pantless. And, wouldn’t you know, it’s that cute twink again, and this time he’s the one closing the deal on business man Brady. Josh and Dallas fumble with their clothes, unable to get them off fast enough. The too cute twink drops to his knees right in front of Josh’s red hot briefs with a gleeful smile on his face, anxious to see what’s inside. Josh pulls his huge piece out, nearly smacking Dallas right in the face. Our guy doesn’t flinch and joyfully goes about the business of treating Josh’s beef stick with a seductive smile on his face, gagging down that delicious dick right to the base. After a job well done, Josh carries the twink to the bed to return the favor, but ups the ante with an epic ass eating. After loosening the tight twink up a bit, Josh slides his giant jock deep inside the center. He quickly gets a ball slapping rhythm going, and adds a little love choke for good measure. After banging Dallas out on his back, Josh orders him to flip over, where he continues his assault on that ass doggie style. Our infamous cock cam catches all the ass smacking action from every angle. Then, Josh asks Dallas if he’d like to, “ride this big dick.” Right now, there’s nothing in the world he wants more, so he hops on spread eagle and bounces like a bitch. Josh hammers his hips up hard, hitting the twink’s tenderest hot spot. Dallas’ dick explodes in creamy pleasure, and Josh is quick to follow. Instinctively, Dallas gets on his knees and takes the huge, thick load all over his handsome face. Josh moves in to taste some jizz and to kiss Dallas for putting the cherry on top of his business trip! – Helix Studios.


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