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Going Bare Back In Time – Celebrating Ten Years of Barebacking at Brad Bare

October 28, 2020 marked the tenth anniversary of Brad Bare, which was a pretty big milestone for my blog, but due to the events happening around the world at the time, I chose not to make a big deal to mark the occasion, even though ten years in the blogging world is definitely worth celebrating. If you delve back through the earlier posts, it might seem like the first post was published in January 2011, but this is because I deleted posts from the first few months, as I chose a style of displaying photographs that didn’t end up looking as good as I thought.

I figured it would be interesting to take a step back in time by looking at some of the changes that have happened over the years related to barebacking. One of the first things that stands out is the number of studios releasing bareback porn back in 2010. The pool of studios producing bareback porn was quite limited, so going back in time will reveal bareback starting posts from gay porn studios including Bare Twinks, Bareback That Hole, Bel Ami Online, Breed Me Raw, ChaosMen, Helix Studios, Hot Desert Knights, Machofucker, MaverickMen, Raw Rods, SX Video and Treasure Island Media. There were other bareback studios around at the time too, but these were the main studios I showcased.

When I first posted about barebacking, it was a risky time for people to be having unprotected sex, as 2010 was before Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) became available to reduce the risk of HIV transmission between sexual partners. Before PrEP, many barebackers used techniques such as sero-sorting to have sex with guys who had the same HIV status as themselves or guys chose to only have bareback sex in a monogamous relationship or a fuck buddy or two to keep their circle of sexual partners limited as a way of helping to reduce the risk of exposure to the virus.

PrEP was approved for use by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) in 2012, with Truvada later becoming available throughout the United States and other countries. There are other brands, including generic brands you can use as an alternative that are much cheaper and PrEP has changed the lives of many who wanted to experience bareback sex, but might have been afraid to experience barebacking because they were worried about contracting HIV or other Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI’s). PrEP is only designed to protect against HIV transmission, so there is still the risk of transmitting other STI’s, but with advances in science, hopefully protection against other STI’s will be incorporated into this medication in the future to make barebacking even safer.

Because bareback sex was risky at the time I created Brad Bare, I often published health articles designed to create awareness about the risks involved with barebacking and I also provided resources to help barebackers enjoy something they love doing more safely. The health articles required constant updating to keep the information current, and as time went by and my ability to maintain accurate resources became more challenging, so I moved these pages to a less visible area of the blog. It has been my intention to create a standalone bareback health resource that is easy to maintain, so I might work on this project one day, as I love all aspects of barebacking, from porn to sex, but health too.

When you explore the history of barebacking, it’s really interesting due to the various elements and complexities involved, but there’s also an element of sadness due to those we lost as a result of HIV/AIDS. People who were family, friends, acquaintances or even strangers, and they will always be in our thoughts, so we should never forgot those we have lost. I say this, because younger guys now have tools to protect themselves in ways that were not available previously. That’s why it’s important to acknowledge where we are today with scientific breakthroughs, such as PrEP and HIV treatments, because these advances mean we can now enjoy bareback sex more safely.

If you are worried about contracting or transmitting STI’s, bareback porn is an excellent way to feel as though you’re not completely missing out. The stigma that used to be associated with barebacking is becoming less, because unprotected sex is now becoming more mainstream, to the point where the term “bareback” is getting used less and is being replaced with terms such as “bare” or “raw”. In time, these terms will probably disappear too and sex will just be referred to as sex. Since a lot of sex these days is condomless and younger guys who are barebacking did not experience the higher risks involved with barebacking in the earlier days, I feel it’s so important to continue using the term “bareback”, because barebacking is a part of our history and it’s something I look forward to talking about in the future.

I would like to thank those of you who have joined me on this journey from the very beginning and I hope you have enjoyed reading the posts over the years and thank you to those of you who have only recently discovered Brad Bare. I would like to give you a warm welcome and I hope you enjoy the posts I publish here. I look forward to enjoying the bareback journey with you and I will continue working hard to publish posts for you to enjoy over the coming years.

Going ‘Bare Back’ In Time – Revisiting the Previous Layouts of Brad Bare

I thought it would be fun to include some of the themes featured at Brad Bare over the years. Below are the layouts I have used during the past ten years and more design changes will probably happen again in the future.

2011 (iBlog)

Brad Bare in 2011 - iBlog Theme

Welcome to the very first theme featured at Brad Bare. I have always chosen themes that feature a minimal design to embrace the ‘bare’ element. I tried to make it clear from the beginning that Brad Bare is all about bareback fucking and no condoms, so I included this in the main graphic. You can also see that I published two posts in October 2010, sixteen posts in November 2010 and the twenty-seven posts in December 2010, which are no longer online after I changed my image presentation layout and wanted to keep everything consistent.

2012 (The Dawn)

Brad Bare in 2012 - The Dawn Theme

The theme I used from 2012 was my favorite theme. I loved the design, the colors and the layouts, but I had to eventually change to a different theme when the developer stopped supporting it. The lack of support meant that the layout was not responsive, meaning that Brad Bare did not display correctly in mobile devices such as phones and tablets. There were some coding I could have used to work around this issue, but this was beyond my capabilities, so I chose to move to a different theme. I have always found this theme to be inspiring and the colors refreshing.

2014 (The Dawn)

Brad Bare in 2014 - The Dawn Theme

You can kind of tell that I loved this theme, because I kept using it, although I did change the color scheme around in 2014 to make the design look slightly different. I cannot remember why I chose to use a blue color in the theme, as the previous color was my favorite, but I guess I must have for some reason. This theme was used for many years and if the developer made the theme responsive and updated the code to become compliant with the current WordPress infrastructure, I would return to using this theme in a heartbeat, as I loved it so much and I have a feeling you did too.

2016 (Avocet)

Brad Bare in 2016 - Avocet Theme

What I really liked about this theme was the simplicity that helped you associate ‘bare’ with barebacking and the minimal effect. Throughout the years I have tried to choose designs that are simple and don’t distract from the content I am showcasing. Some blogs are jam-packed full of banners and advertising and you see it so much at just about every site, you become used to it. I always wanted Brad Bare to be about simplicity and highlighting the content, because that’s what you’re interested in when you visit.

2017 (Waxwing)

Brad Bare in 2017 - Waxwing Theme

Regular visitors to Brad Bare would have noticed this theme in use for a number of years and Waxwing came from the same theme developer as Avocet. I loved the way the theme displayed the studios in the sidebar, with the latest featured imaged displayed, along with the number of posts. This kept the blog looking different every day and I loved this theme, but the issue is the developer stopped supporting the theme and as WordPress released new features, the theme started to have issues and I needed to choose a new theme.

As you can see, I have featured a number of different themes over the years and they have always been stylish, but didn’t take your focus away from the posts. I am now using the Newspaper theme, which has an excellent support system, and has a lot of customers, so I’m hoping I won’t need to change themes for a while, as these are all paid themes, so each time I choose a new one, I have to purchase a new license.

Explore the Posts From Brad Bare Over the Years

With over 3,500 posts waiting for you to explore at Brad Bare, finding the earlier posts can be a bit of a challenge. I have made finding what you’re looking for really easy, so if you want to browse through the posts from over the years, you can use the ‘bareback explorer’ below to help you find something interesting:

Explore the posts from 2011 – (15 pages)
Go back in time to 2012 – (22 pages)
Discover what was happening in 2013 – (29 pages)
There was lots of raw fun in 2014 – (29 pages)
You will find more bare porn in 2015 – (32 pages)
Lots of barebacking happened in 2016 – (34 pages)
So many guys loved barebacking in 2017 – (32 pages)
Things slowed down for a while in 2018 – (19 pages)
Then the most posts were published in 2019 – (43 pages)
There’s still a lot of bareback sex in 2020 – (30 pages)

If it seems like I’m “wrapping up” Brad Bare, there’s no need to panic, as I’m not going anywhere. In fact, I have been spending a lot of time working on Brad Bare during my vacation time and new posts will be coming in a couple of weeks. If you are wondering what to do until then, you might find taking a look at some of the earlier posts quite enjoyable, since in the early days I featured more bareback porn than most other gay porn blogs, so there’s some great stuff for you to enjoy. I’ll be back soon and until then, have fun going ‘bare back in time’.

Photo Credit: Bareback Party – SX Video (2013)

Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    its interesting to look at all the various layouts that your website has used over the past 10 years. the 3rd layout features Max Carter and Dustin Gold in the Helix video Healing Hands which was posted on Nov. 6, 2014. the two make a perfect couple and the video itself is one of the most erotically beautiful raw videos by any studio ever.

    • Hello Joseph, I figured it would be interesting to explore the various blog layouts from the past ten years. I’m glad you enjoyed the design featuring the scene from Helix Studios, which as you have pointed out is such a beautiful bareback video. It’s great to see fantastic bareback videos being released by Helix consistently over such a long period of time.

  2. Hello-

    I think one of the reasons Helix’s twink/boy next door style videos are so popular is that aside form the first rate production values when a twink/boy next door type model is working with Helix he’s exclusive to Helix. what do you say?

    • Hello Joseph, I do think a site having exclusive models can attract people to the site if they like a particular model, but I really do believe that Helix has been successful because they have a pool of gorgeous models and a great production team who really know how to film porn and focus on attention to detail to make their videos shine. I believe there are a number of elements that makes the studio popular and it’s really good to see Helix filming bareback videos from early on and seeing them continue to embrace bareback video production.

  3. Hello-

    I hope you’re greatly enjoy your vacation and a lot of freshly popped cream has been consumed.

    a question. a number of years ago just about when i discovered your blogpage I had been a member of a hot website Ace’s Bedroom. it featured a really hot guy having sex with his friends. after a few years he simply discontinued it. do you know if it can be found anywhere on the web?

    • Hello Joseph, I am enjoying my vacation and lets just say that some raw sex has been experienced and several loads have been swapped. 😉 I loved Aces Bedroom and it was one of my favorite sites at the time. Aces Bedroom was operated by Jimmy from Nice Dreams Entertainment. I actually reached out to Jimmy when Aces Bedroom stopped being updated and asked whether there would be any new updates. Jimmy said that it would depend on whether Ace wanted to film any new scenes and I guess the lack of new scenes and the site later disappearing from the web answered that question. There were some really hot scenes at the site with some of Ace’s hot buddies. In answer to your question, the videos are no longer on the web, unless some random ones are floating around somewhere.

  4. Hello-

    as always thanks for the reply. after Ace’s Bedroom was taken offline after not being updated for sometime I can swear you said while the website itself was kaput the videos were available on a streaming site that’s vaguely similar to AEBN. did you or am I imagining that you did? 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, you’re welcome for the reply. I do recall telling you that, it was quite a while ago, but your comment has refreshed my memory. I’m pretty sure the videos were available at AEBN in the past and I actually checked there yesterday before I replied to your comment, but couldn’t find them. I am familiar with another gay porn video theater, although I have never used it, so I cannot share my experiences with you about it, but I just checked and I found six Aces Bedroom titles there. You can visit Gay Hot Movies by clicking on this link, which will take you directly to the Aces Bedroom videos: It doesn’t look like the complete set of videos are there, but there are quite a few, so it’s still a great way to revisit some of the hot videos Ace filmed over the years. If you do give Gay Hot Movies a try, please share your experience with me, as I would be interested to know what they are like.

  5. Hello-

    a big piece of news you may not be aware of. if I understood the article I read correctly the 2032 Summer Olympics has been awarded to Brisbane. so in a few years you’ll have a ton of horny athletes at their physical peak running around Brisbane.

    • Hello Joseph, I did hear about this and it’s great news. It means that a lot of our facilities will be upgraded, which we can enjoy after the Olympics, plus it will create lots of jobs building up to the Games. Of course, what you mentioned about hot and horny athletes being here is another great benefit. 😉

  6. Hello-

    another comment about horny Olympic athletes at their physical peak. everything was ready for the 2020 Summer Games and then the pandemic hit. well one of the things that was set to go was the housing for the athletes which featured beds made from reinforced cardboard. the reason for this was simple. the beds were fine for just lying on and sleeping but supposedly not stable enough for virgorous lovemaking. but on Youtube yesterday I saw a video of an Irish gymnast jumping up and down on a bed refuting the claim they’re not strong enough for sex.

    • Hello Joseph, I did read about those cardboard beds the athletes would be sleeping on and then I saw the video you mentioned with the athlete jumping up and down on top of his bed (or maybe it was someone else’s bed) to prove that the beds were strong enough to withstand some vigorous athletic sexual activities, so I think the beds are going to be just fine. In saying that, the reinforced cardboard might weaken if it starts getting wet, so if the sex is too hot and sweaty, those beds might start to buckle from the steamy sex, which the athlete might not have considered or given a try before releasing his video to the world.

  7. Hello-

    I have been clued to the t.v. watching the Olympics. my favorite sport to watch is probably swimming. after all you get to see a lot of hot young guys wearing form fitting swim trunks. also when a team wins a relay competition you see half-naked guys hugging each other with more true sincere emotion than you see in most gay porn. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, I haven’t been watching a lot of the Olympics, as I have been at work or sleeping when I’m not at work, but I have been watching some of the highlights and I’m enjoying what I’m seeing. Swimming is my favorite event too and I enjoy the diving as well. It sure is hot watching these sexy athletes performing and checking out their muscles – they truly do have some amazing bodies as a result of all their hard work.

  8. Hello-

    I hope you’re enjoying your little vacation. I have been watching the Olympics and greatly enjoy the various swimming competitions. two swimmers I especially like are Caleb Dressel and Ryan Murphy both on the U.S. team. two really hot guys with killer bods. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, I am really enjoying my vacation. I have been preparing some posts over the past few days so I can start publishing again in August and it’s great to be getting back into action with blogging again, because I really enjoy it. There are so many sexy guys with amazing bodies at the Olympics, so I’m sure you’re keeping an eye on all the medals being won by Team USA and you’re checking out the hot athletes at the same time. I must take a closer look at the two athletes you have mentioned, as I’m sure they are very sexy. 😉

  9. Hello-

    it will be nice read your regular updates again. I don’t find tall masculine types hot per se but tall masculine types who are stunning get my hormones racing big time. I found some photos online that Caleb Dressel posed for prior to the Olympics. in one super hot perfectly shot photo Dressel wears speedo soooooooooooooooooooo small it literarly just covers his genitals.

    • Hello Joseph, The regular updates started again from today and I hope you enjoy them. That photo you found of Caleb Dressel of the underwear just being big enough to cover his genitals sounds awesome, I’ll have to take a look and see if I can find that one.


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