Monday, August 8, 2022
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Brad is Taking a Break in July and Chilling Out During Vacation Time

Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere, so I figured now would be a good opportunity for me to take a break from blogging and enjoy a vacation. It has been quite some time since I have taken a break, and as it’s just me here, this means there will be a pause in posts being published during the time I’m on vacation.

As many of you know, I am located in the Southern Hemisphere, so it’s actually winter in my part of the world, which means I won’t be surfing, I will instead be chilling out and trying to stay warm. Enjoying a sweaty bareback encounter is definitely a great way to keep warm and to stay fit at the same time, so I very well might do this a few times while I’m taking a break.

There won’t be any newly published posts featured at Brad Bare from July 1 to July 31, but I will still be doing things in the background to prepare for my I return. In saying this, you just never know whether a surprise post or two will be published, because if I receive a burst of energy or some inspiration, I might just publish a post here and there during my vacation.

Even though I’m planning to rest during my vacation, I will still be hanging around here replying to comments and emails, and this will also give me an opportunity to do some behind the scenes improvements to make things better for you. It seems as though there’s always maintenance that gets pushed aside when I’m publishing posts.

I might even feel inspired to write to some posts that just talk about barebacking in general, since I miss writing from the heart about something I’m so passionate about. I know I post a lot of bareback porn posts, but I am a barebacker (as many of you are too), so fucking raw is what I’m all about, so we’ll see how we go with that.

If you want to say hello during my break, you’re welcome to do so and I look forward to returning in August. In the meantime, you will find over 3,500 bareback porn posts here to explore, so have fun and enjoy yourself until I return again soon.

Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    I hope your little rest period will be so restorative and energizing for you that you’ll be even more creative when you return. remember be selective and don’t bareback just any hole or if possible hook up with one of the stars of Teen Wolf if they’re in Brisbane. Tyler Posey appears to be especially openminded and randy. 🙂

    I remember in the past you posted a few items about barebacking in general. they were concise and well written. if you listen to the Condom Nazis as I call them they say barebacking is akin to playing Russian Roulette. in my younger active days which started after I finished graduate school the first time and only time I ever contracted any shape, manner or form of an STD was the last week of Sept, 1978. it was quickly taken care of but it did scare me celibate for a while. in fact i didn’t venture forth again until Feb. of 1980. what’s fascinating it that the vast majority of my wonderful fondly remembered encounters happened after I ventured forth again late Feb. 1980 and zippo happened. my point being its not necessarily what you do just be selective about who you do it with.

    • Hello Joseph, I do think this will be a nice few weeks to rest and restore my energy, but in saying that, on my first vacation day I was sorting through some scenes to feature at my blog once I return to posting again, so I think I’ll be doing plenty of things being the scenes still. Because I don’t have the pressure to publish any posts, it will give me an opportunity to relax and get some inspiration happening.

      I do hope to soon experience some barebacking adventures and that will definitely help me relax and feel good. I do appreciate what you’re saying about being selective, there are definitely some health considerations when it comes to who you hookup with, but I’ll definitely be getting myself out there and enjoying myself and the company of others. Sorry to hear about the scare you experienced during those times, so I appreciate what you’re saying, but I’m glad that didn’t put you off and you continued to enjoy the wonders of having bareback sex. Thanks again for your support Joseph and I’ll be back soon. 🙂

  2. Enjoy your well earned time off. Hopefully you get some rest and drop some loads. Would love to read some of your personal stories or just views regarding bareback in general. Just keep giving it to us. I enjoy each update.

    • Thanks Todd, I am really looking forward to taking some time off to rest and I’ll definitely be dropping some loads during this month for sure. I also hope the spare time will get my creative juices flowing, so hopefully I’ll be able to put something interesting together as well. Thanks again for your support and I appreciate you letting me know you enjoy each update – there will be plenty more to come soon. 😉

  3. Rest. Rejuvenate. Revive. I’ve only recently discovered your website but from what I’ve seen your break is well deserved! Like Joseph above, I came out in the late 70’s and we’ll never see the likes of the Mineshaft in NYC or Club Baths Denver! No one ever talked about barebacking, it was the only way we knew how to do it; condoms were for breeders. Find a nice spot on a beach, have a cocktail with an umbrella in it, grab that hot lifeguard and bang his brains out, bare of course!

    • Hello Luke, I shall follow the three “R’s” and thank you for your excellent advice. I’m so glad you recently discovered my blog – welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your future visits here. I love hearing from other guys who also enjoy barebacking. It was once taboo and rarely spoken about, which is one of the reasons I created this blog – I wanted to talk about barebacking, because I am a proud barebacker and I will never be ashamed to admit that I enjoy bareback sex. When I first started this blog, I did receive some messages of dislike (the nicest way I can say it), but that never stopped me. Barebacking is completely natural to me too and condoms only have one good use in my mind – for collecting cum. I’ll definitely be using this month to get some rest and you can be sure that any sex I have will definitely be bareback. Thanks for your comment Luke and I hope you enjoy spending time here.

  4. Hello Again-

    as you know I much prefer cut cocks and the reason I bring this up is simple. as you will remember a number of years ago Kristian Bjorn made a few gay films in Australia. what I was as surprised as I as delighted by was the fact many of the clearly Australian models were cut. it made me enjoy the videos that much more.

    • Hello Joseph, I have more experience with cut cocks (I am circumcised myself) and I do remember you saying this. The tide is turning though, with more Australian guys these days getting circumcised, so you’ll start seeing more uncut cocks when you watch Aussie porn. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed seeing these videos filmed in Australia and I’m sure it must have been a pleasant surprise seeing those cut cocks swinging in the breeze.


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