Saturday, September 24, 2022
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FraternityX: Freshman Fuck (Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church, Max and Shae Reynolds)

We gotta get creative when rush is over and there aren’t any pledges around to fuck our stress away. So, we play games or some shit. The bros who’ve been around a while know what’s up, we know who is going to lose what game. Think we’d just randomly fuck the other top guys in the house? We always make sure we got some newbies in on it. Gotta transition them from bitch to full frat bro. – FraternityX.

Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church, Max and Shae Reynolds - FraternityX
Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church, Max and Shae Reynolds - FraternityX
Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church, Max and Shae Reynolds - FraternityX
Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church and Shae Reynolds - FraternityX
Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church, Max and Shae Reynolds - FraternityX
Dirk, Ashton Silvers, Cole Church, Max and Shae Reynolds - FraternityX

Want to See More? Watch the Full-Length Video at FraternityX!

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
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  1. Did you notice there is a second bottom in this scene? I don’t have the episode, but judging from the freebie clip it’s not just Shae who gets to enjoy some upperclassman dick in his tight hole. The twinky guy at 1’27” of the clip (Max?) gets dragged into the fray, loses his cute red shorts and tanktop, and we see him getting fucked in the second half of the clip. At 2’30” he’s being fucked by the former bottom, Shea.

    • Hello Strepto, this episode is an interesting setup. Shae is the oral bottom in this episode (he doesn’t get fucked in the ass, he just sucks some dick at the beginning of the episode), but it’s Max who is the anal bottom in this episode. When you start watching the video, it looks like Shae is going to get fucked after he sucks some dick, but things get switched around and Max becomes the bottom. I wonder whether Shae was going to get fucked, but he couldn’t take the guys dicks in his ass? There’s no footage from the scene that indicates they did try to fuck him, so I’m not really sure, but it’s a very hot scene.

  2. Hello-

    another hot FX video. as already stated this video starts off with one bottom who likes to suck on big fat frat boy cocks then switches to another bottom for the fucking. after all variety is the spice of life. it always nice to see a bottom who’s equally adept at taking loads either up the ass or down his throat. I would have loved to have seen the first bottom have his boycunt turned into a slutty cum dump fuckhole.

    • Hello Joseph, It was good to see them mixing things up a bit, because when you started watching this episode, it was like you had it all figured out in your mind, then they switched gears and added the surprise element. It’s a great episode and it’s good to see these new guys getting to know each other better.


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