Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Tannor Reed gets Barebacked by Zach Astor at CockyBoys

Tannor Reed is excited and nervous, because this is the day he takes a big bite of the apple: Zach Astor and his ginormous cock! Fortunately, Zach knows just how to treat a first-timer. At first, he gives Tannor just enough control and some affectionate sex talk as Tannor goes down on Zach and gulps down his thick monster. Tannor sucks Zach deep and several times takes his fat dick into his throat and as he goes on, Zach gets a little more dominant. Eagerly submissive, Tannor follows Zach’s murmured commands and licks his big balls. When ordered, Tannor stands up so Zach can suck him, and he gets into a near upside-down position when Zach wants to eat his ass. Tannor relishes it all from Zach’s tongue fucking and finger probes to his cock-teasing. Before giving him his cock, Zach gets Tannor to bend over and play with his own hole. And when it’s sufficiently primed, Zach stuffs his cock in Tannor’s hole, fucking him with the full length of his shaft. Still in charge, he soon Zach gets Tannor to ride his dick even deeper. But before finishing him off, Zach really eats out his hole. Zach bends over Tannor and drills him harder, but soon gives in to his request to fuck him on his back so they can be face-to-face. Zach plows Tannor and kisses him and it isn’t long before Tannor explodes in a geyser of cum. Zach keeps fucking, but soon lies back to stroke out a load and Tannor is right there to get every drop. They’re both delighted at the end, but it’s Tannor who sums it up in one word: “Amazing!” – CockyBoys.

Tannor Reed and Zach Astor - CockyBoys
Tannor Reed and Zach Astor - CockyBoys
Tannor Reed and Zach Astor - CockyBoys
Tannor Reed and Zach Astor - CockyBoys
Tannor Reed and Zach Astor - CockyBoys
Tannor Reed and Zach Astor - CockyBoys


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  1. Hello-
    recently I rejoined CockyBoys with a special price fora 3 month membership. as you know no one likes first rate interracial bareback/breeding porn more than me. the first video I watched after rejoining was one with Leo Grand and Adrian Hart posted on 3/23/21. OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can tell Leo is totally aroused and envigorated by getting pounded by Adrian’s big fat cock.

    another plus. guess who is now an exclusive model with CB? none other than the ever sexy Angel Rivera. I can’t wait to see him getting bred or doing the breeding.

    • Hey Joseph, I’m so glad you were able to rejoin CockyBoys at the special membership price. There’s lots of great deals available at the moment, which is not only rewarding for your entertainment needs, it also means you can get more for your money, which is awesome! There’s a lot of really hot scenes at CockyBoys and I really love how artistic the photography is there – some top notch photos, yet the scenes sizzle, so they have the best of everything on offer and members are in for a real treat. I did also notice that Angel is now appearing in scenes at CockyBoys, so I hope you enjoy watching his scenes.

  2. Hello-

    I watched another recent CockyBoys video with the sexy stud Adrian Hart and perfect twink Austin Avery. OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!! not only does Avery get off on getting thoroughly pounded by Hart’s big fat cock but relishes getting creampied as well. the best part is when Hart finally pulls out Avery turns around get on his knees and sucks on Hart’s cum dripping cock. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, You have highlighted another sizzling video at CockyBoys. There’s quite a lot of sizzling videos at the site and it’s great seeing you enjoying your CockyBoys membership. Both Adrian and Austin are sexy guys and to see them paired together makes their scene enjoyable indeed. It is really hot watching a good creampie with an ass to mouth cummy cock cleanup at the end – it’s the perfect way to finish off a great bareback video!

  3. Hello-

    i just watched my first CockyBoys video with Angel Rivera which hand him visiting NYC with Austin Avery. it was originally posted 11/9/20, again OH MY LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rivera is more stunningly sexy than ever. best part *NO TATTOOS* watching him breed Avery at the end was perfect.

    • Hello Joseph, I knew you would enjoy seeing this scene with Angel and it also sounds like you are enjoying your CockyBoys membership. There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had as a subscriber. 😉

  4. Hello-

    I just watched another CockyBoys video this one with Leo Grand and Aiden Ward posted on 9/8/20. you can tell Grand loves getting his slutty twink boycunt humped with zest and zeal by Ward’s extra yummy big fat cock. no one can rawfuck and breed a twinkboy’s slutty boycunt better than Ward.

    • Hello Joseph, It sounds as though you are thoroughly enjoying your CockyBoys membership and I’m really happy to hear this. I haven’t seen this video yet, but by the sounds of it, I need to watch it asap.


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