Tuesday, September 21, 2021

FraternityX: Shut Up & Suck (Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee, Malakai White)

I have missed featuring the hot updates that are taking place over at FraternityX, but I’ve still been enjoying the new episodes released every two weeks that returned to the site a few months ago. There was only a short time when the site didn’t feature new episodes, but they did their best by featuring some ‘cutting room floor’ action. One thing I am missing though is they seem to have stopped including high-resolution photographs with the updates produced post-COVID-19, but I’m hoping they will make a return again at some point, because it’s great seeing the crystal clear photos of the guys in action. One thing that hasn’t changed is the hot, raw sex that continues to unfold at the site, just like this update described by the horny dudes: “One of our dirty brotha’s came in looking for his fuckin’ jacket. Piece of shit needs to know ain’t nothin’ being given for free in the frat. So we gave him his jacket, but first we taught him a lesson on what not to do when the bro’s are watching the game. You mess with us we make you shut up and suck.” – FraternityX.

Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Cyrus Stark, Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX


Click Here to Watch the Full-Length Bareback Video at FraternityX!

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  1. Hello-

    are the frat boys at the house ever not horny? the only time I can think of is when they’re sleeping. they are certainly lustfully energetic in this video. it continues to amaze me how the seniors at the house always seem to know which pledge has the sluttiest mouth and boycunt., after all only a real oral or anal cum dump bitch can service those big frat boy cocks like a pro. it was hot at the end when all the tops blast the bottom’s tongue and face with their loads of warm sticky fart boy jizz. hey its high in protein.

    also I find the frat boy with the blue shirt pulled behind his head quite attractive.

    • Hey Joseph, The guys at FraternityX seem to be horny 24/7 x 365 and although they might not be as horny when they’re sleeping, I’m sure their dicks still get stiff a lot. It’s hot watching the guys fucking the bottoms so enthusiastically. They sure do know how to pick a bottom, then they fuck him until he’s ready to slurp up their loads inside his mouth or hungry ass. Hot stuff for sure! The guy with the blue shirt pulled back behind his head is attractive and his name is Masyn Thorne. You can find him on Twitter using the handle masynthornexxx.


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