Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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FraternityX: Hot Pocket Punch (featuring Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White)

Even a full-fledged bro can be the bitch when he keeps fucking us over. One of the guys in the house (Masyn Thorne) keeps taking all the beer money for some god damned weed. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal except the little fucker smokes it all and doesn’t say shit till we’re ready to party. If he isn’t going to treat his bros with respect, then we’ll (Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White) knock his ass down to bitch level and treat him like one. Maybe he’ll remember all our hot pocket cocks tearing up his ass next time he’s on beer duty! – FraternityX.

Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX
Masyn Thorne, Matt Cash, Dylan Lee and Malakai White - FraternityX

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  1. Hello-

    drinking the beer of the seniors in the house without asking permission is a big no no. but even worse is taking their $$$ to buy beer for them than spending it on wed for yourself. Masyn Thorne finds this out by the hard way, hard cocks that is. if his boycunt wasn’t a slutty cum dump fuckhole before it certainly is by the end of video.

    as i have said before I find Maysn quite sexy with an attractive face and a killer bod. seeing all that frat boy jizz leaking out of his freshly fucked hole is so hot. one thing that was a turn on for me was all the complaining he does while getting humped. then when the humping has been going on for a while asking the tops not to cum inside him which they of course do anyway. A+ FX video.

    • Hello Joseph, You are totally right, what Masyn did was a big no-no, although I suspect he knew what would happen if he did what he did, which resulted him getting fucked raw and filled with cum. Masyn does have an awesome body and he’s got nice bushy pubes too – hot! I also loved the fact that the guys didn’t acknowledge his request and pushed their cum inside his freshly fucked hole. I agree, this is an A+ video!


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