Welcome to 2020! Let’s make this an awesome year for more bareback porn and great times! I was really happy to see this New Year’s release from Raw Rods and it sets the scene for the New Year perfectly. There’s some sizzling photos and the trailer from this scene below, but before you check it out, I want to take this opportunity to wish you the very best for the year. As we know from previous years, there will be ups and downs, but the important thing is to continue focusing on what’s important to us. Having a happy self and calm mind is one of the keys to getting through the tough times and having a place where you can chill out and regroup is also important. I hope you will consider Brad Bare a place where you can spend time and enjoy the sights. 2020 marks the tenth year for Brad Bare and Raw Rods has been online for even longer! Some bareback porn sites have come and gone over the years, so it’s good to know that you can rely on a site like Raw Rods to provide you with quality bareback porn. The Raw Rods website enjoyed a fresh makeover a little while ago and now it’s time for Brad Bare to slide into a new design, which will be unveiled shortly, along with a new logo. I hope you enjoy the new design and layout once everything has been put into place and new features will be added throughout the year, including reviews and other interesting features I hope you will enjoy. Thank you for your company throughout the past nine years and I hope you will stick around for many more years to come so we can continue enjoying further good times together. I hope you will now enjoy this update from Raw Rods, featuring Johnny Santos getting barebacked by Yuri Oberon in the scene ‘New Years Sex’, which will hopefully get your New Year off to an exciting start!

Johnny Santos and Yuri Oberon - Raw Rods
Johnny Santos and Yuri Oberon - Raw Rods
Johnny Santos and Yuri Oberon - Raw Rods
Johnny Santos and Yuri Oberon - Raw Rods
Johnny Santos and Yuri Oberon - Raw Rods
Johnny Santos and Yuri Oberon - Raw Rods


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  1. Hello-

    to start off the New Year i thought of an interesting question to pose to readers of your blogpage- which young male celebrities that you find *HOT* would you love to see in a bareback/breeding video?

    • Hello Joseph, Happy New Year! This is a very interesting question. There are so many sexy male celebrities – I think any of the guys from the television show Animal Kingdom would be perfect, especially J (Josh) and Darren. I look forward to seeing some of the responses to your question. Who would you like to see?

  2. Hello-

    since most dvd releases have ten models these are the 10 I’d choose.

    !. KJ Apa star of the CW t.v. series Riverdale
    2. Cody Christian star of the CW t.v. series All American
    3. Micheal Evans Behling star of the CW t.v. series All American
    4. Grant Gustin star of the C.W. t.v. series The Flash
    5. Adam Huber star of the CW t.v.series Dynasty
    6. singer Shawn Mendes
    7. singer Austin Mahone
    8. Youtube and social media personality Cameron Dallas
    9. actor Timothee Chalamet
    10. actor Ansel Elgort

    • Hello Joseph, This is an impressive list. I don’t know some of the guys, so I’m going to Google them and take a look. I’m sure they are all very hot – the ones you mentioned who I know certainly are! 😉

  3. Hello-

    each of the 1o guys listed have killer bod whether well built or slender.

    also #2 Cody Christian has an absolutely gorgeous yummy cut cock. from January to Oct. 2017 two videos leaked on the Internet. he either shot the short videos and sent them to someone or they’re from videos chats. in each’ his masturbating.

    just out of curiosity when you first read the list which of the 10 guys were you unfamiliar with?

    • Hello Joseph, I was unfamiliar with Cody Christian, Micheal Evans Behling, Grant Gustin, Adam Huber, Austin Mahone and Ansel Elgort. I guess part of this reason is we do not get the CW Television Network in Australia, so most of the guys you mentioned are in television shows on The CW Television Network based on what you mentioned in your comment. We do have Netflix here, but even then, we do not get the full lineup of shows from the United States, so we miss out on some of the stuff. That’s why I had to Google the guys to know who they are. This has been very interesting question though. 🙂


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