Saturday, July 24, 2021

GuyBone: Lance and Leon Flip Raw (Lance Bennett and Leon Fox)

Instant sexual energy from Lance Bennett and Leon Fox assured me this was going to be one hot as hell flip fuck! They were making out on the bed before I had my camera on, writhing and kissing and groping, Lance’s shorts pulled down around his delicious bubble butt cheeks. Leon squeezed his ass, pulled his body closer to his own, and made out hard. Their bodies gyrated so wildly, it was obvious they couldn’t wait to tear each other’s clothes off. Leon split Lance’s furry peach of an ass so he could show off the hairy pit inside as well as tease it with his finger.

They wriggled out of their shorts and showed off two ridiculously stiff erections. After sucking some face, Leon was on all fours on the edge of the bed, sucking a standing Lance. His bone was so rock solid and he loved snapping it as usual. Leon lapped his furry balls while Lance showed off his stiff one, then they slid into a sexy 69 where Leon ate Lance’s hole and Lance gulped down Leon’s hot rod.

Lance deep-throated Leon’s thick cock and pushed his hairy hole back at him. He moved into doggie so Leon could really eat his ass. He was too horny to do it for long, he needed to feel that warm, furry forest wrapped around his shaft. He lubed up and slid it inside Lance. Once he was completely buried, he went to town, ramming his cock balls deep into Lance.

He teased Lance’s entrance with the head of his dick then stuffed his ass with big, hard dick. They humped hard in doggie before Lance was ready to flip. He needed to get his dick wet, too. Leon got on his back for Lance, both their dicks still raging erect, and opened his hole for the flip fuck. Lance eased his raw hard-on inside Leon’s stunning hole and gently loosened him up. They looked so fucking sexy staring into each other’s eyes, dirty talking and working each other up into the fuck frenzy they both craved.

Lance was screwing Leon hard suddenly, really owning his ass. His steel shaft was driving Leon wild with exclamations. He lubed it more and continued the bareback banging. His bountiful balls bounced against Leon’s ass as he railed him. Both their butts looked exquisite.

Lance was dominating Leon in doggie next. I peered through the headboard and then moved around to see all the hot condomless action from behind. Lance was destroying his ass in exactly the way Leon wanted him to. They hugged as they fucked on their knees and their bearded mugs looked so good making out. They took a little oral intermission so Lance could slob Leon’s knob again and so that Leon could take his tongue butt diving in Lance’s ass.

For the finish up, Leon was back on top, ramming his hard rod into Lance’s furry hole so furiously. He busted his nut all over that brunette in between, painting Lance’s taint with his seed. Lance followed close behind, blasting white ropes from his piss slit, raining cum down on the bed, all while Leon continued to fuck and breed him. Leon knelt and devoured his jizz from Lance’s ass. Then he crawled under him, between his legs, to sniff his balls and taste the last drops of cum dripping from his dick. Lance’s sex legs wobbled and he had to brace himself. Leon gave him a standing spoon and ended the scene with an adorably sexy embrace. Just perfect. – GuyBone.

Lance Bennett and Leon Fox - GuyBone
Lance Bennett and Leon Fox - GuyBone
Lance Bennett and Leon Fox - GuyBone
Lance Bennett and Leon Fox - GuyBone
Lance Bennett and Leon Fox - GuyBone
Lance Bennett and Leon Fox - GuyBone


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