Friday, July 23, 2021

Five Guys Chilling at a Real Home Made Sex Party at Hung Young Brit

I was genuinely getting it on with this lad who said he wasn’t up for being on cam (which is fair enough), but he did say I could show the back of his head though. We had all been out parting and were in a cab going back to Mickey’s mate’s flat for a bit of a chill. Mickey starts filming these other two hot little fuckers next door. This one fella is another Scottish guy with a right heavy accent who was talking to him in the cab home. He was with Mickey and some buzzed out and fucking horny as fuck Portuguese lad. Wait till you see him! I did try and get my lad involved when we saw them go at it next door, but he was just too nervous, so I took my time in private to relax him. He was just a bit shy and had body confidence issues, which is silly as fuck cos his one sexy guy. I kept telling the lad “guys are going to want to see him coz he looks real” and naughty. I broke him in by asking if my mate could just pop in and film from behind. Take a look – he’s cute as a button and is a real dirty fucker lad. He kept talking about loving it bare, which is horny just in itself! Oh, he told me he didn’t believe in condoms and had never used one (which made me rock solid in my pants), that’s how I ended up in a different room to the others, cos I just wanted it there and then!

He asked if he could do me up the arse with just spit so I let him a bit, I’m more top these days, but he had a hung fat cock and only topped and was really obsessed with bareback sex – I was going crazy by this point. We both could hear the guys next door – Mickey with the two hot guys. You could hear one gagging to be fucked and then the bang bang bang sound of hard fucking! I talked my lad into going next door and getting involved in the group action, bless him he was a good sport, he had only met us four hours before. I got him in the mood to go join in by showing him Mickey’s Twitter account and saying how he only films bareback sex. He is totally obsessed with it too so much so that he’s most probably going to cum on the guys cocks and film it being fucked into an arse.

I push him in the room next door and now it’s the five of us. We hang Marc’s hole over a chair and all start having a go – all bareback – everyone BB fucks without condoms – it’s great! We all ‘have a go’ shagging this mega verbal Scottish chav, his accent isn’t like Reece’s, he’s proper different sounding – in a hot way. This horny cunt was literally begging all of us for our cum. I fucking pump one right up that Scottish fucking arse!
You can see my cum gushing out and the end of my dick slowly being pushed inside. I was so horny watching them all raw fucking I came a second time in that ‘stunning’ Latino Ricky’s mouth. So sexy! OMG and this is well hot, Mickey’s guy shoots just by being jerked off and he’s right above that Scottish hole and is then a dirty cunt and pushes it in him. Then that hot Latino spits on his prick and starts to fuck me, then randomly the verbal Scottish guy gets his own back on us and cums all over my arse, pushing more spunk up my bum whilst making me lay on the end of the bed. – Hung Young Brit.

George, Mickey, Marc and Ricky - Hung Young Brit
George, Mickey and a Few Lads - Hung Young Brit
George, Mickey and a Few Lads - Hung Young Brit
George, Mickey and a Few Lads - Hung Young Brit
George, Mickey and a Few Lads - Hung Young Brit
George, Mickey and a Few Lads - Hung Young Brit


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