Saturday, September 24, 2022
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GuyBone: Zaddy Tops Dev Raw (Zaddy and Dev Tyler)

Snuggled up all sexy on the sofa, Zaddy and Dev locked lips in a passionate embrace. Their bodies looked so complimentary of one another. And man, did they know how to make out! Hands roamed, cocks hardened, and Dev was on his knees between Zaddy’s legs in a matter of moments. He kissed his way down Zaddy’s hairy, delicious torso, pulled his underwear off, and gulped down his uncut cock. Zaddy kicked back and enjoyed the head, giving praise and direction when necessary. Dev worshiped his fat schlong, paying special attention to his foreskin and loose nut sack.

Dev ran his tongue in circles around Zaddy’s cock head, all the while buried in his rich foreskin. Zaddy was loving every second of it. He tugged those hefty balls and made love to his cock with his mouth. They kissed again and Zaddy stood Dev up so he could return the sucking favor. Dev’s shorts flew off and his boner sprang out. Zaddy swallowed it. He got it nice and juicy, slurping the shaft and kissing those tight balls. He worked that rod like a popsicle on a hot, summer day.

Dev moaned and guided Zaddy’s hatted head. A huge strand of spit flowed from Zaddy’s lips to Dev’s cock and down to the floor. Fucking outrageously hot! He had no problem making it a super wet blowjob, dripping spit all down his bearded chin and hand. Dev’s veiny shaft throbbed from the attention and he needed to repay Zaddy with some more oral. He dropped to his knees once more and like a good pup, choked down Zaddy’s fat bone, letting him face fuck him to eternity and back.

They humored me for a minute when I asked them to get into a Cirque du Soleil 69 on the couch. It was hot, but no doubt uncomfortable, so they traded it in for a good old fashioned 69 session. Even hotter because they were both able to relax as they worked. Zaddy beamed, I’m in heaven right now. Truer words were never uttered as these sexpots upside down spooned in their sexy sucking positions. Zaddy wet his thumb and teased it into Dev’s fuzzy asshole. They gagged each other’s girthy poles down as Zaddy thumbed Dev’s butt. He showed it off, sniffed it, nuzzled his taint. He needed to rim Dev right then.

They moved to the bed and got very cozy in doggie style. Zaddy’s raging erection plopped against Dev’s butt, begging to be put in. He lubed it with SPUNK and slid it inside with care. Dev wriggled around, finding just the perfect fit, then gave his ass up to Zaddy. They were fucking in sync in seconds, both providing ultimate pleasure for their partner. Dev’s ass jiggled as Zaddy railed him with his raw cock. They were all smiles and grunts and kisses and moans.

They switched to a standing doggie where Dev leaned against the wall. What a hot shot they gave me from underneath their banging bodies. Zaddy stuffed his meaty mallet into Dev’s stretched hole, annihilating his ass just as he asked for. Dev’s dick was super stiff, swinging with the rhythm of their sex, dripping pre cum to the bed they stood on. Zaddy pounded him out, his balls smashing against his taint, his cock fully filling his asshole.

Zaddy went full beast mode with Dev on his back, legs in the air. They were inseparable and insatiable. Communicating through brut grunts and masculine moans, the guys knew exactly what the other wanted from the deep drilling. Their hardcore hammering was relentless and raw, skin to skin, sex overload. They stared into each other’s eyes as they screwed and kissed madly and deeply. Before entering the last leg of the race, Zaddy wanted to suck Dev again. He wanted to get him nice and hard and as close to the edge as he could. He was a master teaser pleaser and Dev was thoroughly enjoying the special attention.

It was time to cum and Zaddy needed to breed Dev’s righteous hole. He humped furiously, breaking every sweat, until he dumped his load into Dev’s back door. Dev jerked his own cock wildly, catching up to Zaddy in no time, busting his nut across his happy trail and tummy. Zaddy pulled out and spread Dev’s pucker, encouraging him to push those babies out. Dev obliged and showed us Zaddy’s seed. Zaddy leaned over and cleaned off Dev’s dripping cock, then licked the cum trail from pubes to pecs, finishing by planting a jizztastic kiss on Dev’s lips. They had given each other quite the orgasms and would forever give us all something incredible to get off to. – GuyBone.

Zaddy and Dev Tyler - GuyBone
Zaddy and Dev Tyler - GuyBone
Zaddy and Dev Tyler - GuyBone
Zaddy and Dev Tyler - GuyBone
Zaddy and Dev Tyler - GuyBone
Zaddy and Dev Tyler - GuyBone

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Brad Berrigan
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