Sunday, October 24, 2021

Boys Halfway House: Leading Through Breeding (Levi and Clay)

Many people have an occasional lapse of willpower and many more have a difficult time deferring gratification. I’ve found that these common problems are more extensive among our residents and that the problems are further compounded by simply being lost in the world. People talk about the underprivileged, or the misfortunate. A good many talk about these people needing compassion and other talk about them needing to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Unfortunately neither solution really works, but one thing does – just telling these fuckers what to do and making them do it. So, case in point, this dimwit needs to get his act together, but it’s only going to happen via a good talking to and a stick. In this particular resident’s case (as with most), that stick is my dick.

He thought it was just a game and smirked some, but once I starting unzipping my zipper he released just how serious I was. And even though he had obviously zero skills as a cocksucker, I was rock hard just because he looked so fine down on his knees servicing me. I enjoyed making him feel like a bitch and it was good for him, to boot. He continued sucking my cock on the bed and then I turned to that other orifice. This one looked very nice indeed. He’s a pale guy and his rosy cunt contrasted nicely with his firm white buns. I was eager to destroy it. After all, this whole process is sort of a creative destruction. I destroy their holes and in the process I create someone who gives a damn about the rules.

Fucking this bitch boy in doggie was great, just because he has such a nice ass. Missionary was great too, primarily because he has great pecs, but also because those clear bright eyes just staring around the room in wonderment as I beat up his fuck hole with my cock. His hole, like most delinquents, felt damn good. Since he obviously was a strong guy, I thought he’d be able to ride fairly well. In fact, it was just OK, because he doesn’t seem to have the best motor skills in the world. But I give him an “E” for effort. I had him face away so that he wouldn’t get vertigo and so that I could concentrate on breeding his ass. Well, it wasn’t a chore to do just that. I nutted – a lot – inside of him and as he pulled off of my dick, some of my seed just began oozing out of his blown out hole. It was beautiful and I think he might have begun getting the whole point of this recovery thing. After all, he only needs some leadership in his life. – Boys Halfway House.

Levi and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Levi and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Levi and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Levi and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Levi and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Levi and Clay - Boys Halfway House


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  1. Hello-

    first off the young truants and street punks are sent to the halfway house because they misbehaved on the outside. so i think its perfectly fitting for Clay to use his big fat yummy cut cock as a instrument of “discipline” if they behave in the halfway house as well. I’m betting several of the double offenders are turned into cum dump bitch bottoms by Clay’s rigorous “discipline”. in that way they can be used by the other guys in the house for a gangbang to “relieve” their pent up tension. 😉

    • Hello Joseph, It has been a while since I featured a video from Boys Halfway House and as we can see, the updates are still very hot. Clay needs to implement a technique that works to discipline the guys when they are being bad and he has the perfect tool to get the job done, with his fat dick, which he turns into a deliciously raw fuck stick loaded with cream. I also have a feeling that some of the guys love getting fucked raw and pumped full of cum, so they probably continue getting barebacked once they leave the house. It would be the perfect way for these guys to relieve some tension, as you have suggested. 😉


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