Thursday, October 21, 2021

FraternityX: Slutty Professor 2 (Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight)

The slutty professor (Elio Knight) is back at the FraternityX house wondering who the guys are going to fuck next. Since Maxy Grant is just standing around, he becomes the perfect choice. Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel and Seth Knight are the other guys featured in this sizzling episode. The action unfolds with Maxy sucking the guys off as they are waiting for their dicks to get serviced. He does a superb job, as the guys maintain their powerful boners, which makes the conditions right for those dicks to slide inside Maxy’s hungry asshole perfectly. The guys have come up with a unique way to pass their classes without having to study, giving them more time to fuck and less time having to go to class. They enjoy every moment of bare boning Maxy and then it’s time for them to release their loads. The professor is the first to shoot his load, with the juicy goodness getting pushed back inside Maxy’s asshole, with the cum used as lube by Jesse, who fucks Maxy and then pulls out to release a nice creamy load of cum, which gets added to the cummy mix. Seth is next to add his load to the mix, with the lube becoming nice and slick inside Maxy at this point. Bryan is the lucky last to add his cum to Maxy’s hole, with the guys getting top marks for their raw fucking encounter at the frat house.

Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight - FraternityX
Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight - FraternityX
Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight - FraternityX
Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight - FraternityX
Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight - FraternityX
Jesse Avalon, Bryan Rebel, Maxy Grant, Elio Knight and Seth Knight - FraternityX


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  1. Hello-

    while i enjoyed the video i was a bit disappointed because the frat bros don’t really look like frat bros. in virtually all previous FX videos the frat bros. had the physical appearance and the vocal and physical demeanor of frat bros which is not the case with this video.

    • Hello Joseph, I thought the same thing with the ‘Slutty Professor’ series. I do like Jesse Avalon in this series though, he’s very cute. I could see the angle they were working with here, but these ‘Slutty Professor” episodes aren’t like the same type of guys in the earlier FraternityX episodes. The latest FraternityX episode released a couple of days ago ‘Douchebags Finale’ (which is a combination of scene highlights filmed in 2014) showcases more realistic frat looking guys.

  2. Hello-

    as always thank you for your reply. granted they’re just models playing in a setup for the video and not actual frat bros still the models in virtually all previous FX videos at least looked like actual frat bros and had the vocal and physical demeanor of frat bros. so hopefully the models in the Slutty Professor series aren’t a portent of what future FX models might look like.

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for my reply. I agree that most of the time, the models in the episodes have looked like real frat guys and you’re right about the guys in the ‘Slutty Professor’ series not having the same frat bro personas. I think they were probably just trying something new when they got this batch of models and it would be good to see them recruiting some more guys who look like the models in the earlier episodes. In saying that, the action is still hot and I do like all the models featured in the ‘Slutty Professor’ series.

  3. Hello Again-

    again thank you for your reply.

    as I see it if a website is built upon a certain themed set up the models should adhere to that set up. so having models that don’t conform to the set up per se is disappointing. I don’t mind more adult or tattooed street punk type models etc….. in videos if it fits the set up of whatever website they’re from. not so much in a video from Fraternity X.

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for my replies. I agree that a website with a certain theme should stick with models matching that theme as closely as possible. I think they were just trying something different with this setup and knowing the site films their scenes in batches, there will likely be some more episodes similar to this that will get released at some point.


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