Saturday, September 18, 2021

Dominic Pacifico: Bare Booty Grind (Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico)

Gustavo Mueller is the perfect example of a hot, passionate Brazilian Latin stud. Tan, defined muscular build, a big uncut cock made for bareback fucking, thick black hair and mustache and an intense focus on man-to-man sex. He’s super masculine and just as talented with his sweet ass as he is with that big hard meat. When we kissed I couldn’t help pushing him against the shower wall to get a whiff of his manly pits. His tight little nips perked up and I gave a lick and we started to stroke each other’s cocks. With a hot juicy tongue Gustavo explored my hairy abs and worked his way down to my stiff brown dick. I held him by the back of his skull and fucked on into his hungry mouth. By then his prick was standing out straight and thick and I had to get a taste for myself. Gustavo had ideas of his own, turned his butt towards me to probe my tongue into his hole. His ass tasted musky and sweet and I couldn’t get enough. But the way he poked his butt into my face told me he wanted more up there. I gave his cheeks a slap and stood to press my cock in that raw spit slicked hole. He ground back into me like a hot samba dancer. Braced against the wall with both hands, he moaned as he bounced his ass against my cock and I knew this was heating up fast. On all fours, he perked his butt up for me to plow in hard. My nuts slapped against his smooth wet crack. I reached around and grabbed a big muscle tit in each hand and went for broke. When we turned onto his back I was buried balls deep and he was ready to blow. But I pulled out first and splattered him with my hot load as my sweet Latin guy yanked his dick. – Dominic Pacifico.

Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Pacifico
Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Pacifico
Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Pacifico
Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Pacifico
Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Pacifico
Gustavo Mueller and Dominic Pacifico - Dominic Pacifico


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