Saturday, November 27, 2021
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GuyBone: Lindo Tops Dev Raw (Dev Tyler and Lindo)

Hard and moaning from the get go, sucking face sexily, touching dicks through underwear, Lindo and Dev Tyler were so fucking horny for each other. Dev reached inside Lindo’s briefs and grabbed a handful of hot, thick cock. Lindo complimented Dev as he nibbled his way down that furry body, from nipples to prick. He swallowed Lindo’s fat boner and then kissed him passionately.

Lindo flipped Dev’s furry legs toward the headboard and buried his face between those hairy butt cheeks. He pulled Dev to the edge of the bed and ate his ass proper. Dev groaned in ecstasy as Lindo drove his tongue as deep into his hole as he could. He spanked. He sniffed. He savored. Lindo is a master worshiper. From holes to pits to feet, you name a dude’s body part, he knows how to treat it right.

Lindo ripped Dev’s jockstrap off and sucked his stiff dick at the foot of the bed. Their mustached mouths and lips were so sexy to watch, whether gasping in feel good joy or choking down a rock hard cock. Lindo deep-throated his costar, making sure to coat every inch of Dev’s dong in his spit. Then he wanted some of Dev’s spit, so he opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and waited. Dev worked up a hot spit strand and let it drop from his lips to Lindo’s eager tongue. Lindo caught it and used it to coat Dev’s cock.

He slapped Dev back onto the bed and spread his legs open wide. Dev stroked his dick as Lindo devoured his delicious hole. It was so tight and so hairy and when Lindo finished, so wet, dripping with desire. They 69’d sideways on the bed to get all the dick sucking they could handle. And then that probably wasn’t enough for any of us. We could have stayed that way all day. Hard as rock, both their bones raged in each other’s mouths.

At the end of the 69 session, Lindo woofed out “Fuck, Pup!” That exclamation couldn’t have been a more perfect transition into their first anal position, Dev in doggie, his hairy hole pushed skyward for Lindo to plunder. Lindo lubed that burning hot, hog of a cock with SPUNK and slid it inside Dev bareback. His hole was immediately receptive, grabbing and pulling the big dick in for more and more and more. Lindo’s raw cock railed Dev’s furry hole and made his face grimace awesomely. I nearly exploded when Lindo announced Dev’s ass was eating up his dick.

Lindo pumped Dev full of raw meat from behind, then kicked back and let the hairy pup ride his rod. I was in awe of the show before me. It was incredible to behold Dev taking in such a gargantuan cock. He couldn’t get enough of it. Lindo sat up, dangling his insatiable bottom over the edge of the bed. Dev clung to his costar’s neck and bounced up and down on Lindo’s lap bone. Gravity overpowered both guys and brought them crashing down to earth, Dev falling from Lindo’s clutches to the carpet. They burst into laughter, reminding us all that if you aren’t having fun during sex, you’re doing it wrong.

They scooted up higher on the bed to avoid another tumble. Lindo fingered Dev’s readied hole then eased his thick dick back in him. He went to pound town fast, absolutely ramming that ass. He held Dev’s sexy feet in the air, sniffing and sucking as he screwed. He hoisted his ass higher so he could drill his dick down into Dev’s cavern. This angle made it impossible for Dev not to cum, that dick was hitting his prostate perfectly. He let go of his load and rained boy batter down on his own face, painting his chin, cheek, tongue, lips, neck, shoulders and pillows. Fucking A. What a spunk shower! A real seed soak! The perfect sperm storm!

Lindo dropped to lick up Dev’s self-facial, cleaning him like a good pup. They pressed their bodies together and rubbed boners. Then Lindo bent Dev over the bed corner and had second helpings of his hole. Dev should have been spent by then, but a trooper he was, taking that big dick up his ass again, harder than ever. When Lindo was done pounding, the guys cozied up next to one another, legs tangled, Dev fingering Lindo’s equally hairy ass as the top beat his meat. Dev was sucking on Lindo’s nipple when the time came for him to cum and he slid down the bed so he could catch the hot load pumping out of Lindo’s piss slit. He nutted white hot cum down his ever impressive shaft and Dev ate it up then kissed his top. They shared some cum on their tongues and ended the scene in a pup-licious interlock. – GuyBone.

Dev Tyler and Lindo - GuyBone
Dev Tyler and Lindo - GuyBone
Dev Tyler and Lindo - GuyBone
Dev Tyler and Lindo - GuyBone
Dev Tyler and Lindo - GuyBone
Dev Tyler and Lindo - GuyBone


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