Treasure Island Media - Celebrating 50 Years of Pride

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of pride, Treasure Island Media has proudly released a once in a lifetime offer. For two days only (Friday June 28 and Saturday June 29), you can purchase a 50-year TIMPass membership for only $1,000, which is 93% off the regular price. There are only 100 of these special memberships being made available, so you’ll have to get in quick if you want one!

TIMPass gives you access to Treasure Island Media’s membership sites TIMJack, TIMSuck and TIMFuck. This is your opportunity to secure Treasure Island Media’s unique membership offer. If you love bareback porn, you’ll know how amazing this deal is. This offer is only available for 48 hours and is limited to just 100 subscribers, so you’ll have to hurry, otherwise you’ll miss out. Click on the link below for further details or to get your 50 year TIMPass membership.


Click Here to Get Your 50 Year Treasure Island Media TIMPass Membership

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  1. Hello-

    its nice TIM is celebrating the 50th Pride Celebration with such a generous offer. while we’re on the subject of the 50th Anniversary. as you know i’m a native New Yorker and have frequently passed by the Stonewall Inn. its a nice unassuming little building that prior to the four days of riots one would never think would play such a pivotal role in American history. in 2016 President Obama made it a National Historic Landmark.

    • Hello Joseph, It is wonderful to see Treasure Island Media celebrating the 50th anniversary of pride and this is a very generous offer. It might seem expensive at first, since the membership is paid for upfront, but when you think about what the regular membership price would be over fifty years, you soon discover that this is an excellent deal. I appreciate you mentioning the Stonewall Inn. It’s really nice that President Obama made it a National Historic Landmark in 2016 and I do hope to visit one day, because it’s definitely a very important and historical place.

  2. Hopefully some of you were able to take advantage of this amazing offer. The offer has now closed, but for those 100 subscribers, they have plenty of exciting bareback porn to enjoy at Treasure Island Media for many years to come.


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