When I wrote my Christmas message a few days ago, I felt a sudden inspiration and burst of fresh energy, something I haven’t felt for a long time. This shift within has resulted in me making the decision to return to regular updates from today. The first porn post will be published shortly and I plan on publishing a new post each day once again. I missed working on Brad Bare the moment I stopped, but after taking a break from blogging, I took time to rest up and reflect and that’s why fresh words are making their way to these pages once again.

I hope the feeling of abandonment didn’t affect anyone when I made the decision to stop blogging, because I feel that when I made my decision, I may have left this impression with some of you and I’m very sorry if this is the case. I stopped blogging because I ran out of energy and even though I’m still working full-time six days a week, I have implemented some changes that I hope will allow me to maintain this blog and achieve a balance between work, rest and play. If I become fatigued again, I will simply reduce the number of posts I publish, but let’s not even think about this right now, because hopefully this won’t happen again.

Behind the scenes I have incorporated a number of things that should improve performance, such as using a new video encoder, I am now using an updated video player that will hopefully resolve some of the playback issues a number of you encountered previously, I splashed out on new software that optimizes each of the photos featured from this point forward, without reducing quality and this should make pages load more quickly, plus I have also implemented several other ‘under the hood’ improvements that you can’t really see on the surface, but they should make your experience more enjoyable in terms of performance and reliability.

Thank you again to everyone who has supported me over the years, I really appreciate your ongoing support. I consider myself to be a nice guy who is passionate about this blog and I hope I can make it up to you by publishing some really hot bareback porn posts here once again. I am very excited about 2019 and I am making my New Year’s Resolution to make Brad Bare a place where you enjoy coming to check out the latest scenes from bareback porn studios and I hope you will consider this blog as a reliable resource for all your bareback porn needs.

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  1. Hello-

    its nice to have you back ;-). in the 7? months you were on hiatus I have wondered if there were any sites that were right up my alley (boy next door & collegiate athlete type models) that I didn’t become aware of because of the hiatus. now that you are back I am sure you will feature such sites when you become aware of them.

    • Hello Joseph, Happy New Year and it’s great to be back. A number of new bareback sites were released in the seven months I took a break from blogging and I look forward to showcasing some of those sites once I get back into the swing of things. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy a selection of scenes I will be introducing each day to warm things up around here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks for your New Year’s wishes – I hope you have a fantastic year this year. I’m glad you are enjoying the photos of guys having sex and it pleases me to hear that seeing this sometimes gives you nice feelings – hopefully more often than not. That’s what I am here for and I look forward to showing you something new each day for you to enjoy.

  2. What a pleasant New Year’s gift it was to receive your notification. Welcome back, and I wish you all good things in 2019. We’ve chatted in the past, and I don’t have much to add; my favorite sites continue to shine (Bel Ami, Helix). A rather old site that has really turned up the heat in the last few months is BoyFun. I’ll be interested to see if you have any thoughts about their work.

    • Hello Mitch, Happy New Year and all the best for 2019. I’m glad you liked the return to blogging notification and I will work my hardest to keep Brad Bare pumping with hot bareback porn throughout the year and beyond. I will have to check out BoyFun. They did approach me around the time I stopped blogging to see if I would like to include their scenes here, so I must take a look and include them on the roster. I also noticed Richard.xxx (with Richard meaning ‘dick’) releasing some hot looking bareback scenes and a few other condom studios such as Men.com and Cocky Boys released bareback scenes in 2018. I look forward to catching up with everything and getting more hot action featured at Brad Bare once again.

    • You’re right Seaguy, I just needed to take a break for a while. I wish I had returned sooner though, but I am back now and I look forward to showcasing more hot bareback porn here each day. Bareback porn is definitely the best porn ever created! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello-

    i had a thought the other day and would greatly appreciate your take on it. i am of the opinion that the monthly membership fee of a website should reflect the production value quality of the videos on it. as an example you can be assured that the monthly membership fee for say Bel Ami will afford you access to videos with the highest production values. yet I have come across and even been a member in some cases of sites that charged as much as Bel Ami but where the production value of the values were *NOWHERE* near as good as Bel Ami. i think the monthly membership fee for a website should be connected to the production values. do you agree?

    • Hello Joseph, That’s an interesting thought, but I think your idea would become too complicated, because people might then say they don’t feel they are getting value for money if one or some of their scenes don’t meet their standards. I feel that a membership fee should definitely reflect the quality of the videos, but there are also other considerations such as the frequency of updates, whether videos are offered as streaming or download, how big is the catalog of videos in the archives and whether any long-term discounts could be applied for longer membership periods. I think if a membership was designed around quality alone, people would say they deserve refunds if they did not think the quality was up to their standards and of course we all have different tastes, so I don’t think this would work, but I do like that you’re thinking about this, because I often think about things like this myself. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Quite a delay in replying — sorry. But Brad’s exactly correct. Quality is in the eye of the beholder. That said, I agree that some sites provide higher photographic quality and production values (eg. BelAmi). But they also have international appeal and the economy of volume sales, meaning they can afford to charge less (and profit more). And it depends on what turns you on — Fraternity X is a low-budget site, of no interest to me, but HUGELY popular with many. It’s all supply and demand — Econ 101.

  4. Welcum back, Brad!!! Glad you’re all rested up and back to blogging! Hope the improvements you made will lighten your burden doing this so that you, and we, can continue enjoying all the bb vids you post!

    Best of luck in everything!

    • Thanks Syko, it’s great to be back! I sure did miss blogging and I think the improvements I have made will enable me to balance my life better. Blogging is an important part of my life because I am very passionate about my blog, so I feel really good to be back and it makes me happy when I read comments and emails like yours encouraging me and thanking me, so thank you for this. ๐Ÿ™‚


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