Elder Hult and Elder Call (played by Darron Bluu) have a history of exploring each other’s bodies and today that chemistry is going to serve them well as they are tasked with pleasing the insatiable President Skye (played by Manuel Skye). President Skye looks at Elder Hult with cool, judgmental eyes. He presents a challenge to the young man, saying “Show me what you’ve got.” Elder Call joins the pale young man and is determined to make a good impression on the handsome man. He and Elder Hult know every inch of each other’s bodies, and make sure to use that familiarity to turn President Skye on. Just watching the two young men exchange glances has President Skye’s blood running hot.

First, the two young men undress the man. They undo his tie and take off his suit, stripping him down to reveal his chiseled body and hung cock. President Skye is pleased to see how impressed the guys are with his body. One of the markers of a good servant is expressing admiration and gratitude to the priests and the two Elder’s are doing very well in this category. They kneel as they blow President Skye’s fat cock, savoring his scent and flavor as they slobber. So far, he is happy with their performance.

After a drooling blowjob, Elder Call gets on the couch and presents his ass to Elder Hult. Skye gets hornier by the second as he watches Elder Hult enter Elder Call from behind, piercing his tight hole with his throbbing member and filling him up completely. He wants to see what kind of lover Elder Hult is, and as the young man strokes, he can tell he is passionate. There is an innocent charm to Elder Hult that President Skye can’t get enough of, but watching him fuck Elder Call makes him realize that there is another side to Elder Hult that he didn’t know existed. This duality makes the young man all the more alluring.

He and Elder Hult spit-roast Elder Call as he pants heavily. Elder Call has wanted to feel Elder Hult’s cock in his ass again ever since their encounter in the shower. Now that he’s gotten his wish, he wants even more. He arches his back and lets President Skye enter him from behind, feeling his butt penetrated as he sucks Elder Hult’s cock. Soon images of his journey through the mission fill his mind. He remembers his first day, meeting all the other young men and wondering whether he would find his place here among them. Now, as both ends of his body are filled with hard dick, he is sure he has.

President Skye works inside Elder Call’s hole until he is ready to burst. Then, he squirts a hot load of cum inside his asshole, working it into his hole with his fingers. Elder Hult strokes his cock and watches, glad to be part of such an important ceremony in both their lives. This is sure to be a day he will never forget and there is no one he would have rather shared it with than Elder Call. – Missionary Boys.

Manuel Skye, Elder Hult and Darron Bluu - Missionary Boys
Manuel Skye, Elder Hult and Darron Bluu - Missionary Boys
Manuel Skye, Elder Hult and Darron Bluu - Missionary Boys
Manuel Skye, Elder Hult and Darron Bluu - Missionary Boys
Manuel Skye, Elder Hult and Darron Bluu - Missionary Boys
Manuel Skye, Elder Hult and Darron Bluu - Missionary Boys


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  1. Darron Bluu is oddly attractive. He has one of the most amazing, hairy holes I’ve seen in a while. I want to just eat it, fuck it, breed it and just sit back and look at my jizz leaking out of his beautiful hole.

    One of the scenes where his hairy hole is featured at its best is on FAMILYDICK.COM and the scene, “Sports and Assplay.” When his “step-brother” blasts his spooge on his welll-fucked hole, I will cum like a mother-fucker every damn time.

    • Hello Owen, I also find Darron Bluu intriguing. I am currently putting together a post featuring Darron from a Brother Crush scene (to be featured here in the coming days) and it was great listening to the dialogue as he interacted with his step-brother. Darron’s bareback scenes are now being featured at Missionary Boys, Family Dick and Brother Crush and it’s great to see him receiving a decent amount of exposure. I must go and check out the scene you’re referring to at Family Dick, I might have missed seeing that one, so I’ll be sure to take a look, because it sounds awesome.


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