Sunday, April 18, 2021
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Max Carter and Collin Adams in ‘Creamed’ at Helix Studios

If you love seeing guys barebacking and swapping loads, you are going to love this scene called ‘Cream’ from Helix Studios. Max Carter is the top in this update and he’s joined by Collin Adams. These two guys have a scorching connection that binds them together, first through an energy connection and ends with a physical connection once they become fluid bonded, but more about that in a moment! Max and Collin enjoy a steamy make out session, then start sucking each others dicks. These two clearly enjoy having a dick in their mouth and they know what to do with it – no tongue flicking, just guys who love the taste of cock and providing high quality blowjobs. Max continues with the oral pleasuring by rimming Collin’s ass crack before he plunges his dick inside and once the fucking begins, the heat intensifies and these two have a sizzling bareback moment together. The guys fuck in a few positions, but just wait until you get to the end of this video – Max’s creamy load pours from his freshly spent cock, then he pushes his creamy nectar back inside Collin’s freshly fucked asshole. You won’t want to miss seeing Collin’s cum shot either – it’s magnificent! You need to get yourself over to Helix Studios as soon as possible to check out the fantastic bareback sex videos that await you there, with an abundance of high quality bareback videos ready to pleasure you!

Max Carter and Collin Adams - Helix Studios
Max Carter and Collin Adams - Helix Studios
Max Carter and Collin Adams - Helix Studios
Max Carter and Collin Adams - Helix Studios
Max Carter and Collin Adams - Helix Studios
Max Carter and Collin Adams - Helix Studios


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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad is pretty much fascinated by all things bareback, so he created this blog way back in 2010 dedicated completely to unprotected sex between men.


  1. Hello-

    Max Carter has to be one of the great beauties in the history of bareback porn. like wine and cheese he gets better as he matures.

    also it must be an absolutely wonderful experience whether orally or anally when Carter dumps his creamy sweet delicious load inside you. 🙂

    one other thought. as a result of your rather high recommendation I first joined Helix the next to last week of March 2013. I immediately fell in love with Max Carter and Kyle Ross. to this day not quite six years later Carter and Ross are still at the top of their game. in fact Ross one of the great cum dump bottoms in the history of bareback porn is still as slutty as ever for raw cocks and loads up his eagerly waiting boycunt.

    • Hello Joseph, I thought you would like this scene and it really is a fantastic video from Helix. Max Carter is a sexy guy and he has been a big part of Helix Studios and 8teenBoy. Max films the videos at 8teenBoy, so he’s quite busy behind the camera, so it’s nice to see him still getting in front of the camera to film some hot bareback action for us.

      I’m glad you decided to join Helix Studios when I first recommended the site to you several years ago and it’s still a site I highly recommend today, in terms of beautiful models, high production values and plenty of content that’s great value for money. It’s great seeing both Max Carter and Kyle Ross filming scenes for Helix several years after the first appeared in front of the camera, with Kyle also involved with some of the behind the scenes stuff at Helix Studios.

  2. Hello-

    well i just finished watching Helix’s 6-part feature video Vegas Nights. its their longest feature video to running approx. 2hrs, 30mins.. the part I liked best is Part 2 posted on 12/8/18 with Joey Mills, Corbin Colby and Angel Rivera. OH MY LORD!!!! this video is so fucking hot str8 guys might get hard. it ends perfectly without any jizz being wasted. Colby eats Mills’ load, Mills eats Rivera’s load and Colby breeds Rivera’s boycunt. one of the best 3ways ever from Helix.

    • Hello Joseph, I’m pleased to hear that you have finished watching the Vegas Nights series. There’s lot’s of hot action taking place at Helix Studios right now and it’s always exciting when you enjoy a scene that features no wasted loads and the scene you have mentioned is definitely a highlight.

  3. Hello Again-

    i forgot to mention that Angel Rivera has gotten sooooooooooooooooo hot with a capital H since he started with Helix. i mean in every way- facial attractiveness, stunning physique, excellent skin complexion and an even yummier cock. one of the great beauties currently working at Helix. in fact’ he’s gotten so fucking hot since working for Helix that whenever he breeds someone after he pulls out i want to chow down on his softening cum covered cock to make sure every last drop of jizz has been sucked out. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, Angel Rivera looks fantastic – he is a gorgeous guy and you have pointed out some of his beautiful attributes. It would be amazing to experience his cum covered cock after his has finished barebacking one of the other models at Helix Studios – that would be divine. There are many sexy models at Helix Studios and it has been a pleasure seeing all the sizzling updates they have been releasing over the years.

    • I guess we all see things in our own way. Angel Rivera gave me high hopes when he debuted — absolutely stunning body, face, and dick. But his performance in action has been underwhelming. IMHO, Angel is in a category where he is at his best alone in a still photo session, as his beauty is unsurpassed and the still photography can capture and display that better than video. To be fair, I’ve not seen this Vegas Nights series other than previews, and I hope Angel’s as exciting as Joseph describes. Related question: Angel’s gone from Helix now, right? Along with several others. I look forward to seeing Angel at GISP, although I’ve not been too excited about the work there lately.

      • Hello Mitch, I know your comment is in reply to Joseph, but I just wanted to answer your related question. I do believe that Angel has moved on from Helix Studios now, along with a number of other performers who have left the studio in recent times. Angel is going to be featured at Guys In Sweatpants soon I believe, so his presence will still be around.

  4. Hello-

    i guess Mitch and I have different opinions about Angel Rivera’s time at Helix. I wonder how Mitch found out about Rivera no longer being with Helix. its to bad since i really liked Rivera’s work at Helix. also I wonder how Mitch found out he’d be working with Guys in Sweatpants. I read a lot and didn’t come across any mention of the stunningly sexy Rivera leaving Helix and working for GISP.

    • Hello Joseph, Different opinions aren’t always bad, because if we all thought the same thing about every topic, then we wouldn’t have very interesting conversations. When we think differently about things it can open up discussions and because we all have different tastes, this also keeps things interesting. I read about Angel leaving Helix at another gay porn blog (I can’t remember which one now), so Mitch may have also read about this there. Austin Wilde tweeted that Angel Rivera will be appearing at Guys In Sweatpants, so that’s possibly where Mitch found that out also. I’m sure Mitch will elaborate if he found out about Angel through various sources, I’m just acknowledging where I recently read about them. 🙂

  5. Hello-

    as always thanks for your reply. I consider myself to be in the know about models i like so i was rather surprised by the info in Mitch’s comment. so I guess one person can’t know everything.:-)

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for the reply. Mitch is very knowledgeable when it comes to gay porn and he stays abreast of what’s happening in the industry. Don’t worry, because I have trouble keeping up with everything myself, especially when there’s so much happening in the gay porn world.


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Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad is pretty much fascinated by all things bareback, so he created this blog way back in 2010 dedicated completely to unprotected sex between men.

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