Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington decide to spice up their date night with a game of strip pool! Great pool players, the guys are not, which is a-OK, because we’re sure you’d much rather check out their balls and extra long pool sticks! The guys “attempt” to play another game once they’ve stripped off all their clothes, but the temptation to touch is just too great. Pheonix’s perfectly sculpted body boasts beautiful girthy gifts in both the front and back and our tight bodied twink Collin can’t keep his eyes or hands to himself! By the looks of his pool cue pointing north, Pheonix is just fine with it. After a naked kiss/cock stroke combo, Collin crashes to his knees and services Pheonix’s big black bone with a sloppy good, gagger of a blow job. Ready to taste his twinkle, Pheonix starts at Collin’s neck, then works his way down to that long dong, swallowing the stiff staff all the way down to the seed heavy sack. Once he’s conquered Collin’s cock, the brown skinned beauty places Collin’s butt on the pool table ledge and lays into that ass in ways we’ve never seen! Pheonix tastes every inch of Collin’s ample booty, licking his smooth cheeks on the outside, as well as the supple pleasure center in the middle. He worships his backside with an all over massage mixed in with some magic fingers that leave Collin’s caboose aching to be filled. Pheonix teases Collin’s tender tush with a couple cock smacks to his horny hole before heaving his hefty hog all the way inside. Collin can definitely take a dick, so our resident dick-slinger dishes it out balls deep! Always in control, Pheonix guides his guy across the room and fucks him with one leg up right by a window overlooking the street. Howdy neighbors! Collin announces his arrival, then spills his seed all over the floor. Pheonix continues pumping pipe into Collin’s quivering ass. The cock hugging convulsions milk the man’s mighty member till he creams deep down the dude’s dirt road. His load is large and Collin’s tight tunnel can’t contain the tidal wave of pleasure poured into him. A few oozy ounces escape and drip from his gorgeous gape like raunchy rain. – Helix Studios.

Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington - Helix Studios
Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington - Helix Studios
Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington - Helix Studios
Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington - Helix Studios
Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington - Helix Studios
Collin Adams and Pheonix Fellington - Helix Studios


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  1. Hello-

    i know i already commented on this video but i another thought. if any of your blog readers love interracial bareback/breeding porn where both models are stunning this is the video for you. on the other hand watching the ending might just make you spontaneously combust. 🙂 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, I appreciate your recommendation and I also agree that this is a sizzling scene that should not be missed. Collin and Pheonix look fantastic together and this is a great update waiting to be enjoyed.

  2. Hello-

    i just watched Hung Hunk with Tyler Sweet and Pheonix Fellington which was posted on 5/22/19. OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweet takes a hard driving ass pounding raw fuck from Fellinton’s gorgeous huge cock like a total pro. being the first rate top he is Fellington breeds Sweet’s slutty boycunt with a nice creamy load. then Sweet pops his own nice size load. covering his torso. another winner for those who love first rate interracial bareback/breeding porn.

    • Hey Joseph, It sounds like your body was completely overjoyed with the sizzling update featuring Tyler Sweet and Pheonix Fellington. There are so many amazing bareback videos being produced by Helix Studios, I simply cannot keep up with them all. There’s plenty of great raw fucking taking place at the site and it sounds like you are thoroughly enjoying your membership.


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