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Helix Studios: Raging Hard On (Travis Stevens and Cameron Parks)

Travis Stevens and Cameron Parks - Helix Studios

Filming sex in a motor vehicle can be a little bit tricky, because you have space restrictions, plus numerous obstacles in the way, such as seats. That doesn’t stop Helix Studios filming this scene with Travis Stevens and Cameron Parks called ‘Raging Hard On’ in a car though. These guys don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic, they instead decide to leave the car parked and have sex instead, which seems like a perfectly logical solution to rush hour traffic issues. The beauty about this update is that both Travis and Cameron top and bottom, so in addition to maneuvering themselves in a variety of angles and positions, they still managed to have a great time penetrating each other. If you want to read some car related puns, make sure you read the description for this scene at Helix Studios. Fans of creampie climaxes are going to want to see the finale of this scene, when Travis pushes his cum-covered cock back inside Cameron’s ass to park his load in Cameron’s freshly fucked asshole.


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  1. Hello-

    this video shows there are a lot more things one can do in a car besides taking a road trip. i especially liked the close ups of Parks sucking on Stevens’ yummy cock. Steven’s bod is even hotter than when he worked at Jason Sparks Live. it was super hot when he creampies Parks at the end of the video. this video is especially “enjoyable” since Steven’s previous videos for Helix were all condomed which to this day still confuses me.

    • Hello Joseph, This is almost like an instructional video for those who want to have sex in cars, helping you understand which positions work best from a viewers standpoint. The closeups are great and the studio did a great job filming this scene, especially when it can be difficult navigating your way around the objects in the vehicle that can make having sex and filming the sex challenging.

  2. Generally I dislike porn scenes in cars and vans. The back of a pickup is a slightly better choice. I do have fond memories of Travis Wade in Falcon’s “Mercury Rising.” But I’d much rather the boys find a nice bed someplace.

    • Hey Mitch, I also prefer seeing sex filmed in more standstill places such as a bed, because it can be difficult for the participants to achieve decent angles, plus filming the scene has its distractions and restrictions as well, such as the position of the seats, the roof limits angles and of course lighting can also be a problem. In saying that, I do think Helix did a great job filming this scene even though quite a few things work against filming sex in a car.


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