Fine as fuck and excited to answer all your Twitter questions and perform every delectably dirty deed requested, Ashtin Bates and Alex Riley go for broke in this rousing ramtastic edition of #Helix! While Alex gives a personal shout out to one of his many fans, Ashtin gets personal about real life boyfriend Riley Finch. The guys also get into their favorite sex positions, outdoor fuck spots and even cum facials. The well rounded requests range from shirtless arm wrestling to tickling and even wedgies! All these exciting requests naturally lend themselves to a fun interview and a super charged sex session! The beautiful brunettes attack each other with animalistic eroticism, kissing and biting as they breath one another in. Alex gets a real taste for Ashton’s tattooed flesh. Even after a half time kiss, the thirsty schlong sucker goes back for seconds! Randy and ready to reciprocate, Ashtin sits the cock connoisseur down, pulls at his sexy black ball huggers and bastes that beautiful bone in spit. After the epically hot hummer, Ashtin is anxious to see if Alex’s ass eating skills are just as good. So, he sits right on the dude’s face. Alex does not disappoint! He fucks Ashtin’s booty with a probing tongue and thrusty fingers before skewering that sexy seat with his stiff cock! The power top punishes Ashtin’s eager ass with a pulse pounding pummeling that has Ashtin clutching the bedding and gasping for more. His long dong sways beneath them, hypnotically swinging back and forth with every forceful thrust. After turning onto his back, Ashtin orders Alex to “stick it in.” Alex responds with a ramming that shakes the box spring and causes his cock to cream deep inside Ashtin’s ass. In turn, Ashtin fills Alex’s cock sucker with a hearty amount of spunk. What spills over, he feeds his fuck buddy with a cum covered finger as the guys kiss and pass the tasty treat between them. – Helix Studios.

Alex Riley and Ashtin Bates - Helix Studios
Alex Riley and Ashtin Bates - Helix Studios
Alex Riley and Ashtin Bates - Helix Studios
Alex Riley and Ashtin Bates - Helix Studios
Alex Riley and Ashtin Bates - Helix Studios
Alex Riley and Ashtin Bates - Helix Studios


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  1. Hello-

    its certain the models and the action will be hot but. i don’t download the #Helix videos since half the running time of the video or sometimes a bit more than half is taken up with the models chatting with the viewers which kind of kill the heat of the sex. i wish they had a option of downloading just the sex part of the video.

    • Hello Joseph, This is a hot scene, but I do get what you’re saying about the #Helix videos involving a lot of chatting, which can be an issue when it comes to the size of the download. I do agree that having this scene split into a couple of parts is a great idea, because then subscribers can choose the version they wish to view.

  2. Hello-

    i just watched Cowabunga with Andy Taylor and Tyler Sweet which was posted on 8/17/19. a hot couple but the video disappoints on two points. there is supposedly an internal cumshot but there’s no evidence of cum. plus at 42mins. its too FRIGGING LONG.hasn’t Helix ever heard of concise editing?

    • Hello Joseph, I haven’t seen this video yet, but I look forward to checking it out now that you mentioned it includes an internal cum shot. This is new territory for Helix, because they usually only film creampie climaxes rather than breeding climaxes, so I think we can forgive them as they perfect the internal cum shot filming technique. Their videos can be long at times, but with faster internet technology and more data offerings becoming available, I think they are trying hard to keep subscribers satisfied, but 20 to 30 minutes is a good length for a scene I think.

  3. Hello-

    i recently described a Pheonix Fellington video which ended with an internal cum shot that was perfectly filmed with a creamy load flowing from the bottom’s boycunt after Fellington pulls out. in the Cowabunga video there was no evidence that i saw that the top did in fact cum in the bottom’s boycunt.

    again a 42min. scene between 2 guys is TOO FRIGGING LONG. I remember a video from about a year ago that was 52mins. and it was just2 guys. it could VERY easily have been cut in half.

    • Hello Joseph, I haven’t seen the Cowabunga scene yet, so I cannot comment on the cum shot, but I’m happy to give Helix and the models some time to perfect the breeding climax, as this is something new they are trying. Breeding climaxes make things look more authentic in terms of replicating the sex guys have in their personal lives, but producing evidence of an ejaculation is something I’m sure will improve over time.


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