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Family Dick: My Old Man’s Turn at Bat (Greg McKeon and Justin Stone)

There have been so many naughty things happening at Family Dick lately, so it’s time to check out one of the most recent updates at the site so you can stay informed. This scene comes from the series ‘Learning to Catch Chapter 2’ and the episode is called ‘My Old Man’s Turn at Bat’. Greg McKeon plays the role of stepdad to Justin Stone and as you’re about to discover, Greg is not pleased when he notices that his stepson’s baseball coach seems to be checking Justin out. What would normally involve approaching the coach or dealing with the matter quite differently, Greg decides to take a different approach after he finds himself getting turned on by the situation. As a result of Greg’s boner, he needs to get rid of it, so he finds the perfect place to hide his erection – inside Justin’s ass! There’s no condom covering his cock here, Greg simply slides his raw meat inside Justin’s smooth ass and fucks him raw, filling his hole with hot cream. It looks like both guys enjoy what happens and if you want to see the entire video, make sure you visit Family Dick, because there’s plenty more bareback videos just like this one waiting for you to enjoy!

Greg McKeon and Justin Stone - Family Dick
Greg McKeon and Justin Stone - Family Dick
Greg McKeon and Justin Stone - Family Dick
Greg McKeon and Justin Stone - Family Dick
Greg McKeon and Justin Stone - Family Dick
Greg McKeon and Justin Stone - Family Dick


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Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,500 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    during my recent membership at FD I downloaded a number of hot videos one of which is a sequel to the video this post is for. in the follow up video the “father” and “son” with the baseball coach have a super hot 3-way. in said 3-way Stone has to orally and anally service both his “father” and the coach like a total pro in every position you can think of. the ending is rather disappointing fro one simple reason. at the end the coach supposedly comes in Stone’s no longer virgin boycunt but does he? right before he climaxes the coach says something like “I’m going to cum in your ass”. but there is no subsequent pull out shot to prove the coach did in fact cum in Stone’s fuckhole. FD isn’t the first site nor will they be the last to post an alleged internal orgasm video with no visual proof that it took place.

    • Hello Joseph, This is a hot scene and the sequel is hot too and I will be featuring that particular scene here soon. I really like cum in ass climaxes where the guys don’t pull out until after they ejaculate, because this is the natural way many guys ejaculate in their personal lives when they’re barebacking. The only issue is what you have described – you want to see the cum to ensure the top did in fact cum inside the bottom’s ass. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell, unless there’s some cum left on the top’s dick or some cum dribbles out, but it would be good for studios to attempt to show this. Perhaps there wasn’t much visible cum so they decided not to worry about featuring this in the video. I think this is something studios will need to focus on to best show cum in ass climaxes, but also demonstrate to the viewers that the top did cum, which would mean pulling out afterwards in the same shot, without the video cutting to a different angle, otherwise this could be questionable as well.

  2. Hello-

    thanks for your thoughts on the subject. next to my disappointment when all the loads in a video go to waste is when the top allegedly orgasms in the bottom but we never see any visual proof that said internal orgasm did in fact take place. its either bad camera work or bad editing.

    • Hello Joseph, I agree with you about it being important for the loads to be visible in some way, that way we know that an ejaculation actually took place. When it comes to bareback porn, cum wastage is a bad thing and so is not being able to see cum, so hopefully studios will work on this aspect, because breeding porn is really hot when we can see that the top actually cum’s inside the bottom’s ass.

  3. Hello-

    I thank you for your thoughts on he matter. as i said it was a super hot video till the very end. since FD has already featured several really hot internal climaxes where the top doesn’t pull out till he finishes ejaculating the ending of this scene is rather perplexing. as with other websites where the same thing has happened i am of the opinion that in many of the cases I bet the top never climaxed and is just a damn good actor.

    • Hello Joseph, You’re welcome for my thoughts on the matter. I always like to think of things in life from a positive perspective, so even though the top may not have ejaculated, I still like to think that he did, and hopefully he did. I know that when I cum inside a bottom’s ass, sometimes it’s difficult to tell that an ejaculation took place because my load is left deep inside his hole, but there are still ways to see, like trying to show the tip of the cock when it emerges, as this often has some remnants of cum remaining, or trying to squeeze out any remaining cum from your cock, as a little more often leaks out and this is a strong indicator of an ejaculation as well. As breeding is becoming a more popular climax method in porn, hopefully studios will work to convince us that an ejaculation did in fact take place to avoid any disappointment or questioning as to whether the top came or not.


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