Jake Olsen has some balls, making a move on handsome hunk Lucas Drake after only hearing the mere suggestion that the gorgeous guy might be a little curious. He might be a little waif of a guy in comparison to the fit young jock, but he’s not shy when it comes to taking risks and getting some fun started with a guy, a suggestion Lucas originally seems to be offended by before quickly giving in and submitting to the playful exploration. It seems the rumor is true after all, the hunky young gym-going straight guy isn’t as straight as he might seem, a fact proven when his hard uncut cock is revealed and he gets to work sucking on the incredible long boner Jake has for him to try! The mutual cock slurping between the guys on the couch only becomes more and more urgent, their hard dicks leaking pre-cum and glistening with spit, the oral exploration soon leading to Lucas’ tight virginal straight guy hole. Jake knows how to get a handsome lad like him a little more curious for things, working his pucker with his tongue and giving his new friend a little tease of what’s to come, but it seems this buff boy doesn’t need a whole lot of persuasion before he’s giving up his snug chute for the twinks big bare cock to slide right in. Could it be? Could this hot young hunk be a little more experienced riding cock than he seems? Within moments he’s moaning and grunting while Jake pounds his cock in and out of his hole, fucking him in every position, Lucas’ own dick swinging and leaking pre-cum while his balls fill up with cream ready to splash. Laying back and stroking himself over the edge the fit young lad makes a sticky mess on his abs, but the load in his face and mouth from hung Jake is what’s likely to have him coming back for more. – BoyFun.

Jake Olsen and Lucas Drake - BoyFun
Jake Olsen and Lucas Drake - BoyFun
Jake Olsen and Lucas Drake - BoyFun
Jake Olsen and Lucas Drake - BoyFun
Jake Olsen and Lucas Drake - BoyFun
Jake Olsen and Lucas Drake - BoyFun


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  1. Hello Brad:
    Its been a while. I hope you are doing well. I wanted to write because I just love Jock-twink pairings. This is something I think the porn-studios need to do more of. Helix Studios seems to have a couple of these pairings, but I feel there needs to be more. I guess I like jock-twink pairings because it would seem that the relationship between these two types of boys would be adversarial. So that is why I find it so erotic when these two types are experimenting with each other, especially when a jock can dominate his twink boyfriend. It just makes me very wet thinking about that!

    I also want to ask you a question. Do you know anything about Jaime Steele? He’s a new hot, up and coming Latino gay porn star. He’s started in guysinsweatpants and nextdoorraw. The reason I am asking is that I’ve discovered that there are a lot of porn stars, both men and women, from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. I just wrote an article about it in my blog. Hope you have a chance to stop by!



    • Hello Elouise, Thanks for visiting and I am doing well. I hope you are well also. 🙂

      I also like seeing twink-jock pairings and this scene from BoyFun is one of them. You will find some scenes like this at BoyFun and also at Helix Studios, as you have mentioned.

      The information I have about Jaime Steel is limited and is nothing more than what you have already mentioned at your blog. It looks like he has adjusted the spelling of his first name to Jamie now. I am still using the Jaime spelling at Brad Bare, because most studios have used this spelling, but I might need to create an aka tag for him as well. Here are a few resources, although you might have already found these:

      Gay Erotic Video Index – https://www.gayeroticvideoindex.com/S/2/111982.html

      Only Fans – https://onlyfans.com/jamiexsteel

      Twitter – https://twitter.com/JamieXXXSteel

      I have just taken a look at your article and it’s another great piece of writing. I am really happy that you have created a blog and thanks again for stopping by Brad Bare also. 🙂


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