You know it’s going to be a great day when you wake up with a bulge in your pants. The question is how do you deal with the matter once it has raised itself. Do you jack off or do you fuck another dude? The response will vary depending on whether you’re alone or whether you have someone you can share your erection with. In this scene from Helix Studios, Aiden Garcia wakes up beside Micah West and starts rubbing his hand over Micah’s body. It doesn’t take Aiden long to find Micah’s bulge and he starts rubbing his dick through his underwear. As things progress, Aiden removes Micah’s dick from his underwear and starts sucking his cock. Micah responds and becomes more active, by sucking Aiden’s dick, then he rims his ass as well, before plunging his bare boner inside Aiden’s asshole. The guys enjoy an intense sexual encounter, ready to start the day the right way and of course things progress pleasurably until the loads are ready to flow. Micah pulls out and his dick releases a gooey load of liquid love that coats Aiden’s beautiful butt. Now that’s the perfect way to start the day!

Aiden Garcia and Micah West - Helix Studios
Aiden Garcia and Micah West - Helix Studios
Aiden Garcia and Micah West - Helix Studios
Aiden Garcia and Micah West - Helix Studios
Aiden Garcia and Micah West - Helix Studios
Aiden Garcia and Micah West - Helix Studios


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  1. Hello Brad:
    Its great to have you back after your brief hiatus. I haven’t really had a lot of time to update my blog; but the fact that you are back will give me more motivation to update it soon. I will let you know when I do. I really enjoyed this set. In fact, I’ve been growing to like twinks. Especially jocks-on-twinks. Its an amazing thing to watch a grown jock male that is 6-foot and 205 lbs take a smaller, effeminate twink. I think more straight jocks should entertain the idea of dominating a twink. Don’t you? The few jocks-on-twinks I’ve seen (e.g. on Helix and Staxus), they have throbbing erections for their twink partners. I really enjoy seeing the intensity of the erections on the jocks once they penetrate their twink. I don’t think the porn studios are exploiting this niche as they should. But its always great to see these jocks amazing and mesmerized as they have their little twinks and have at least one male in their sexual repertoire (which probably includes many females).

    On the other hand, I often wonder what these twinks are thinking when they are being fucked in the ass and manhandled by these Adonis-type males? Its great to see their penises also get quite hard and begin to get wet with pre-cum. Sometimes, if they are lucky, their jock will suck their cocks and even their toes to the point that I myself am organisming!



    • Hello Elouise, It really is great being back blogging again. I can relate to you about needing time to work on your blog, it really is a lot of work, but it’s very rewarding. I am sure you will publish more fabulous posts again soon and I look forward to taking a look at them. I’m glad you enjoyed this update from Helix Studios, it really is a nice scene. I am impressed by the way the scenes are filmed at Helix, not only capturing all the essential ingredients that makes porn exciting, but they are also able to tell stories that are interesting and a delight to watch. I’m glad you’re becoming more interested in twinks. Helix and Staxus are great choices and something I have noticed with twinks, is that when they look slender, it doesn’t mean their penises are slender, they are often quite large! I like your thoughts about what the guys are thinking as they are getting involved with the penetration, I’m sure they are very excited and loving all the wonderful sensations that are associated with sex. I appreciate you visiting and I look forward to presenting more updates here that I hope you will also enjoy. I also look forward to visiting your blog again, because I love your posts. Thanks again Elouise and please take care.

  2. Hello-

    i haven’t watched this video yet but i would like to comment on the Helix video i watched yesterday Big Game starring Joey Mills, Corbin Colby and Luke Wilder which was posted on 12/19/18. its a super sexy trio with Mills sucking both Colby and Wilder till they’re rock hard. then Colby and Wilder taking turns fucking Mills while sucking his yummy cock. i was primed to pop a big load but then it ends with all 3 loads going to waste. why bother shooting it bareback? the ending is especially disappointing since Mills has taken loads both orally and anally in his previous videos.

    • Hello BigJoe59, Thanks for your comment. I haven’t seen the video you are referring to as yet, but I don’t know why there is so much cum wastage in a bareback video, particularly when the bottom has taken loads in his ass and mouth before in scenes from the same studio. I would love to be on a porn set to listen to some of the conversations that lead up to the scene being filmed (and of course being there when the scene is filmed). Sometimes I watch a scene and wonder why they went down a particular ‘route’, it can be mind boggling sometimes.

  3. Hello Again-

    as always i thank for your thoughts on the subject. considering many of the tops have previously dropped their loads either down the bottom’s throat or up his ass and many of the bottoms have been both oral and anal cum sponges in their previous videos the wasting of nature’s most precious liquid next to water is a mystery. I sincerely hope this is a trend that *DOES NOT* continue.

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for the reply. It will be interesting to see whether there will be an increase in cum in ass climaxes, as they seem to still be featured at the site, but not in every scene, so perhaps they are mixing things up a bit to provide some variety.


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