Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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GuyBone: Joel Tops JJ Raw (JJ Kohl and Joel Someone)

With a kiss and an instruction to put his hands behind his back, newcomer JJ Kohl was out of the gate and getting a great first costar in Joel Someone. Joel’s thick cock was already swollen inside his grey sweatpants. He pulled them down, letting his boner spring to freedom. He took JJ’s head and guided him to taste the tip of his dick. Then the shaft. Soon JJ had swallowed Joel’s fat one balls deep, bush tickling nose, and he coughed as he willingly choked on it. His slobber was thick from deep-throating and when they kissed again it was full and only further ignited their passion, not to mention Joel’s raging erection.

The guys stripped out of their shirts and JJ removed his shorts as well. What a beautiful bubble butt he presented in a red jockstrap. He bent over and hugged the wall as Joel devoured his hairy hole. His tongue was talented and it was again evident that he was as much a giver as he was a taker. He munched JJ’s hole hard and wet, smothering it in spit, tasting as deep inside as his tongue could reach.

With JJ’s hole wet and ready, he straddled Joel’s massive manhood and took a seat on it. It slid right in, as planned, and the guys began their intense bareback fuck. Joel filled his guts with his good stick and JJ rode that pole like a pro. His ass looked heavenly bouncing on Joel’s big bone. Their hairy bodies became one and Joel got JJ on his back to drill his hole while staring into his dreamy eyes.

JJ’s mouth competed with his ass for title of biggest gape. While Joel opened up his hole with his pole, JJ’s gaping maw hung open in a state of shock and ecstasy. He was being filled to the brim and he fucking loved that raw dick up his ass. Joel slammed into him hard, creating wet sloshing sounds that got his dick even harder. JJ’s furry bear body was sexy as hell being dominated by Joel’s otteriffic form.

JJ begged for Joel to give him more of his dick as the top spit in his ass and shoved his curved cock back inside. Joel held JJ’s ankles sky high while he drove his raw dog deep into his hole. Their wet sex was driving the entire room wild and when Joel pulled out to show off JJ’s stretched ass, it was all smiles. He put his dick back in him and I filmed from behind, reveling in Joel’s hefty nuts slapping against JJ’s butt.

Next up was doggy so they could both watch the action in the mirror. Both guys were so manly with their grunts and expletives, butching out on each other in the best, most brut way. Joel pounded out JJ’s ass from behind, owning his hole, teasing his tush. They were magnificent to behold. What a perfect pairing. Joel had broken in his bottom as well as our newest model and they were both fucking relishing the experience.

They went for some more doggy bent over the bar, both dudes standing, JJ taking it up his ass like a motherfucking trooper. I loved that he kept his jock on, it looked so sexy while they screwed and would look even more divine later when he dumped his load onto it. I got a hot undershot of the action, with Joel’s handsome face watching his own fuck show. Man, must be nice to be him, getting to use that wonderful tool on so many supremely sexy subs.

The time had come for JJ to spill that load I mentioned. He bust his nut on his hand and jockstrap. Joel scooped it up, had him eat it, then shared a snowball kiss with his costar. Joel continued fucking JJ, all sensitive and with cum still dripping from his dick, until he was ready to explode himself. He pulled out and ran up to give JJ a fantastic facial. He sprayed his seed all over the cub’s mug and did a classic Joel Someone orgasm spasm. Then he laid down beside his bareback bud, licked the jizz from his beard and face, kissed him deep and sexily, shared a laugh, and called it a wrap. Fuck, these two created a perfect scene. Enjoy every second of Joel breaking JJ in for us! – GuyBone.

JJ Kohl and Joel Someone - GuyBone
JJ Kohl and Joel Someone - GuyBone
JJ Kohl and Joel Someone - GuyBone
JJ Kohl and Joel Someone - GuyBone
JJ Kohl and Joel Someone - GuyBone
JJ Kohl and Joel Someone - GuyBone

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