Monday, August 8, 2022
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Young Perps: Case #1905061-27 (Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim)

It seems as though one security guard isn’t enough at the store where the Young Perps videos are filmed, because lately they’ve been having two security guards making sure the perpetrators don’t get away with stealing anything from the store. In this case (number 1905061-27), Bar Addison thought he could get away with stealing cellphones. When the two Loss Prevention Officers interrogate him, they find out he won’t reveal his name, so he’s playing hard to get, but these officers know their stuff and they’ll take control of the situation fairly quickly. To get things started, Ethan Thompson and Alex Rim start stretching Bar’s mouth to see if that will get him talking. They decide to take turns stretching his mouth using their stiff dicks, then they expand their technique by filling Bar’s ass with their bare boners as well. It seems as though the security guards are doing a good job, because they’re preventing theft, but they also derive plenty of pleasure from their job as well. It’s not clear at this stage whether their bareback fucking techniques are effective in preventing recurring theft attempts, as it’s possible some of the guys might return so they can get fucked raw all over again!

Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim - Young Perps
Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim - Young Perps
Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim - Young Perps
Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim - Young Perps
Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim - Young Perps
Bar Addison, Ethan Thomson and Alex Rim - Young Perps

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
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  1. Hello-

    a thought occurred to me recently. as i have said before i’m betting many of the residents at Boys Halfway House misbehave because they know what the “discipline” will be. now it must have gotten out by now what the “punishment” will be if the mall’s security guard catches you shoplifting. so i ‘m betting if not all certainly the majority of the young punks at the mall who shoplift do so because they want to be subjected to the security guard’s rigorous “punishment”. don’t you agree? 😉

    • Hello Joseph, It seems as though the guys have caught on about ways they can get fucked, whether it’s at Boys Halfway House or at Young Perps. The guys usually do something wrong, then they have to endure the punishment, which is often pleasurable and it’s quite possible the guys do things on purpose so they can get fucked. It’s interesting that sometimes a couple of security personnel get involved in reprimanding the shoplifters at Young Perps, with some pretty hot fucking and cocksucking taking place at the site.


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