Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Brother Crush: Can I Borrow Your Car (Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter)

We met this pair of stepbrothers in the previous episode of Brother Crush and in this update we’re about to follow their relationship a little further. Aaron (played by Dante Drackis) needs to borrow his stepbrother’s car to get to the concert on time. Aaron’s stepbrother Tristan (played by Tristan Hunter) won’t budge, unless Aaron takes a ride on his bare dick first. Things in this household come at a price, which is affordable, providing you’re willing to outlay sexual services instead of cash. Aaron really needs the car and agrees, so he starts sucking Tristan’s thick dick, before Tristan drives his raw meat deep inside his ass. It’s a win-win situation for both bros, because they get to derive pleasure from the situation and they each get what they want. When Brother Crush was first released, much of the action was filmed by the models using the Point Of View (POV) style of filming, which can be distracting and visually limiting, but there’s less of this now and the videos are becoming really enjoyable to watch. Make sure you check out the site if you haven’t already to see the growing number of exciting episodes waiting for you to enjoy at Brother Crush.

Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter - Brother Crush
Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter - Brother Crush
Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter - Brother Crush
Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter - Brother Crush
Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter - Brother Crush
Dante Drackis and Tristan Hunter - Brother Crush

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berriganhttps://www.bradbare.com
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  1. Hello-

    recently all my monthly memberships expired so I thought I’d join a site I’ve never been a member of. i chose this one since its from the same people who created Family Dick. so rather than naughty sons being “disciplined” by their horny dads misbehaving younger brothers will be “disciplined” by their older brothers. HOT.

    • Hello Joseph, I hope you enjoy watching the scenes at Brother Crush. I waited a while before showcasing content from the site here, because many of the earlier videos were filmed from the Point Of View (POV) angle, and while this can be hot, you miss out on seeing some of the action, plus I wanted the members area to have a decent amount of videos to make a membership worthwhile. The more recent scenes have improved filming techniques and even though some POV filming is still featured at the site, there’s a better combination of closeup and distance footage, so the site is definitely getting better. Hopefully you will have some feedback on the videos once I continue showcasing more of them here and I am sure you will enjoy your Brother Crush membership very much. 😉

  2. Hello-

    I’m dating myself but during the classic pre-condom era roughly the Fall of 1971 thru the Fall of 1991 there were a number of “brother” videos. for instance ever so often J.W. King and Jon King would be paired in a video. while there was a vague resemblance who knows if they were actually brothers. the one case where you could be sure they were brothers were the identical Christy Twins. the Christy Twins were probably the 1st twink stars in gay porn.

    • Hello Joseph, Thank you for this interesting information about the King brothers and the Christy twins. I hadn’t heard about either of these bro pairings, but I see what you mean about the Christy twins. I just did an internet search and it’s quite clear that these two guys are real brothers. Now that you have provided this information, I’m going to read more about them, because I like learning about gay porn models. Thanks for the information, it’s greatly appreciated.

  3. Hello-

    its my pleasure to avail you of my knowledge of the gay films released in Manhattan during the classic pre-condom period. today we have videotape, online sites, dvds etc……. but from the beginning of hard-core porn say the Fall of 1971 to the Spring of 1985 gay porn was shot on film and shown in theaters just like regular movies. in fact in the early 80s? the Christy Twins and Jack Wrangler co-starred in a film shown in 3-D, I can’t remember the title but it opened exclusively at the Adonis which during the classic pre-condom era was tied with the 55 St, Playhouse as the top gay porn house in Manhattan.

    • Hello Joseph, You are very knowledgeable on this subject and I find earlier gay porn very interesting, because it was so natural and things were filmed with more attention to detail back then, often involving plots and stories that intrigued you. These days porn seems to be less artistic and more basic (even though it’s now filmed using cutting edge technology), so I appreciate you providing me with this information, because it helps me know what I’m looking for. Thank you for this additional information, it’s greatly appreciated.

  4. Hello-

    one other thing about the classic pre-condom era i especially liked was it was common for the star of a new film to do a personal appearance at the theater the opening weekend. i met several of the biggest (figuratively and literally) gay porn stars of the period. i never remember coming across one that wasn’t appreciative of his fans. in fact some were soooooo sweet a diabetic would have gone into shock.

    • Hello Joseph, I believe that personal appearances were such a great idea. I wish this still happened today, because it provides an excellent opportunity for fans to do a meet and greet with performers they admire. Sometimes you can still meet performers at trade shows or other events, but it’s nothing like what used to happen at the theaters.

  5. Hello-

    this days there are practically no gay theaters anywhere. for instance there aren’t any in Manhattan which is sad when you consider that over the course of the classic pre-condom era Manhattan had approx. 17 gay theaters with say 7 open at any given point. in fact the Nob Hill Theater in San Francisco probably the most famous gay theater in the entire U.S. closed last year after being in business 48? years. the owners wanted to retire and no one was interested in continuing the operation. i’m betting the explosion of the home video business eventually did more to kill of gay theaters than any new zoning regulation aimed to curtail “adult” businesses.

    also in terms of a film’s star making personal appearance on opening weekend. i think in those days the companies had less control over what models did so it was not unusual for the stars to arrange a very intimate encounter back at their hotel room.

    • Hello Joseph, It’s a shame that most (if not all) gay theaters have closed down now. I never had an opportunity to visit one (although I probably could have if I wanted to, but it would have involved travel), I suspect you’re right about the explosion of home video being a major factor in many of these theaters closing down over time. I am really happy that you have had an opportunity to visit at least one gay theater and were also able to meet some of the performers, which is something special that most people can no longer experience.

  6. Hello-

    as you said in a previous reply that you can meet prominent gay porn stars at trade shows etc…. but it is simply not the same as meeting them at a theater. these meet and greets the opening weekend were much more intimate than a trade show or convention etc…… during the classic pre-condom era i met a good many of the prominent gay porn stars of the period since there were amongst Manhattan’s gay porn theaters at least 5 that held meet and greets on a regular basis.

    • Hello Joseph, I agree that meeting gay porn performers at trade shows is not the same as meeting them at a gay theater, because at a gay theater it would have been a more personal experience, so you would have been able to have a connection with the guys, whereas trade shows are more commercial and appearances are more controlled, so it’s definitely not the same. It is great that you were able to meet a good number of gay porn performers during your visits to these events. I must admit that I am a little envious, but at the same time, I am glad you had this opportunity, because I’m sure these memories will be with you forever.


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