Friday, January 27, 2023
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Boys Halfway House: Breed Him and Feed Him (Logan Pine and Clay)

Small actions of disrespect, if left unchecked, become problems down the road. So, we House Managers try to ensure that every little rule is followed, for several reasons. One: it lets the other residents know that we are not playing favorites by letting things slide. Two: enforcing the small rules lets residents know that we are watching their every move. But especially with residents like this idiot – who should know better – the hammer needs to come down hard. Logan has spent multiple visits with us, because his personal recidivism rate is high. Of all people, he needs to be treated with more stick and less carrot.

Me and my buddy House Manager walked in on him vaping inside the House. Yes, he was alone and not bothering anyone, but it wasn’t something we could just let him get away with. Plus, he is a smarmy asshole and needed the rough treatment. We had him down on our cocks faster than fake news on a slow Friday. But the most fun was spit roasting this little bitch. Just seeing a cock in his hole pounding away, while this blond haired, blue eyed ingrate was smoking pole – what a site. His cool demeanor didn’t go away quickly, but it did go away. And by the time he was riding cock, you’d think that he was a West Hollywood barista.

Once we were done pummeling his throat and stretching his hole, both of us dumped massive loads into him. A great load in his hole, and a big dump of jizz right into his mouth. He sure did look a little humbler sitting there dripping cum out of his holes. Hopefully this dick wad can follow the rules and stop bothering us so much, but until then, at least he’s a great human cum rag. – Boys Halfway House.

Logan Pine and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Logan Pine and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Logan Pine and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Logan Pine and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Logan Pine and Clay - Boys Halfway House
Logan Pine and Clay - Boys Halfway House

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Brad Berrigan
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