Saturday, November 27, 2021
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FraternityX: Paddle Party (Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz, Alex Rim)

The guys at the FraternityX house felt like they needed to get into some butt slapping action, so they got out the paddle and started spanking each others sweet asses! These guys aren’t light on either, they get into some serious spanking that leaves their butt cheeks red raw and some of them even bruised looking. Max Marciano ends up becoming the bottom in this episode ‘Paddle Party’, after getting his butt cheeks spanked, where his ass becomes the place where the guys shove their raw dicks and the sexual fun continues. Max was making too much noise, so the other guys (Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim) decide he needs to be quietened down, with gaffer tape becoming the perfect solution, which also helps restrain him, although he doesn’t look like he really wanted to go anywhere. The guys still use cheap lube – Vaseline to help their dicks slide inside, with other bodily fluids helping to reduce the amount of friction. It’s really hot watching these guys taking turns fucking Max, checking out their rosy butt cheeks and seeing Max’s erection as he’s getting fucked, which confirms he’s enjoying the sensation of getting barebacked by his buddies. This episode finishes with Max sucking the guys off after they have finished fucking his ass and each of them seem extremely satisfied at the end!

Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim - FraternityX
Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim - FraternityX
Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim - FraternityX
Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim - FraternityX
Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim - FraternityX
Max Marciano, Zach Country, Zane, Cody K. Nutz and Alex Rim - FraternityX


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  1. Hello-

    do the brothers at the frat house ever attend class? how do they even have time with all the rawfucking going on. well Max certainly got into being used by the senior frat brothers to satisfy their sexual; urges. I’m sure you’ll agree that even if he wasn’t one beforehand by the end of the video they had most certainly turned Max into a slutty oral cum dump.

    • Hello Joseph, I don’t think the bros at FraternityX would have time to attend class, because they are too busy fucking each other. If the subject they were studying happened to be having sex with their buddies, then they would be at the top of their class! Max really seemed to enjoy all the attention he was receiving in this episode – there are so many hot scenes at FraternityX!

    • Yes, the guys went hard with the paddle in this episode and there’s a few rosy asses in this scene. I prefer seeing natural asses, but for anyone who likes spanking, this scene is for them.


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