Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier Condom-Free at Bel Ami Online

Welcome to another beautiful condom-free scene from Bel Ami Online. In this update, the guys had to communicate as best as they could, because the studio didn’t have a Hungarian translator on hand, but when it comes to gay sex, it’s a common language all over the world and guys know precisely where to put their dicks and how to fully appreciate the experience. You will enjoy the experience also when you watch Mael Gauthier sliding his unsheathed cock inside Jason Bacall’s ass. Both of these guys have a quiet personality, but they do have intense sexual energy, which can be noted as you watch them interacting with each other sexually in this scene. You are always guaranteed a pleasurable experience with the extensive selection of videos featured at Bel Ami Online and just wait until you see Jason shooting his load with Mael’s bare dick still boning his beautiful ass. The end is quite exciting as well, so make sure you visit Bel Ami Online to enjoy this and the many other stunning scenes waiting for you there!

Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier - Bel Ami Online
Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier - Bel Ami Online
Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier - Bel Ami Online
Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier - Bel Ami Online
Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier - Bel Ami Online
Jason Bacall and Mael Gauthier - Bel Ami Online


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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
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  1. Hello-

    this scene shows that in terms of production values and the stunning physical beauty of the models no European studio can beat Bel Ami. one question. models obviously never use their real names so Bel Ami gives them either fake American sounding names or fake Eastern European sounding names. i think Bel Ami should choose one or the other not both, what’s your thought?

    • Hello BigJoe59, I have also been confused by the names sometimes, particularly when Bel Ami has been known to include both European and American models. Most of the models are European at Bel Ami and I am assuming you are referring to Jason’s name sounding American, which it does. A lookup of the name ‘Bacall’ returns results stating “People having the name Bacall are in general originating from United States of America.” This can add some confusion when the Jason Bacall featured at Bel Ami is from the Czech Republic. It’s interesting how they decide which name to use when they are choosing a name for one of their models.

  2. Hello-
    i thank you for your reply. i know its not exactly a problem to get gray hairs over but i think its hokey to use both. since 99.9% of Bel Ami models are from Eastern Europe i think they should stick with fake ‘Eastern European sounding names. unless of course the model is American as was former Bel Ami model Mike Lovell.

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for my reply. I do appreciate what you’re saying and it makes me think or have to research models sometimes to see if they are in fact American, because American models do sometimes appear at the site. Like you said, it’s not something to overly worry about, but I do appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

  3. I wonder if “Bacall” is an homage to the famous American film actress Lauren Bacall (also wife of Humphrey Bogart). In any case, I think Jason is a real cutie and quite skilled.

  4. Hello-

    one thing that Bel Ami videos are known for is the stunning physical beauty of the models. well I would love to know exactly how they find these guys. i spent a week in and around Prague May of 1999 and came across maybe at the most a handful of guys would were potential Bel Ami models. in fact at the end of many of the videos released in the first 5? years a gay nightclub Drake’s was thanked for helping to co-ordinate the video shoots etc… well when I was in Prague i went to Drake’s expecting as you might imagine a swanky upscale nightclub with stunning go go boys. boy was i disappointed the place was a dump.

    • Hello Joseph, All the hotties must have been on vacation someplace else when you were in town. 😉 Seriously though, I know what you mean about the beauty of the guys in the Bel Ami videos. I’m sure they have talent scouts who are constantly looking for models and they are doing a superb job. Sorry to hear that you were disappointed by the guys when you were in Prague, I’m sure you had high hopes based on what you expected based on the videos at Bel Ami.


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