The sex-addicted ‘college guys’ at FraternityX don’t like wastage, so when Brandon Evans didn’t finish drinking his beer in this episode U Fucked Up, they become enraged and when they become angry, they want to fuck the guy who has upset them. When the scene starts out, Axel Kane, Bentley Layne and JB Saxon immediately make Brandon suck their dicks. That’s just to warm things up and they’ve got more intense things planned, but just one step at a time. This video might be on the short side at only 14 minutes, but the fucking starts at 1.5 minutes, so the dick licking doesn’t take up too much time at all. For those of you who don’t like set ups that take ages will love the focus on sex at FraternityX, because the guys don’t have time to fuck around, they want to get in and out with maximum pleasure! Brandon’s ass takes a severe pounding from the guys who want to teach him a lesson, as they take turns sliding their stiff dicks inside his ass as they guzzle beer and smoke cigarettes. Axel is the first to release his load, pulling out just in time to cum, before he pushes his load back inside. Then JB slides his dick inside Brandon’s freshly cummed in asshole and fucks him briefly before pulling out and shooting his load, which also gets pushed back inside. That just leaves Bentley to release his load, which he prepares by fucking Brandon’s cum-filled hole and just when you think he’s about to squirt, you’ll see Brandon release a powerful stream of cum before Bentley pulls out to deliver a creampie to Brandon, with the scene ending with beer getting splashed all over Brandon!

Axel Kane, Brandon Evans, Bentley Layne and JB Saxon - FraternityX
Axel Kane, Brandon Evans, Bentley Layne and JB Saxon - FraternityX
Axel Kane, Brandon Evans, Bentley Layne and JB Saxon - FraternityX
Axel Kane, Brandon Evans, Bentley Layne and JB Saxon - FraternityX
Axel Kane, Brandon Evans, Bentley Layne and JB Saxon - FraternityX

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Guys In Sweatpants
Joseph April 27, 2018 at 3:15 pm Reply


I have to hand it to Brandon since he services the seniors in the frat house with zest and zeal. he’s a total pro at both cock sucking and getting rawfucked and bred which can come in quite handy in a frat house full of horny drunk seniors. I like how the tops know its quite important to fuck the cum back in so the next top has a well lubed hole to pump.

also i find the top with the light grey t-shirt pulled around his neck but not wearing a cap quite hot. i would love to have sucked on his cock after he bred Brandon than pulled out. extra yum. 🙂

Brad Berrigan April 27, 2018 at 3:44 pm Reply

Hello Joseph, Brandon does a spectacular job taking care of their guys and their dicks in this hot update from FraternityX. Being able to suck dick and get fucked in the ass is a good skill needed for the guys in this frat house, because when a guy becomes a bottom, he’s in demand, with a bunch of guys and their stiff dicks needing to get serviced. The top you are referring to is Axel Kane and (the spell checker on my computer keeps trying to change Axel to Alex) and sucking any remaining cum from his cock after swapping loads with Brandon sounds hot!

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