Through the scorching heat of the summer sun Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill’s hot golden bodies glisten as they relax at an outdoor resort. Feeling frisky, Corbin splashes a sun bathing Tyler till he gets his attention and some company in the jacuzzi. Tyler hops in and gives Corbin a kiss, which is all the hunk needs to get fired up! After some naughty necking and a slick handed Corbin slipping Tyler’s trunks off, his boat sized boner is approaching full mast and ready for some attention. Tyler tackles the titanic tripod with a cock thirsty throat before Corbin bends him over the jacuzzi’s edge. The strapping sex god goes for the gold, sucking cock and licking Tyler’s hot hole with his pierced tongue. The horned up hotties decide to take this fuck-fest back to their room where Corbin continues his incredible assault on Tyler’s asshole. After gorging on the golden guy’s beautiful bubble, Corbin straddles the wet and ready sex hole then slides Tyler a tantric life line. Tyler relaxes with a face full of mattress as Corbin bangs every big, beautiful, bareback inch of that big boom stick inside him. Corbin kisses Tyler’s tan flesh while his lusty low hangers spank his can with every thrust. Then, Corbin makes Tyler an offer he can’t refuse and a righteously raunchy cock ride ensues. Tyler’s hind end inhales every thick inch while riding the big rig both ways. Once he’s facing away from Corbin’s kisser, the king of cock really takes the twink on a ride, grabbing his smooth thighs and slamming schlong up into him like a bad ass! Once on his back, Tyler tries to take control of his own appendage but the fuck is just too good. He removes his hand and a few cum drops escape. Corbin takes matters into his own hands and at Tyler’s request, he hammers hard while milking Tyler’s member in the pounding process! He jacks Tyler’s jock to a second cumming! The sight is unbelievable and Corbin’s cock can no longer contain its contents. The cock heavy hunk seals this sultry scene with a white hot fleet of liquid fuck, coating Tyler’s tasty tan flesh and marking his territory by covering him in cum. – Helix Studios.

Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios
Corbin Colby and Tyler Hill - Helix Studios

Want to See More? Click Here to Watch the Full-Length Video at Helix Studios!

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Mitch May 31, 2018 at 10:04 pm Reply

I just reactivated at Helix about six days ago to get caught up on everything I’ve missed since New Year’s Eve 2016/17. I’ve made it through Aug 2017 so far, downloading and wanking up a storm (and nine months to go!) And I have yet to get to Angel Rivera’s first scene; he’s the newish model that pushes ALL my buttons, despite recent gossip about his cheating on his ex Ben Masters (who ALSO premiered at Helix in the last year — talk about great timing for me). BUT this post caught my eye because of Tyler Hill, a model I always felt was cute and all but never really lit my fire. Until lately — can’t put my finger on what exactly has caused his hotness to rise. Going raw certainly helps, but there’s also a physical maturity and sensuality that I don’t remember from a couple years ago. And Corbin Colby — OMG, the total package. And I did the math — this membership will very likely put my personal library over the 10K mark (ten thousand scenes — can a guy have too much porn?) But the large collection has also refined my taste a little and of all the sites in production nowadays, the ones that consistently please are, in descending order, BelAmi/Freshmen, Fuckermate, and Helix/8TeenBoy. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve not yet signed on at 8TeenBoy, but I’m certainly impressed by what I see happening there and the lovely contrast it makes to the evolving Helix brand (no longer really a pure twink site — but something much, much more).

Brad Berrigan June 1, 2018 at 2:58 am Reply

I’m glad you have reactivated your Helix membership and it sounds as though you have been very busy, with lots of downloading occupying your time for a while to come! It’s always a great feeling when you resubscribe to a site to catch up on what you’ve missed out on and it’s great to see this membership bringing your personal porn collection up to the 10,000 mark. It does sound as though there’s some drama and speculation regarding the Ben Masters / Angel Rivera / Joey Mills saga. Since I don’t have any facts regarding this, I’m going to avoid adding to the speculation, but it does appear there’s plenty of drama going on, that’s for sure. We haven’t had an opportunity to see much of Tyler Hill barebacking, since he only barebacked with his boyfriend at the time Evan Parker, but things are now changing in that department. You appear to have an excellent taste in porn Mitch and I hope you will one day get an opportunity to explore the 8teenBoy collection of videos that go along nicely with the Helix Studios collection.

Joseph June 5, 2018 at 3:01 pm Reply


i haven’t watched this video yet but I just watched Living the Dream with Kyle Ross and Corey Marshalll. another video from Helix that can be deemed a work of art as twink porn goes. you can tell the two models are really connecting. in fact you could tell Ross couldn’t wait for Marshall to cream his slutty boycunt. in fact Ross has always had a super slutty cum hungry boycunt. in the four part Cage feature which I viewed the first timer i was a Helix member i was amazed at how at the very beginning of his career at Helix Ross’s boycunt could take a hard driving ass pounding rawfuck like a total pro. also the size of the load his hole gets creamed with at the end is jaw dropping. 🙂

a question. when Helix posts a new video under the models names they list all the tags the video can be classified under. to which what is the difference between “creampie” and “cum in ass”?

Brad Berrigan June 5, 2018 at 3:49 pm Reply

Hello Joseph, I’m sure you will enjoy this video once you get to watch it and the video you mentioned is a really hot one too! There are so many sizzling videos at Helix Studios – it’s such a great site! There’s not really much difference between ‘creampie’ and ‘cum in ass’ apart from the initial delivery of the cum. I think that using both terms will be good if they start introducing ‘breeding’ videos, because the initial delivery with creampies and breeding will be different (and some people are looking specifically for either ‘creampie’ or ‘breeding’ videos, but both will also use the ‘cum in ass’ tag. This means that if the studio delves into breeding videos, then viewers could click on ‘creampie’ to see guys ejaculating and then pushing cum inside an ass, ‘breeding’ to see guys ejaculating inside an ass without pulling out first or ‘cum in ass’ to see a combination of both, with all cum in ass videos showing up.

Joseph June 7, 2018 at 4:02 pm Reply

Hello Again-

I just watched Raunchy Romance with Max Carter and Travis Berkley posted on 1/30/18. considering the pure crap out there this is yet another Helix video that can be deemed a work of art. the models, the editing, the photograph and the sound are A+.

also i am leaking huge gobs of pre-cum just about thinking of the stunning beauty that is Max Carter. i first fell in lust for him the first time i was a Helix member the next to last week of March 2013. and wine and cheese Carter only gets hotter as he matures.

in fact i soooooooooooooooo wanted to suck on his extra yummy gorgeous cock after he had bred Berkley than pulled out. extra yum. 🙂

Brad Berrigan June 8, 2018 at 4:19 pm Reply

Hello Joseph, I’m glad you’re enjoying your Helix Studios membership. You can be assured of plenty of quality bareback porn with a Helix Studios membership, with sexy videos featuring beautiful models, captured on video by a talented film and production crew. If anyone has been disappointed by poor quality porn at any other sites and are wondering which site might be a good choice for quality bareback porn, then Helix Studios is definitely at the top of the list for quality American bareback porn.

Joseph June 11, 2018 at 12:49 pm Reply

Hello Again-
thanks for your reply. i wasn’t kidding with my remark. you would not believe the pure crap that’s out there both from a technical and artistic angle. so when Helix can produce the two videos I deemed works of art as far as porn goes one wonders by what policy other studios are shooting their videos with. this happened during the classic pre-condom period(1971-1991) as well. just as much pure crap was produced. for my “tastes” in porn there was William Higgins then everyone else.

Brad Berrigan June 15, 2018 at 2:04 am Reply

You’re welcome for the reply Joseph and I know what you mean about some horrible gay porn that’s out there. I have tried to focus on showcasing studios that provide quality or interesting scenes here, with Helix definitely a reputable studio in terms of quality, style and selection.

Joseph July 16, 2018 at 1:03 pm Reply


as you know i downloaded a lot of videos during my recent 3 month membership at Helix. i only watch 1 a day so i still have say 12 left. the one i watched yesterday was The Undressing Room with Cole Claire and Landon Vega. tasty tasty. it was nice to finally see Claire one of the twinkier models at the site rawfuck and breed Vega. i believe its the first time he’s ever bred anyone.

Brad Berrigan July 17, 2018 at 4:17 pm Reply

Hello Joseph, I think it’s great that you only watch one scene from Helix Studios each day. This is an excellent idea, because it extends the pleasure you receive watching the scenes, plus you can watch them again once you have seen them to extend the pleasure multiple times. The scene you have mentioned is a really hot one and it’s great knowing you still have twelve more scenes to enjoy. The quality of the videos at Helix Studio is superb and the site comes highly recommended.

Joseph July 18, 2018 at 12:49 pm Reply

Hello Again-

yesterday i watched Thick and Slick with Corey Marshall and Tyler Hill which was posted on 6/3/18. OH MY LORD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marshall and Hill make a perfect couple. it was so hot seeing Hill covering his stunning torso with his own creamy load. as you know i much prefer a breeding finale but the way this video ended was hot with a capital H. Marshall pumps Hill’s boycunt till the last second then pulls out scoots up to Hill’s face blows his nice size load right into Hill’s mouth. Hill of course goes down on Marshall’s still throbbing cock and makes sure every last drop is sucked out.

Brad Berrigan July 20, 2018 at 11:21 pm Reply

This sure is a hot video Joseph. That’s the great part about having a Helix Studios membership. You are assured of high-quality gay porn entertainment, with sexy guys filmed by a talented camera team combined with excellent video production. I take it you will be releasing quite a few more loads, as you still have a few videos you are yet to experience. Enjoy!

Joseph July 31, 2018 at 2:39 pm Reply

i hope you’re enjoying your rest.

yesterday I watched Morning After the The After Party with Corey Marshall and Logan Cross posted on 4/8/18. OH MY LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! another example why Helix produces *THE BEST* twink raw porn available on the web today. no other site/studio that produces raw twink porn comes anyway close to having the same technical and artistic production quality in their videos. .

a question. wouldn’t you say the ever sexy Logan Cross has the sluttiest most cum hungry boycunt amongst Helix models?

Brad Berrigan July 31, 2018 at 11:06 pm Reply

Hello Joseph, I am enjoying my rest from blogging, although I’m still quite busy with day to day tasks and working for my employer. I’m glad you have experienced this very hot scene – it’s a great example of the superb scenes filmed by Helix Studios. I do agree with you about Helix Studios being the place where you’ll find the hottest American twink bareback porn. Logan Cross does seem to enjoy getting loads fucked back inside his sweet ass, so he is possibly the top guy there who loves swapping loads, although he’s not the only one, quite a few of the guys love doing it too.

Joseph August 6, 2018 at 12:04 pm Reply


i hope you’re continuing to enjoy your rest. yesterday the high of the day in Sydney was 69 and in NYC is was 95.

well I just watched my last Helix video. it featured the super hot Angel Rivera as the bottom. and ‘guess what? his gorgeous ass finally gets bred. I’m so hard just thinking of his highly fuckable boycunt oozing with protein rich freshly popped jizz. extra yum. 🙂

Brad Berrigan August 8, 2018 at 12:22 am Reply

Hello Joseph, I am enjoying the spare time I now have and it kind of feels strange having spare time, because I haven’t really experienced it for a number of years, since spare time is when I worked on my blog. The weather around the world is interesting, particularly when we have opposite seasons in our different parts of the world. I like that you’re comparing our temperatures, I do this sometimes myself and I also check out the different times of the day.

I’m glad you have made your way through the videos you downloaded during your membership and you finished with a hot one. The videos at Helix Studios are fantastic and they can be relied upon for exciting entertainment. That’s why having a Helix Studios membership is a great idea.

Joseph August 8, 2018 at 11:49 am Reply


its always nice to hear from you. as you will agree when shooting a video you can’t make a model do something he doesn’t want to do. but i always found it strange Angel Rivera didn’t mind savoring and swallowing some pretty big loads yet he never got bred. I can’t help but wonder what prompted him to go for an anal ingestion as opposed to an oral ingestion of a creamy delicious load this time around.

Brad Berrigan August 10, 2018 at 3:39 am Reply

Hello Joseph, I appreciate hearing from you also. I have noticed more cum in ass action at Helix Studios. Some of the guys have preferred eating cum, but now we’re starting to see guys getting cum pushed back inside their ass. It could be a model preference or perhaps the director has previously suggested cum eating finales rather than creampie finales. Whatever the reason is, I’m really happy to be seeing more ass cum in the scenes at the site in recent times.

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