Our Brazilian insatiable bottom Gustavo Rodriguez is always hungry for cock and this week in Raw Hammering he finds the perfect size he loves, meeting Colombian stud Camilo Uribe. After getting hot, Gustavo squats down on the bedroom floor to gorge and work on Camilo’s fat rod and his mouth almost can’t fit the entire cock, but he makes up for it by licking every single piece and by working the full-loaded balls. Gustavo’s butt is one of the best among our mates and Camilo does not miss the opportunity to bury his face in the sexy ass and prepare it for the raw ride that soon will begin. When it is finally fully open, Camilo gives his buddy some deserved bareback pounding and won’t stop until a creamy load slinks all over the Brazilian’s smooth ass. Thankfully the bed is strong enough to resist to the hard raw hammering! – Fuckermate.

Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate
Camilo Uribe and Gustavo Rodriguez - Fuckermate

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Elouise Gingrich May 17, 2018 at 9:36 pm Reply

Wow! Amazing young men, you have there! You know my weakness are Latino males. How are you? I’ve been away from blogging for a few weeks. I remember back in March you visited my blog and left a note, something that I really enjoyed. I have to say, and I know that I mentioned this a few months back, but having the opportunity to explore male-male gay sex has opened a world of possibilities for me. I’ve been reflecting a lot lately and that is why I haven’t updated my blog. But I wanted to let you know, that I am coming “out” as bisexual. I’ve developed a very strong interest in other young ladies, especially college girl types. This is something that I want to explore; and I will continue to explore gay male erotica, too. I’ve written about this in my blog, and I mentioned you, too. I hope you have a chance to read my article, “My New Desire: Interracial Latina and Blonde Lesbian Threesome!” I hope you leave a note. I also wrote another interesting article, “The Latin Male Butt: An article for gay curious straight men.” I hope you read it, and maybe you could leave another opinion, too.

Lots of Love,


Brad Berrigan May 18, 2018 at 2:26 am Reply

Hello Elouise, Thanks for your comment. I do know that you adore Latino males, so I figured you would really like this update. The guys featured in this scene are beautiful and the photography by Mano Martinez is absolutely spectacular. I did visit your blog a little while back and I enjoyed my visit. I’m really pleased to hear that you have been reflecting a lot and it sounds as though you’re exploring some ideas, which is wonderful to hear. I look forward to taking a look at your latest articles shortly, so I will visit your blog again in the next few days and I’ll be sure to leave a couple of comments. Your articles are really interesting, so I am sure to enjoy your latest additions. I hope you’re doing well and please take care. Brad.

Mitch May 18, 2018 at 6:45 am Reply

As promised I joined Fuckermate a week ago and have been on a downloading and wanking binge ever since. I’m loving it. I’ll provide a more thorough review when my account expires in June, but had to chime in here because you’ve featured Camilo Uribe in this post. He’s astonishingly sexy. One question about the site that you may be able to answer, Brad: is there any overlap in production between Fuckermate and TimTales? So many similarities — Barcelona locations, many overlapping models. But most striking is how the scenes at both sites emphasize FUCKING for the majority of each scene. The direction/editing at Fuckermate is a little more refined and artistic, but it looks like a similar production team is at work — maybe Tim Kruger and Grobes moonlight at Fuckermate?

Brad Berrigan May 18, 2018 at 9:06 pm Reply

I am really pleased to hear that you joined Fuckermate Mitch and it sounds like you’re enjoying your experience so far. I am a fan of the site, with gorgeous models and a talented production team, with Mano Martinez and Matias Coronado producing splendid bareback porn. I agree with the similarities between Fuckermate and Timtales and I have previously tried to find out whether the same producers filmed for both sites, but I wasn’t able to make any connections, although I do agree that there’s some similarities between both sites. The artistic flair at Fuckermate is definitely more prominent in comparison with Timtales and this makes the scenes even hotter, because you can see that time, energy and effort goes into producing ever scene at Fuckermate to make it the best that it can be.

Mitch May 19, 2018 at 6:46 am

Brad, I so heartily agree with every word you say about the “artistic flair.” One area where this is displayed head and shoulders above all the competition is in the set-ups (if any) to the scenes. Usually the scene begins with the models already engaged in erotic foreplay, but often a seductive little scene or montage precedes the action. These are generally not in English, and subtitles aren’t used or needed. But the camera and direction provide an often thrilling setup to the scene that follows. Very, very impressive work. One of the most exciting was the jungle pairing of Carlos Leao and Alex Fulling; breathtaking the way these two connect and the subsequent sex scene is off the chart, too.

Brad Berrigan May 19, 2018 at 5:32 pm

The artistic flair at Fuckermate is definitely very prominent and although there are many studios producing bareback porn, I would have to say that Fuckermate would be showcasing the most artistic flair. The production team at Helix Studios is also very artistic, but as you have mentioned, you can find some elements that appear before the action in the Fuckermate videos that really emphasizes the craft and care that goes into producing their scenes. I’m glad you made the decision to join Fuckermate, because it has meant that you have been able to enjoy the fine selection of porn they have on offer.

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