It is with great sadness I am publishing this post to announce that after eight years, I have made the decision to stop updating Brad Bare. When I first started this blog, the number of studios producing bareback porn was smaller and I had more time to work on this project. More recently, there’s been a large increase in the number of studios producing bareback porn and my daytime work commitments have also increased, which has had me struggling even more to stay on top of introducing you to newly released scenes.

When I started this blog back in 2010 (2008 if you include the bareback blog I ran before creating this one), there were only a handful of bloggers featuring bareback porn and an even smaller number of these blogs were showcasing bareback porn exclusively. This was also a time when there were some gay porn bloggers who were anti-bareback and stated they would never feature bareback porn at their blogs, but fast forward a few years and you will find some of these same bloggers publishing a massive amount of bareback porn at their blogs.

I have always handled every aspect of Brad Bare, from sourcing content, to choosing which photos appear in updates. I manually resized and optimized every photo so they loaded quicker, plus I resized preview video clips and uploaded them at a separate video server at an additional expense to provide faster online delivery. I also personally wrote the scene descriptions for every update over many years, although in recent times, some descriptions provided by studios were used due to time constraints, although I still lightly edited the descriptions to keep them slightly different.

Running a blog is very time consuming and energy draining, particularly when personal attention to detail is important. I know some bloggers work full-time on their blogs or a number of people might be involved to keep them looking good. Because of my part-time blogging status and passion for wanting to maintain my personal attention to detail, this has resulted in me not being able to showcase new scenes the moment they are released by the studios. This means that more and more people have understandably been visiting other gay porn blogs so they can enjoy seeing up-to-date information.

Sometimes you need to know when to call it a day and for this reason, I have made the decision to make this the final post at Brad Bare. I have published over 2,500 posts (over 3,000 if you count the ones I deleted as a result of sites shutting down or no longer providing regular updates) and there are over 4,000 approved comments here. Over 400,000 spam comments have been blocked and over 175,000 malicious login attempts have been made to access the back-end of Brad Bare. A lot of work also goes into maintaining applications, sorting out technical problems and keeping things running smoothly, which is what I would take care of each day after returning home from work.

Thank you for your ongoing support over the years, which is one of the reasons I have been able to keep Brad Bare online for so long. I am now going to take a rest and see where that takes me, because running this blog has completely worn me out. I will be deleting the email addresses from my mailing list over the coming days to ensure the privacy of subscribers remains protected and although I will keep Brad Bare online for a while longer and continue making behind the scenes maintenance, there will be a time when I have to turn the server off and the live version of Brad Bare will disappear forever. Thank you again for your support over the years. I have made many friends and had contact with so many wonderful people. I wish you all the very best and please take care. – Brad.

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    • Thank you for your kind words Phillip. I will miss working on my blog and entertaining others through the updates I have featured here over the years. It has been a wonderful experience posting so many great bareback porn updates, including content from your hot site Raw Rods. I will continue visiting Raw Rods on a regular basis so I can enjoy checking out all your fantastic updates. Thanks again Phillip.

  1. I am saddened by this news but I can understand your decision, it is very time consuming. I hope you will maintain a presence on twitter so some of your fellow bareback porn fans can keep in touch with you and share info on the best bareback porn we have seen lately.

    • It was difficult for me to write this post Seaguy. I waited a while before making the final decision to stop updating my blog to ensure it was the right decision. Blogging is a lot of work, but at the same time it’s very rewarding. I appreciate your support over the years through your visits and for your contributions through the comments you have left as well. I hope to spend more time on Twitter now that I have some spare time available and I look forward to keeping in touch, discussing bareback porn and checking out what’s going on.

      • Awesome, Twitter is great for that too. In case I don’t already follow you what is your twitter name?

        I believe that some of the other well known gay porn blogs like str8upgayporn and queermenow are basically ran so that the owners can monetize it so that it is their job and source of income for living. At least that is the impression I get. So that tells you how much work running a blog can be and I don’t think all the readers of blogs quite understand that, at least not the ones who are always being critical and complaining about every little thing. I have tried blogging and I give up in a matter of weeks cause it took too much time and effort for me.

        • Twitter is great for interacting with others. I have mainly been posting updates in the past, but I now look forward to spending more time having general conversations with people. My Twitter handle is @bradbare ( and we already follow each other on Twitter.

          Some gay porn blogs are completely monetized to the point where income from the blogs is their primary source of income. The amount of work involved in running a blog is extensive and most people cannot see many parts of running a blog, such as the technical aspects, so when you combine the technical aspects with the work involved in creating posts, there’s a lot involved and for someone like myself who worked on my blog in my spare time, it became energy draining, because I spent time maintaining my blog when I should have been resting from my day job. I enjoyed working on my blog so much that having no spare time didn’t bother me, but over time, it appears to have taken a toll on me, so I’m definitely going to rest for a bit and see what happens next. 🙂

  2. I hate to hear this but understand. I have always been impressed with the quality and personal attention you have given to the site. This has always been my “go-to” site for updates. It will be missed by those of us that appreciate all of the work you have put into this. This is going to be a lose to the studios also. You opened the door for many sites I didn’t know about. I’ve followed your site for many years and always looked forward to the emails and updates. Take care of yourself and thank you. I’d give you a hug if possible.

    • I know you have spent many years checking out the posts here Todd and I am disappointed that I cannot keep maintaining my blog for years to come. I would love to keep Brad Bare updated, but I’m not able to manage it unfortunately and many other gay porn blogs are now covering new releases in a more timely manner than I have managed to do. I know you have appreciated this project and it’s great knowing that others appreciate my work and this is what has helped me to keep the momentum up over the years. Thanks again for your support and kind words and I really appreciate the hug – I would hug you in person if I could too. Please take care of yourself and I wish you the very best. 🙂

  3. Hello-

    the HORROR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the HORROR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what am I suppose to do now to find the best sites which feature only bareback porn? many of my favorites sites that feature hot and sexy all American guys 18-24 going at it the way nature intended i learned of from reading your blog. so if i miss the existence of any such sites from this point on its your fault. 🙂 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, It must have been horrible reading this post once it arrived in your mailbox and I am sorry I will no longer be introducing you to some of the hottest bareback porn that’s available. You now know about quite a few great bareback porn destinations and they should keep you entertained for a while to come. If you miss out some seeing some of the hottest action out there, then it’s a failure on the part of the bloggers that remain publishing posts, so I hope you will find a blog or a selection of blogs that keep you current with what’s hot out there and I am sorry I am not the guy who gets to do this from now on. A special thank you for your fantastic support over the years. You have visited Brad Bare regularly and you boast the biggest comment count, sitting at 748 comments, which is a very impressive number, so thank you for taking the time to visit and participate. I really appreciate your support and thank you once again. Please take excellent care of yourself. 🙂

    • Thank you for your kind words fuckworthy. I will also miss everyone who visits Brad Bare and I do feel sad that this was once a place that was very much happening and it will no longer be such a place. I would like to wish you the very best also and thank you for your continued support. 🙂

  4. thank you for the site and all your work. I really enjoyed the one source over the past few years to keep in touch with all that was going on! Best wishes to you and thanks for doing this.

    • You’re welcome Atravelguy. Creating this blog has been my pleasure and I would like to thank you for visiting Brad Bare over the years. I do wish I had the time and energy to keep publishing updates, because I thoroughly enjoyed maintaining my blog and have appreciated the support I have received over the years. Thanks again and I would also like to wish you the very best. Please take care.

  5. Brad:
    Its sad to see you go. I really enjoyed your blog over the years and I have to say I learned a lot. I too know how hard and time consuming running a blog really is. So, I hope you take care of yourself.



    • Hello Elouise, Thank you for your kind words. I am also sad about no longer updating my blog and I have appreciated your visits over the years. I look forward to continue visiting your blog and I will leave comments there from time-to-time so you know I have dropped by. I wish you the very best and I hope you take care of yourself too. Thanks again Elouise. 🙂

  6. Man you will be missed.. i think your blogs were more personal and you responses are so quick and efficient! Thank you so much for doing what you did and good luck to you in your future tasks:) hugs my friend

    • Thanks Jay, I am going to miss publishing regular updates here and interacting with you guys too. Thank you for your kind words, because reading what you wrote did bring a smile to my face. If I ever decide to create a new project, I’ll post the details here, but I think I’m going to take it easy for a while. Thanks again Jay. 🙂

  7. Thanks for your hard work all these years. Hope you will enjoy your future work and prosperous. And aside, i wanna ask if you know Sean-Pike-Young (fraternityx star) is still doing any video elsewhere? If yes, may I ask where I can find them. He’s so hot and funny 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment Poca. I do look forward to spending more of my spare time relaxing, although I am already missing working on my blog. I don’t believe that Sean (Pike Young) has appeared in anything new since his FraternityX scenes. I have just taken a look online to see if I could find him in anything more recent, but I was unable to locate anything unfortunately.


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