It’s not often we work with straight guys, but Rex Johnson (also known as Rebel at ChaosMen and Sketchy Sex) was super eager to have his first gay sex experience so we figured why not? Leave it to the straight guy to get in a bar fight the night before a shoot and show up with a black eye! Aaron has had his fair share of gay sex, but it’s his explanation of his first time getting fucked that you should really hear! Rex says he can usually cum and keep fucking to give multiple loads, to which Aaron replies, “I need multiple!” And sure enough, Rex fucked Aaron so hard and good that he made him cum unexpectedly, and a few seconds later, dumped his load into Aaron’s ass. But he wasn’t done, he rolled Aaron over, held him down, and kept pounding him until he blew his second load all over his hole! Something tells me this won’t be the last time Rex finds a guy’s willing hole to dump his loads into. – Guys In Sweatpants.

Aaron and Rex Johnson - Guys In Sweatpants
Aaron and Rex Johnson - Guys In Sweatpants
Aaron and Rex Johnson - Guys In Sweatpants
Aaron and Rex Johnson - Guys In Sweatpants

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  1. I’m confused. How could he have appeared on Sketchy Sex before having his first gay experience? Was this shot a long time ago?

    • Hello Críostóir, The reference to ChaosMen and Sketchy Sex was added by me and the rest of the text came from Guys In Sweatpants. I have a feeling that Rex (aka Rebel) approached Guys In Sweatpants and may not have been forthcoming about having worked with other studios, particularly because he is going by two different names. I made the connection because I have seen Rebel / Rex at other sites and wanted to include the information about his other scenes in the post for anyone who was interested. Most people don’t read the text, which is why I have reduced the amount of scene descriptions I personally write. Rebel filmed his scene with ChaosMen back in 2017 and he had less ink on his body back then, meaning his scene at Guys In Sweatpants is more recent, which makes the ‘first gay sex experience’ reference invalid.

    • He is hot and hearing Aaron begging for Rex’s cum in this scene sounded hot too. He knows what he wants and he’s not ashamed to ask for it. 🙂

  2. Oh, I get it. More of a character story, then. Makes sense.

    This tiresome obsession with straight guys continually annoys me.

    • It would be interesting to understand the logic behind this scene. It’s definitely a character story, as you say, but how it came about would be interesting to find out. I would like to know who came up with the name Rex and it would also be interesting to know whether Austin knew about Rebel’s porn work beforehand. I guess if you keep coming up with different names, then the straight virgin concept is an option, except it’s not from a personal perspective. I would also have preferred seeing this scene as two guys having hot sex, there was no need to add a straight guy element to it. Porn can be very interesting at times. I’m glad you read this post, because most visitors just look at the photos and watch the videos, so it’s good to know you are reading the text. This is good feedback for me. 🙂


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