Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Fuck It In (Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields, Tyler Cody)

Jae G and Ari Nucci are making out on the couch and fucking raw as this episode begins, with Tyler Cody in the background checking out stuff on his phone, looking for some additional guys to invite over so they can fuck him no doubt. Shortly after, he opens the door and a couple of guys enter the room and that’s when the bareback sex party is about to start! It doesn’t take long for the action between multiple sex partners to begin, with dicks getting sucked and asses getting fucked. One of the great things about Sketchy Sex is that the loads flow throughout each video and not just all at the end, so you can find orgasms and loads scattered throughout each episode and the action never seems to stop. Jayden Black and Ricky Shields are also featured in this episode called Fuck It In, with the name giving you a pretty good idea what you can expect to see in this update, with loads getting fucked back inside asses and cum swallowed as well. Not a drop of cum gets wasted, with these horny guys looking for asses and mouths to drop their loads inside. I have watched the entire video and there’s too much action to describe here, because the action involves multiple guys at the same time and the footage is fast paced, so I recommend you checking out the video at Sketchy Sex so you can see it all and not miss a minute of the intense bareback action that takes place in this hot raw fuck video, where the guys cum and then fuck it in and use the cum as lube!

Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex
Ari Nucci, Jayden Black, Jae G, Ricky Shields and Tyler Cody - Sketchy Sex

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berriganhttps://www.bradbare.com
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    as I have said before and will say again it never ceases to amaze me that that creator/webmaster of SS is able to find so many hot young guys who are totally unabashed skanky slutty cum dump bitch bottoms. the amount of freshly popped nice warm liquid protein they consume in the course of a single video is awe inspiring.

    also i second your comment that the hot part of SS videos is that cum is ingested orally and or anally throughout the video not just at the end.

    a story you’ll get a kick out of. I read online last week a mother was celebrating her son’s graduating college with a party and a special cake since he had given the accolade “magna cum laude” which is the college equivalent of being class valedictorian. well when she went to the bakery the morning of the party to get the cake she noticed the word “cum” had been left off the cake and ——– were used instead. when she asked the sales person why the word “cum” had been left off the cake the sales person said “isn’t cum a dirty word for you know what?”. the mother then gave the sales person a quick lesson in Latin.

    • Hello Joseph, I also admire the creator’s ability to find a selection of guys who love fucking raw and swapping loads. Every scene at the site showcases guys who love bareback sex and exchanging cum. It’s great how the guys ejaculate throughout each episode so there’s something exciting to watch from start to finish. I appreciated reading the story you shared – that’s very funny and I’m sure the story created plenty of laughs around the world.


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