Saturday, September 24, 2022
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FraternityX: Smoke Dat Bitch (Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne, Carter Michaels)

Get ready to tune into the latest FraternityX episode called Smoke Dat Bitch, featuring Dean getting fucked raw and bred by Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels. When the video starts out, you’ll get to see Dean with a tail dildo up his ass with a fuck me sign giving you a pretty good indication that Dean is going to get fucked by the guys in this scene. Carter insists on being the first to shove his raw dick inside Dean’s ass and he starts fucking him hard, loosening up his hole so the other guys can take their turns dipping their dicks inside his warm and inviting asshole too. Seth is next to slide inside and with each thrust, you don’t hear the sound of Seth’s dick sliding in and out, it’s Dean making whining noises. Dean’s ass is given a brief reprieve until Bentley slides inside and then the guys alternate, making sure they derive as much pleasure from Dean as they can before it’s time to release their loads. Half way through he video the guys give Dean’s ass a break when they start fucking his mouth, but then they return to his ass so they can finish off. Seth is the first to release his load, pulling out just in time to cum, then he pushes his load back inside, adding additional lube so Carter can fuck Dean some more before pulling out to squirt and stuff his cummy dick back inside. That just leaves Bentley to slide inside the double cum loaded asshole, fucking him before he pulls out and shoots his jizz before pushing his spunk back inside leaving Dean with a triple load of cum deep inside his freshly fucked asshole!

Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX
Dean, Seth Knight, Bentley Layne and Carter Michaels - FraternityX

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    one wonders if Dean is a skanky slutty cum drop bitch bottom in his personal private life since he takes raw cock after raw cock and load after load in the FX videos like a total seasoned pro. as with the other FX videos he’s been in at the end of this video to say he’s cream filled would be an understatement.

    i especially liked the top who’s the only one without tattoos. after he’d rawfucked and bred Dean I would love to have sucked on his cock to get out any remaining cum. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, I’m not sure whether Dean loves barebacking and swapping loads in his personal life, but it did seem like his ass was a little overwhelmed with all the attention he was receiving in this update. It did seem as though he enjoyed receiving the loads, it was almost like his body responded well to the cum as the guys pushed their loads inside him. The top without the tattoos is Carter Michaels.

  2. Brad, you’re my hero! If there were a Nobel prize for wank literature you’d surely win it year after year. Plus thanks to you I now know that the hot cameraman in the blue shirt is Nikolai Rapid. His scene with Bentley Layne on chaosmen is super hot, so I hope he’ll have a sex scene here too. Shooting porn is fun but taking a turn in a hot sloppy ass must be ten times better! I wonder if Nikolai and Bentley are an item, or if they just met at chaosmen. I’m thinking the former — I’ve noticed that guys often bring their boyfriends or pals to the set and then sometimes they agree to perform in scenes themselves…
    Let’s hope Nikolai will feature in an FX video soon. Are you listening, gods of FX? 🙂

    • Hello fuckworthy, I’m glad I was able to assist with identifying Nikolai Rapid for you and I appreciate your kind comments about my posts, you have made my day. Seeing such hot bareback porn makes writing the posts easier and I am a big fan of FraternityX, so I’m always excited and looking forward to the release of each episode so I can watch and write about it. I also hope we’ll be seeing Nikolai featured in a scene at FraternityX, because Nikolai and Bentley had bareback sex together in the latest ChaosMen scene and considering they are both at the FraternityX house, hopefully we’ll be seeing him in action soon. I am also curious to know whether some of the guys bring their boyfriends or buddies to the FraternityX house so they can introduce them to what happens, hoping they will join in and have some fun as well. I also hope someone from FX notices these comments. 😉


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