Monday, November 28, 2022
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Helix Studios: Brady Bottoms (Josh Brady and Corbin Colby)

This is the Holy Grail folks, the scene you’ve all been wanting for ages! Super aggressive titanium top jock, Josh Brady gets his pucker popped here by one of the biggest bones in the business, cock king Corbin Colby! The scene starts off super hot with Josh and his boner inducing top man bravado on top of his porn prey making out like mad men. However, Corbin is more cock sure than Josh’s usual conquests and he is definitely not about to “lay down on the job.” Corbin pushes Josh back, pulling his undies down to get at Josh’s jock like a competition cock eater! With his dick being deliciously devoured, Josh slides his manly hands into Corbin’s caboose which is clad is a jack-off worthy jockstrap. Corbin is blessed at both ends. The hunk has a huge hog and one hell of an amazing ass! Josh jams his entire face and a few fingers inside the stud’s hind end while keeping Corbin in the jock strap. Corbin is comfortable giving and getting, and as we know, Josh is always ready to deliver. After Corbin reaches back to lend some saliva, Josh jams his giant Johnson inside the hunk’s hot hole. Our cock cam catches Corbin’s colossal cock and balls banging around underneath the dirty deed as Josh brings the hammer down with a bionic, bareback booty bang. Out of breath from the big bang but still horny as hell, Corbin leans back and orders up a salacious suck job from Josh who gives the guy’s general a full saliva salute. Corbin is getting cocky now and he orders Josh to bring that beautiful butt to his face. Without hesitation, Josh sits that delicious derriere down on the dude’s darting tongue while continuing to work the big rig at the other end of his ass eater for a succulent 69 session. Much to Corbin’s surprise, Josh is completely surrendering his sexed up sphincter to Corbin cramming his kisser inside his horny hole. Corbin takes the hint, then takes it to the next level offering Josh a bareback seat on his super sized schlong. Josh is definitely open to trying big new things today. He hops atop Corbin’s formidable phallus and slides his virgin pucker down deep on our Don Juan of dicks! He starts off slow and seductive but quickly shifts gears to grind that meaty muscle butt down hard on Corbin’s cock big time, riding that delicious dick like a cock hungry cowboy! Josh kisses Corbin, then his top man tendencies kick back in and he suggests Corbin take a raw ride on his rig to keep the bone burying balanced between the new flip flopping friends. Corbin is definitely down for more dicking and looks sexy as fuck getting nailed while his huge hard on hops around. Josh braces himself on all fours, then gets his hot ass handed to him as Corbin’s low hangers bang against his booty with every hard thrust! Corbin is definitely bringing Josh places he’s never been before and the hot hunk is loving it, hollering for him to go even harder! Josh’s booty is at it’s breaking point and his pretty piece blows, busting buckets everywhere as Corbin continues cocking his hungry hole. Corbin can’t hold it in any longer either. He lets his large load loose inside Josh’s beautifully smooth butt crack. Making the most of popping the tasty top’s porn cherry, he spreads his sticky sex seed around the smooth surface of his satisfied cum customer. As if it couldn’t get any hotter, Josh says, “that was pretty fucking great.” We couldn’t agree more! – Helix Studios.

Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios
Josh Brady and Corbin Colby - Helix Studios

Want to See More? Click Here to Watch the Full-Length Video at Helix Studios!

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hello-

    as you know i only watch 1 Helix video a day so i haven’y watched this one yet. but i did watch one yesterday that had me proclaiming- !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! why it has taken soooooo long for the beyond stunningly gorgeous Aston Summers to breed the bottom is anyone’s guess. I would love to know why until now he has never bred the bottom. there has to be a reason. after all what slutty cum hungry bitch bottom twink wouldn’t want to be rawfucked and then bred by the ever stunning Summers?

    • Hello Joseph, I’m glad you’re enjoying the videos from your Helix Studios membership. It sounds like you’re really getting into the Ashton Summers video – hot! Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why some models are filmed more so bottoming than topping, but I’m glad you enjoyed this particular video. It’s always great when you receive a pleasant surprise like this. 🙂

  2. Hello-

    as always thanks for your reply. i know there are more important things to concerned with but i would love to know the reason this is the 1st video where Summers bred the bottom. as i said before with all the Helix videos Summers has made there has got to be a solid reason why it hasn’t happened till now.

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for the reply. I’m not sure why this is the first video where Ashton Summers swapped loads with the bottom. There could be a number of reasons, but the best option is to go right to the source to find out. Ashton is on Twitter (, so he might be willing to answer your question there, as finding out from other sources would be most likely speculation.

  3. Hello-

    oops I forgot question. i only know Summers from his Helix videos. to the best of your knowledge has he ever done raw videos for other websites?

    • Hello Joseph, Ashton Summers has also filmed bareback scenes with Randy Blue and Lucas Entertainment. Ashton has also worked for Cocky Boys, but those scenes were not bareback. So you can find Ashton in bareback action at Helix Studios, Randy Blue and Lucas Entertainment. 🙂

    • Joseph — I think the scenes Ashton did at Lucas are amazing. He was, of course, a couple years younger and a little twinkier looking than now. But he tops and bottoms, rims, often with more “daddy” types. He has a scene with similarly youthful Michael DelRay, though, where they flip-flop and it’s superb. I have six Ashton Summers scenes in my collection from Lucas, two from Randy Blue. Lucas scenes beginning about four years ago started to become rather extreme in their controversial content, so plenty of creampies, ass-to-mouth, a bit of felching, very deep rimming — all stuff I enjoy but buyer beware. Really L-O-N-G scenes, too. A benefit of a Lucas membership is that they have an enormous library and continue to produce new content, whereas Randy Blue is more or less defunct.

  4. Hello Again-

    it may be a bit much to describe a twink bareback video as a work of art but The Traditional Way with Corbin Colby and Angel Rivera justifies the term. its as perfect a twink bareback video as you could ask for. and though it doesn’t end with Colby breeding Rivera’s well fucked boycunt it does end with Rivera taking every drop of Colby’s creamy delicious load in his mouth and swallowing it all. this video is yet another example of Helix being ***THE BEST*** site for twink bareback porn. no other site/studio even comes close to it.

    • Hello Joseph, I know what you mean when you compare this particular scene to a work of art. Many of the videos at Helix Studios come from an artistic angle, with talented people filming gorgeous guys spectacularly, so I consider the comparison to be totally fine, although in saying this, many of us do understand that this art form is different to a work of art that forms a museum exhibit. I agree with you about Helix Studios being the best place to find quality American twink bareback porn.

  5. Hello Again-

    to Brad B. and Mitch thanks for your info about Ashton Summers. did i understand you correctly in that Summer did a lot of breeding when he was a top at Lucas Ent.? if so i am still perplexed as to why with all the videos he’s done at Helix a rather recent video is the 1st time he breed the bottom.

  6. This is an insanely hot scene. There is supposed to be a breeding of Corbin’s butt, but I have looked and looked and I can’t see it. Help please if you know where it is!!! How could one find hotter guys than these two guys. I wished I could have licked them clean.

    • Hello John, I apologize for the delay with getting back to you about this. I haven’t had a chance to take a closer look at the supposed breeding that took place in this scene (which is an ultra hot scene by the way) until today, but I will take a look now and I’ll add my findings to your latest comment.

  7. I have looked and looked and I cannot find the spot where Corbin has his ass filled with cum. Does anybody have a clue and could let me know? I sure would appreciate it. This is such an insanely hot scene. I don’t think it’s possible to get two guys who were hotter and a porn scene than these two

    • Hello John, I have just watched this scene again and I can reaffirm that this is a sizzling scene. The flip-flop fucking action is an absolute joy to watch. After watching this video again, I cannot confirm 100% whether Josh bred Corbin, but if I was to say it might have happened, the cum might be visible at 25:58, although due to the camera angle and the scene immediately cutting to Corbin’s face after Josh slaps Corbin’s ass before returning to more fucking, it’s difficult to know whether breeding actually took place. What may have been visible is lubricant running down Josh’s dick and not cum, although it’s hard to know. Josh had a pleasurable look on his face at various times throughout the scene, so it’s difficult to know whether an orgasm took place at this point or not. Without knowing whether the guys took a break and returned to fucking, Josh does appear to have maintained an erection extremely well beyond this point, so if there was no break in filming, it would indicate he may not have ejaculated or if he did, he quickly recovered. Josh continued to remain hard as he was getting fucked by Corbin after this, so again, it leads you to think he may not have ejaculated previously, or there might have been a short break to help him return to a full-powered erection. Nobody acknowledged an ejaculation and I think if he had ejaculated inside, then a bigger deal would have been made about the true breeding climax by the models, the camera crew or this would have been mentioned as a highlight in post production. Josh never made any sounds or facial expressions that could lead to a certain indicator that he came inside Corbin. Josh releases a nice load as he’s getting fucked by Corbin and Corbin pulls out and delivers a creamy load of his own and just as it looks like he was going to creampie Josh, he just smears the cum around and doesn’t actually push it back inside. I would have to say that the results are inconclusive based on the footage alone, but if anyone else thinks they can actually confirm that breeding took place, I would love to know and look forward to hearing more.

  8. Hello-

    I did look at the Lucas Ent. website and it is easy to assemble a list of the scenes with Summers. but i also tried Randy Blue and wasn’t able to do so.

    also in reference to the Brady/Colby scene. i haven’t watched it yet but there seems a debate as to whether Brady actually creampies Colby. if the site says he did but there’s no visual evidence that’s what took place shame on Helix. I can’t tell you the number of sites i have been a member of where the summary for a new scene says the top creampies the bottom yet there is no visual evidence of it.

    • Hello Joseph, You can find a list of the scenes at Randy Blue featuring Ashton Summers by clicking on this link: and once you are at the page, which displays his bio by default, just click on the videos tab under the main photo for Ashton’s scenes to appear.

      There was no reference of a creampie or breeding made by Helix Studios and I was unable to get confirmation of this myself after watching the video, so it’s difficult to know for sure. I look forward to anyone else sharing feedback as to whether they believe breeding did take place in this scene.

  9. Hello-

    many thanks for the info as to Summer’s RB videos. as i understand you Helix never actually states in the scene summary that Brady creampies Colby. but if he did in fact ejaculate where’s the cum? interesting situation.

    • Hello Joseph, You are welcome for the information about Ashton’s Randy Blue videos. You are correct about your understanding of the cum situation, because Helix Studios does not refer to breeding or a creampie being featured in this scene. They refer to Corbin’s load being smeared around Josh’s ass crack, which is exactly what happens and Josh released his load as he was getting fucked, so they accurately described what happened.


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