Monday, August 8, 2022
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Gunner Canon and Elye Black in ‘Gay4Dick’ at Next Door Raw

For Elye Black, casual internet hookups are a regular thing, just one way he gets his regular rocks off. But for closeted Gunner Canon, secret meets with strangers is the only way he feels comfortable expressing his true desire. By day, he has to play the straight soldier with a girlfriend, but every now and again he lets himself indulge in what he really wants, and today is Elye’s lucky day! Elye can’t wait to get inside Gunner’s perfect ass, and even though Gunner seems nervous, Elye knows that soon enough he’ll forget all about his reservations. He has his way with Gunner, fingering his hole as he tongues it, before plunging his thick cock deep inside. Elye slowly works his giant dick in and out of Gunner’s raw hole, before picking up the pace and pounding him as Gunner strokes his dick and watches Elye go in and out. Gunner is rock hard as Elye continues to fuck him. They flip over and Gunner rides Elye’s meaty prick, leaning back as Elye fucks him and jerks him off at the same time. Once Gunner has had his fill, he flips onto his back and tells Elye to fuck the cum out of him. Elye obliges and begins to pound as Gunner strokes himself off, losing his load in a messy explosion as Elye pulls out and coats his hole with his own load. He plays with the the cum with the tip of his dick before shoving it back inside of Gunner, leaning down to kiss him before sending off this soldier back into duty. – Next Door Raw.

Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw
Gunner Canon and Elye Black - Next Door Raw

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad created this blog in 2010, dedicated completely to talking about and showcasing photos and videos featuring unprotected sex between men. Since then, Brad has published over 3,600 bareback posts and continues to update this blog regularly for your enjoyment.


  1. Hi Brad! This is a pretty good scene, and I was fond of “Elye” when he was Dave at another site. I’m enjoying a 30-day account at Next Door Studios and thought I’d share some feedback. I’m really pleased with the quality of the scenes and models and notice a big improvement from my last membership (5+ years ago). Especially pleased with the kissing — plenty of open mouth French kissing and tongue sucking. Scenes are on the long side (most over 30 min) but aren’t prohibitively huge to download if a smaller size is selected. They like to have a little plot setup for each scene, and while those don’t always delight they aren’t too bad (or too long). Note that almost ALL the sites under the NDS umbrella are now bareback (and they’re all included with membership), so don’t limit your browsing to Next Door Raw if you want condom-free! Within the last week they added a user Forum — kind of a fun way to engage with the producers and other members. Other website design features make it a robust, fun place to explore. While I signed up reluctantly, I’m now very pleased to recommend it. Lots of positive features to enjoy at a great cost. Important tip: THERE’S A PRE-CHECKED OFFER to signup for some other miserable site; I’m usually very attentive to uncheck those but missed this one, costing me about $5. Caveat emptor.

    • Hello Mitch, I’m glad you enjoyed watching this scene and it’s great seeing Elye again after he had previously been modeling at the other site you are referring to. I won’t mention their name, because Elye said on Twitter recently that he would rather talk about the studio he is working for now (Next Door), rather than the previous studio and I respect that. Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your membership and I’m pleased to hear you have enjoyed watching the scenes. I also appreciate the better focus on kissing – it’s an important part of sex and it helps you appreciate the connection between the guys. The scenes can be long and as you’ve mentioned, the storage space issue can be taken care of by choosing a smaller file size to download. Some of the plots can be cheesy, but they do often smile. I know porn is supposed to make you squirt, but making you smile too can be enjoyable. Yes, many of the other sites in the Next Door umbrella have switched to bareback recently, so you can explore the other sites as part of your membership. I haven’t been a member within the last week (my membership expired a little while back and I will be renewing it again soon), so I didn’t know about the new forum and I also think it’s a great idea. Those sneaky offers are very frustrating and I wish sites would not pre-check them, because it can often leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Luckily it was only $5 – usually they are a lot more than that, which can leave you feeling angry. Thanks again for your excellent write-up about Next Door Studios. 🙂


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