Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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FraternityX: Fuck or Get Fucked (Ethan, Charlie, Kris, Micky, Cowboy, Timothy, Tom)

A fresh batch of pledges just arrived at campus from around the country, so it’s time to start working out who is who by putting a name to the face in this episode Fuck or get Fucked. While we’re trying to work out who these guys are, they’re trying to work out who they can fuck and it doesn’t take long for them to put Timothy’s ass to work. I have worked out that Timothy is Timothy Drake and he’s appeared at some gay porn sites, including a recent bareback scene at Young Perps. Micky (Mikey Junior) is the only familiar guy from the site in this episode, so he knows how it all works. The guys seem like they’re good with their hands, such as Charlie, a diesel mechanic and welder hailing from the Midwest, Kris was in the military for four years and is working to be a crane operator, Cowboy builds motorcycles, and Timothy is an actual college student, probably the only one in this batch of guys, so he knows what college life is like. When the scene starts out, they seem surprised about sticking their dicks inside another guy’s ass, but by the end of it, all the guys are loving it and they can’t get enough. Timothy provides them with two warm holes – his ass and mouth and the guys give Timothy a delicious creampie finish as his reward!

Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX
Ethan Cock, Charlie, Kris, Micky (Mikey Junior), Cowboy, Timothy Drake and Tom - FraternityX

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  1. Hello-

    another winner from FX. it never ceases to amaze me how the seniors at the frat house know instinctively which freshman pledge will make a perfect cum dump bitch bottom. needless to say Timothy takes all that relentless pounding by big fat fratboy cocks like a real pro. i don’t know how cummy his boycunt has gotten before but in this video boy does it gets filled up nicely!!!

    also i would love to suck on the cock of the hottie with the baseball cap turned around with the red edge after he had bred Timothy’s slutty boycunt. considering said top was still in heat i bet I could have gotten some more cum out. 🙂

    • Hello Joseph, Yes, this is another great update from FraternityX and it’s great seeing some fresh faces in the house. The guys do seem to have a natural instinct as to which guy in the house would make a super bottom, then once the selection has been made, they shove their super stiff dicks inside his ass and fuck him until they’re ready to offer him their loads. Timothy does a superb job taking the guys dicks and it will be great seeing him in future updates, as the guys seemed really happy to have him servicing their dicks.

  2. Happy New Year, Brad! I’m wrapping up an 18 day vacation during which I tried out Fraternity X. Turns out it’s not even slightly my cup of tea, but an unusual site — points for originality. While I don’t think I’ll ever sign up again, some things impressed me: 1) Pretty good acting/improv. I’m an actor myself, and it’s not easy to sustain that sort of relentless energy of shouting at some unfortunate dude while also maintaining an erection and occasionally diving into an ass. While I never believed I was watching actual college students, I was persuaded that these gatherings felt real. 2) Very hot looking guys (I’m a bottom, and it would delight me to see those lads lined up to fuck me). I think 2016 was a banner year for the site with exceptionally well-built, hung, and charming models. Gueststars pop up — some of my faves included Trystian Sweet, Jake Lyons, Michael DelRay, and most recently Helix’s adorable newbie Travis Berkley. 3) The casual vibe is quite exciting. I like it when the boys are watching the football game while nearby another pair are fucking hard. Also fun to hear the lads interact while they’re taking turns fucking someone. 4) And finally, through it all, is the imprimatur of the Anheuser-Busch Company: Budweiser Beer and its variations. Makes me wonder if A-B is paying for product placement. Despite all these positive features, the site fails for me because the sex is almost always non-consensual and non-reciprocal, and only joyful for the tops. A handful (maybe 8%) of scenes show a bottom enjoying the activity, otherwise it’s all just homophobic gang rape. No thanks. The very most recent scenes give a hint that this might be changing, with power bottoms calling the shots. That would be a welcome change, and I’ll be following developments closely.

    • Happy New Year Mitch! I hope you have enjoyed your vacation and it sounds like you signed up for some fun along the way with your FraternityX membership. 😉 I’m glad you gave the site and try and it’s not for everyone, but it does have something unique to offer, which you have highlighted. I actually like the site based on it capturing college life, with FraternityX being the original college bareback porn site. College Dudes went bareback for a while and Dick Dorm is experimenting with bareback sex, but FraternityX has been releasing bareback scenes every two weeks for the past few years. The guys are very energetic and their dicks are constantly stiff. I have enjoyed documenting the scenes from the site over the years and I think I have featured every bareback scene from the site here since 2011. I might have only missed one or two episodes if any of them are missing, but I think they’re all showcased here. The issue about the aggressive sexual nature of the site has been a sticking point for some viewers and even though everyone in the models consented to what was going to take place beforehand, I think it’s still too raw for some people. I do feel as though the site is documenting what can happen in college life and they have bravely tackled this subject and incorporated some of the college guy behaviors in the episodes. Naturally not everyone will experience college life in this way, but you just have to read about some of the things that go on such as hazing and you can see that the site highlights some of what happens in college. The site is fictitiously based in Arizona, yet the scenes are filmed in Nevada and only a small number of guys are probably real college students. Timothy (the bottom in this episode) is apparently a real college student, but most of the others probably aren’t. I appreciate your thoughts on the site Mitch and I’m wishing you the best for a great year in 2018!

  3. Hello-

    i just read again Mitch’s 1/1/18 comment. to which while Mitch or any comment poster is entitled to their take on whatever video a comment he makes at the end shows people are still misinterpreting the videos. in other words people continue to confuse the storyline or set up of the video with reality.

    • Hello Joseph, I do welcome comments from everyone here and they often make interesting discussion points that can lead to further conversations. I do think it’s important to point out that the episodes at FraternityX are fictional, as you are also highlighting through your comment. Some viewers might not be comfortable with the action and the guys do often make homophobic comments, but this is part of the setup of the site. I would like to add that FraternityX remains one of the most popular sites showcased here based on the number of people purchasing memberships, so plenty of guys are enjoying the FratX action. I am a member of the site myself and also Sketchy Sex, which comes from the same creator.


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