Monday, October 18, 2021

Elder Land and President Faust in ‘Elder Land Chapter 6’ at Mormon Boyz

It’s time to check out what’s happening over at Mormon Boyz. You will find a selection of Elder’s, President’s and Bishop’s doing their thing, all with a bareback twist! The site has such a unique and artistic concept that you sometimes forget it’s a porn site, capturing some of the rituals involved with the Mormon church, although the site focuses on the sexual aspects of the Order. It’s intriguing watching the guys progressing through each episode, with the site more than just focusing on updates, with each scene forming a piece of an ongoing story. This episode features Elder Land (Logan Cross) allowing President Faust to take control of his body. Elder Land wanted the leader to take more control based on his sexual desires, but he was also worried about what the President might do, so he decides to follow his instincts by allowing the President to continue exploring his body. I’m impressed with the site highlighting the importance of cum, referring to it as being sacred and that’s exactly how many of us also see it. Enjoy watching the bareback action between Elder Land and President Faust, including some creampie action and cum eating at the end!

Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz
Elder Land and President Faust - Mormon Boyz

Want to See More? Click Here to Watch the Full-Length Video at Mormon Boyz!

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  1. Hello-

    i apologize if I have asked this question before. i first became aware of Logan Cross’ excellent on screen performance skills in the videos he did for Helix. since than he has appeared in videos for 4 other sites-Mormon Boyz, Next Door Studios, Guys In Sweatpants and a 4th site i can’t remember but condoms were used. so how do we know if he is in fact still working with Helix?

    • Hello Joseph, There’s no way of knowing if Logan is still working for Helix, unless you ask him directly, which you can do via Twitter –> Logan has worked for Helix Studios, Mormon Boyz, Guys In Sweatpants and Next Door Studios, and as he is not currently an exclusive model with a particular studio, he can work for whichever studio he wants to. Logan might not be working for Helix right now, but he might decide to again in the future, which is why this is such a hard question to answer.

  2. Helix-

    I thank you for you thoughts on the matter. i can see why it would be difficult to answer my question ‘with any authority. as you know i consider Max Carter one of the most stunningly gorgeous models in the history of raw “twink” porn. if you remember he lefty Helix for a while shooting videos for a site ‘that was still condomed but eventually returned to Helix.

    • Hello Joseph, This question would be difficult for anybody to answer, except maybe for Logan Cross himself. I have seen models state that they have retired, to only start shooting new porn scenes again or others who say they will never work with a particular studio again, but they go back to shoot new scenes with them (not older scenes that have yet been released based on the production dates). Logan might not be working for Helix at the moment (or he could be), but then he might decide to shoot a scene with them next week. Logan himself might give you an answer today that is different tomorrow, which is why this is such a difficult question to answer.

    • I like Logan Cross as well. It’s a shame he was released from Helix Studios a while ago. Do you know if he will be coming back or do you have any further details, because I would be interested to know, since he seemed like the perfect fit at Helix.


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