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Sketchy Sex: Gimme Your Load (Dax, Rico, Bentley, Landon, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco)

Marco makes an admission about not having slept in days, because he has been more interested in taking dick after dick, resulting in load after load. The Sketchy Sex apartment was packed with hung dudes all looking to blow their loads and Marco wanted to make sure those loads ended up inside him. He put his ass up for them in the bathroom, where guys were coming and going, ensuring they dropped their loads before leaving. Marco even admits to not knowing their names, saying he doesn’t give a fuck and just wants their cum. That’s precisely what he gets in this episode called Gimme Your Load, with one of the cameramen telling the guys to be aggressive with Marco and also telling Marco to shut the fuck up when he starts getting overloaded by the intense bareback fucking. A roll of toilet paper even gets used to help quieten Marco, which could have been handy to help clean up their loads, but the guys made sure their cum ended up inside Marco, so there wasn’t much left to clean up. Make sure you head on over to Sketchy Sex to see the full-length video, because there’s some seriously hot bareback sex taking place at the site!

Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex
Dax Daniels, Rico, Bentley, Landon Wright, Joel, Matie, Sasha and Marco Montgomery - Sketchy Sex

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Brad Berrigan
Brad Berriganhttps://www.bradbare.com
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad is pretty much fascinated by all things bareback, so he created this blog way back in 2010 dedicated completely to unprotected sex between men.


    • Dax is great and it’s always a joy watching him putting his impressive dick to use in these fantastic episodes from Sketchy Sex.

  1. Hello Brad:

    Thank you for this remarkable post. I had a chance to meet with my book club today and our group particularly enjoys your posts from Sketch Sex. This time, we had the privilege to Marco Montgomery’s work. He is so unique, exotic, and handsome. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but our little book club is comprised of a few other women who range in age between 52 to 73. All of us are either divorced, separated, or widowed. We are all white and from a pretty conservative part of the United States. So having the opportunity to observe these young men is a real treat.

    With that said, watching Marco Montgomery perform really opened our eyes. It appears he must be Hispanic. In our discussion, we made the point that none of us ever had been sexually with a Hispanic male, let alone seen a Hispanic male in the nude. We loved his slender, brown, and smooth body. We particularly enjoyed seeing his legs and feet in the air while he was being penetrated by other handsome, yet White males. The color contrast between his body and the bodies of the other males really adds to the sexual intensity of the photo set. We also enjoyed the “up close and personal” angles of the camera men that almost allow you to smell the gay sex in the air. For me, I enjoyed seeing the random penis in the photo shot while Marco is being penetrated by another random male.

    On the other hand, I did not like the toilet paper and I think it took away from the sexual intensity of the shot. I had to read your introduction before I understood what the toilet paper was all about. Anyway, our little book club voted and we think this photo set deserves 4 out of 5 stars!!



    • Hello Elouise, Thank you for your kind comments regarding this post. I’m glad you enjoyed discussing this update with your book club today and it really is an interesting update for you to explore. Sketchy Sex is a unique site that captures the kind of sexual adventures many guys might enjoy, but don’t get to explore in their personal lives. Marco Montgomery is very handsome and he has a beautiful body. This episode also demonstrates his ability to accommodate the guys and their needs. Thank you for sharing a little more information about your book club, it sounds like you are all enjoying the discussions and I’m very pleased to hear that this gathering provides you with a unique opportunity to appreciate the adult erotica offerings available using the internet.

      The production team at Sketchy Sex describe Marco as being Caucasian, but he certainly does have an Hispanic appearance, so I would think he has Hispanic in his background. Matie, who also appeared in this scene is listed as being Puerto Rican and I sometimes find Marco and Matie similar, so there’s definitely some similar ethnic heritage prominent I would think. I share your views and appreciate your wonderful comments about Marco’s body, including the fantastic color contrast captured in this update. The Point Of View (POV) filming style does make you feel extremely close to the action and it can be a fantastic way to put yourself in the perspective of the guys in the room. I also appreciated the random penis making an appearance in the photo as Marco is being penetrated. I also agree with you about the toilet paper – I wasn’t a fan of seeing this either and hopefully they will leave the toilet paper for its intended purpose in future updates. Thanks again for your fantastic feedback Elouise, it’s always a pleasure reading your comments and the 4 out of 5 stars for the photo set is wonderful. Please take care and I hope you enjoy your next book club meeting.

      • Hi Brad:
        I too enjoy conversing with you and sharing my observations. I love learning about gay male-male sex. I wasn’t very popular in high school and I did not have my sexual experiences in my youth or in my marriage. So having these handsome young men allow us to experience gay sexuality as an observer is very fulfilling. I really appreciate that these young men allow us to peek in on their sexual adventures. I like having the opportunity to comment, critique, and share my observations.

        I am still seriously considering starting a blog about male-male erotica. Specifically, I want to focus on Latin men. I really enjoy LatinJocks, LatinBoyz, and BangBangBoys to name a few. But I want my target audience to be heterosexual women or even heterosexual men that are interested in gay sex, specifically latino gay sex. I think the readers, especially women and heterosexual men, wouldn’t feel so threatened if they saw me as the editor.

        I was chatting with two of the women in my book club today about my idea and they were joking that I should be part of the production team of one of these gay porn studios. One of my friends said that they could see me now lubing up buttholes, fitting penises that have fallen out of buttholes back in, and finding someone to suck a random penis. We were all laughing until we were hurting. Now imagine that!



        • Hello Elouise, I’m glad you are also enjoying our conversations and I’m really pleased to hear you’re learning some interesting things about male to male sex here. I’m sorry to hear you weren’t able to enjoy sexual experiences in your youth or in your marriage, but it’s great to see you exploring male erotica now and your book club sounds very interesting. I think it’s great that we’re able to observe men exploring their sexuality in such an intimate and expressive way through porn, because whilst the guys may be experiencing the sexual element personally, we’re also able to appreciate what we’re seeing as we’re watching them. Thank you for sharing your observations, because you are sharing some wonderful feedback.

          I would encourage you to start a blog about male to male erotica. It can be time consuming, but it can also be very rewarding and you often get to meet some lovely people along the way, such as yourself visiting my blog. There might already be many adult erotica blogs online, but we each have different creative perspectives, which means we can present adult erotica in our own special ways. This is why I think you should start your own blog, because you are passionate about the subject and I think creating a blog featuring Latin men is a fantastic idea. It sounds like you are wanting to create a blog from a unique perspective based on your target audience, which I think is a great idea. I would love to see more people being open-minded about male to male sex and I agree that women and heterosexual men most likely wouldn’t feel as threatened if they saw you as the editor of the blog and I even think they would be intrigued.

          It sounds as though your conversation today was an interesting one. I am smiling reading what you have written, thinking about how the discussion would have sounded. Being part of the production would be a fantastic experience, but it seems to involve a lot of work, so until then, creating a blog is the perfect way to achieve this and being able to create an online community where you can appreciate the visual delights of male to male erotica. If you do decide to create a blog, I would love to visit, because I think you are an extremely interesting person and I would love to read more about your thoughts and observations. If you need any information about blogging, connecting with content producers and ensuring your blog is compliant with the law, please let me know (brad.berrigan@gmail.com), because I would be more than happy to help if you need any assistance in this area. I’m still smiling about the conversation you had with the two ladies from your book club today and I’m so happy to hear how much you were laughing about what it would be like if you became involved in the production of porn. Being happy, smiling and laughing is so important and it sounds like you’re all having lots of fun, which is fantastic to hear.

          Best wishes,


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Brad Berrigan
Brad is a barebacker who enjoys all aspects of barebacking, from bare porn to raw sex. Brad is pretty much fascinated by all things bareback, so he created this blog way back in 2010 dedicated completely to unprotected sex between men.

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