Maranhao and Flavio Canto filmed their scene at Bang Bang Boys in a pair of swimmers and they look fantastic, plus seeing each other in their swimmers probably turned each other on! When I was editing the photos accompanying this scene, I noticed that in addition to the swimmers, the guys were photographed wearing different underwear as well, with the attention to detail not missed. The guys look fantastic no matter which outfits they’re wearing and once they take their clothes off, they look even better! Maranhao and Flavio start kissing and their bodes become entwined in each other, with the two Brazilian beauties merging to become one. Just wait until you see these two sucking each others dicks! Maranhao uses his beefy cock to pound Flavio and you can see how fantastic his big dick looks banging Flavio’s smooth asshole. The producer shares that the cum shot in this scene is one of the hottest they’ve ever seen, with Maranhao’s big dick flowing with sperm that splashes on Flavio’s bearded face!

Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys
Maranhao and Flavio Canto - Bang Bang Boys

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Elouise Gingrich July 8, 2017 at 2:11 pm Reply

Hello Brad:
Thank you for this post. These are spectacular boys. They are my boys. I love saying that. Oh, how I do fantasize about being a director or producer on a gay porn set. If I was maybe 20 to 30 years younger, I’d give it a try. But for now, I have to stand back and just watch and imagine. Maranhao is definitely the dominant male here. I just love seeing his powerful and muscular body taking Flavio. The color contrasts between their skin colors also is quite exotic and erotic. Unfortunately, we don’t get a good look at either of their penises. But its because they are busy inside of buttholes doing their work. This leads me to my question: how do two boys like Maranhao and Flavio decide who is the “top” and who is the “bottom.” Is their a discussion between the boys before they take off their clothes or do the boys figure it out once they are naked?? I’ve always had fun trying to predict which one will be the top or bottom. Sometimes its a surprise because its a flip-fuck.

It seems to me that usually the boys start kissing and feeling their nipples. But once the cocks come out, then we get a better idea who is more dominant. What I find cute and fascinating is that while the boys are kissing, their cocks tend to have a mind of their own and have their own meet and greet. Do you know what I mean?

I am also wondering about rimming? Sometimes it turns out that the “top” usually rims the bottom. Is this because he is building up to his penetration? I’m curious if this is standard between gay men. Either way, I find gay male-male sex excitingly erotic and masculine!


Brad Berrigan July 8, 2017 at 9:49 pm Reply

Hello Elouise, You’re are welcome for this post and I’m glad you enjoyed this update. Maranhao and Flavio are both beautiful guys and this is a fantastic update. I think it would be fantastic for you to direct or produce gay porn, because you are very passionate and would ensure each scene turned out as best as it could for others to enjoy. I agree with you about the skin color contrasts looking wonderful as the guys interact with each other. The guys plug into each other, which does limit the amount of penis viewing, but it means the guys are merging together as one, which is a wonderful thing.

You have asked an interesting question and there may be a number of different answers, but I am happy to provide you with an answer from my perspective. The decision about who is going to top and bottom can vary based on whether the participants consider themselves to be a top, bottom or versatile. This can be expanded to versatile top and versatile bottom too, where guys refer to themselves being primarily a particular position, but can alternative if required. The guys could get paired up based on their sexual position preferences or the director might make them top and bottom based on what they want to see. It’s rather fascinating and can definitely vary, so I don’t know if one particular answer can be the only answer.

I totally know what you mean about cocks having a mind of their own once they get unleashed from the pants of their ‘owners’ and their responses can influence what happens next as guys follow their inner instincts. Your question about rimming is another interesting one. Often the top will rim the bottom before he penetrates him, but sometimes the bottom will rim the top as a way of paying homage to his top. Some guys love the sensation and just want to rim, whether they are the top or the bottom. These are the great things about sex, there are many options to help keep things exciting.

Thanks again for your comment Elouise, I appreciate you visiting.


Elouise Gingrich July 11, 2017 at 10:23 pm Reply

Thank you for responding. As always, you live up to your blog’s purpose, “gay. sex. uncovered.” As an outsider, I have learned a lot. I’ve learned a lot about men and a lot about myself. Even at my age, I’m learning about sexuality and its been incredible and enlightening.

For example, in addition to exploring gay porn, I’m also exploring lesbian porn. I don’t consider myself a lesbian, but I am very attracted to female-female sexuality. I admire your opening at publicly exploring homosexuality, so I want to take it upon myself to explore lesbianism. This leads me to this question: what are your feelings about a woman or even a lesbian, directing or producing gay porn? On the other hand, what if someone asked you to direct or shoot lesbian porn? I think that would be interesting. I think females might actually trust a gay male on the porn set more than a straight male. In fact, I think a gay male probably would produce and direct sensual and real lesbian porn than a lot of the stupidity that is produced my straight men.

I await your answer,


Brad Berrigan July 11, 2017 at 11:44 pm Reply

Hello Elouise, You’re welcome for my response and thank you for your kind words about me living up to my blog’s purpose. I’m glad you’re enjoying your visits to Brad Bare and learning about men and yourself in the process as well. I also feel really good hearing this and I appreciate you letting me know through this great feedback, as I find it inspiring and it helps keep me focused on publishing future posts here by knowing they are appreciated.

I think it’s wonderful that you’re exploring lesbian porn and I think you would be absolutely perfect as a producer or director in this field. I read some time ago that lesbians are often disappointed by the porn that’s out there, because it’s usually filmed from a man’s perspective, meaning it’s not designed for lesbian women, but instead for other men. Lesbian porn that has been produced by another woman would give the porn a better purpose, because it would portray what other women want to see and it would mean that it’s filmed with other women in mind.

Getting back to your question about a woman or lesbian filming gay porn, there are actually a number of women producers who already do this. Nica Noelle is one of them, although she has a bit of a reputation for controversy and some male models have reported having bad experiences with her and her temper. I think when it comes to either a woman filming gay porn or a man filming lesbian porn, the individual needs to understand the audience and the models involved. I also think inviting the models to make suggestions is a great idea, because if you can build excitement by allowing them to interact, the outcome could result in a better production.

I do think females would trust gay males on set more than straight males, because there would be the element of safety knowing they are not going to try to seduce them, so this could be a good thing. While I think a gay male producer could film great lesbian porn, I think a woman producer or director could do it better based on their understanding of the female body from a model point of view and also how the porn should feel from a female perspective, since women are often treated rough in straight porn from what I have seen.

You have raised an interesting discussion Elouise and I appreciate you asking my opinion, because you’ve made me think about this and that’s a very good thing. 🙂

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