Another superb scene has recently been added to Freshmen showcasing a couple of beautiful models, with Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin the couple featured in this update. Both guys are given an opportunity to top and bottom in this scene, plus there’s a story to share. George Duroy stated that back in 1994 he received some porn wisdom from the late Chuck Holmes; founder of Falcon porn studio who said “dick sells and big dicks sell better”. When George responded by saying that his customers were telling him they didn’t care about dick size, Chuck responded with “then they are lying”. When this scene was presented to George in 2017, he said that both guys had rather small dicks, then he received the reply “many of our customers claim that they don’t care about dick size”. George replied “If that’s what they claim, they are lying”. As a result, George instructed that another scene featuring Joaquin and Jarrod be filmed, with Joel Birkin added to stay on the safe side. This is the original scene and the update featuring Joel is also now available for you to check out at Freshmen!

Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen
Joaquin Arrenas and Jarrod Lanvin - Freshmen

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Guys In Sweatpants
Mitch June 11, 2017 at 10:35 am Reply

Good-looking pair and I really enjoyed the “big dick” story. A watched the other trailer with Joel as well and I think I prefer the duo. Joel is really cute (please don’t fix that gap in your front teeth!) but his obvious ticket to the site is that enormous schlong. I think one’s preference on dick size is a bit of a trick question, though; as I bottom, I’m not always looking for the biggest sausage out there because it can be more than I can handle. On the contrary, in porn I love those great big cocks, especially on beautiful young men with the talent to use them well. Jack Harrer leaps to mind. Re: Jack — it puzzled me to see in Freshmen Issue #34 a scene with him and Jerome Exupery. Not a complaint — both wonderful models but hardly “fresh men” any longer and both have long since graduated to the main Bel Ami site. I get that the more experienced lads often do make appearances at Freshmen to train in the newbies, and I’m totally on board with that, especially when the rookies get to top (or flip with) the vets. But a Jack/Jerome scene in mid-2017 more rightly belongs on the main site, IMHO.

Brad Berrigan June 12, 2017 at 3:42 am Reply

These two look great together and I also found the big dick story interesting. I also prefer the duo scene, which is why I chose to feature it here, even though I had the choice of featuring either (or both) of them. I can totally appreciate what you’re saying about dick size, because I’m a versatile top, so rarely do I bottom, but if I do, I’m definitely not looking for an enormous dick. I quite like seeing big dicks in porn, but I must say my ass clenches tight if the dick is too big, which must be my bodies automatic defense mechanism! LOL I also get what you’re saying about some of the guys appearing at Freshmen after they’ve graduated to Bel Ami Online, I wonder about this myself sometimes too.

bigrawtop June 29, 2017 at 8:55 pm Reply

I worry about supporting porn companies in Czech and other countries. Bel Ami has bragged that most of their guys are straight. I wonder how many of them are forced into porn because of poverty or slavery. I have been on cam sites where I figured out that the guys were being watched and a quota was expected. They couldn’t talk about certain things either. Makes me reluctant to support any of them. I wish someone would do an investigation on this and report it.

Brad Berrigan June 30, 2017 at 7:00 pm Reply

I worry about this too and that’s why I’m very selective about the European sites I feature here. I enjoy showcasing bareback porn from a spectrum of sites, but I started taking a closer look at this a few years ago when some of the guys didn’t look like they wanted to be participating and were only doing it for the money, whether it was by choice or being forced into it for financial reasons. Some of the guys looked so thin it didn’t appear that they were eating properly and you could see the sadness in their eyes, plus the fact they were just going through the motions and not enjoying what was happening at all (it’s hard to get an erection when you see this). That’s why you will only see a small selection of European sites featured here and I try to include the bareback porn from the European sites that look like they treat their models well.

Mitch July 3, 2017 at 6:57 pm Reply

bigrawtop — your comment here is very thought-provoking. I hate the idea of exploiting models, and yet I adore Bel Ami and Freshmen. Clearly there is an opportunity here to take advantage of young men, but the Bel Ami brand is so beautiful, so romantic, and so apparently consensual; are we to believe that this is slavery? I’m sure the money is a big draw for all porn models, and that’s how capitalism works — which is not to say that it’s okay to victimize anyone. But I’m okay with capturing images of youthful perfection in sexual activity and compensating the models for their gifts and talents; that’s show business. I’d hope that somewhere in the production cycle the models get to review a brochure itemizing the risks they’re taking vis-a-vis communicable disease as well as the consequences to their elected careers if hard-core porn shows up on their resumes. I can’t think of anyone who’s achieved great success in a career with “gay porn star” in his background; I’d hope that young porn models might get the message that this profession is only likely to provide VERY short term fame and fortune and that they should have a backup plan for their actual lives.

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